Thursday, April 16, 2009

Antidote - 1983

Here's the classic Thou Shall Not Kill 7" from 1983, along with a great sounding 14 song set recorded live at CBGB in July of '83. Some killer unreleased songs in the live set like Live For Nothing, Generation, I Don't Hate and Unaffective. Essential doesn't even begin to describe this stuff.

Antidote 1983

Recorded at High Rise, NYC in May 1983.

Artwork By Geeby
Backing Vocals - Johnny (That Hare Krsna) Joseph* (tracks: 3)
Guitar - Nunz*
Producer - Jerry Williams
Songwriter - Nunzio G.* (tracks: 1,2,4,5,6,7,8)


  1. Once again showing your superior craftsmanship. I had the 7" from somewhere but can't wait to hear the live set. Thanx yet again sir.

  2. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C !!!!!!!!

    Thanks alot...

  3. This rocks, love the live tracks!

  4. fuck yeah.I been listening to those same 8 Antidote tracks for 15 years.Nice to have something 'new' to hear

  5. Hi, i just wanted to say thanks very much for all of the killer stuff that you've put up here for our enjoyment - it really is some great stuff and it is also so obviously a labour of love for you to do - which is nice to see in a world of slapdash amateurish ill-thought out blogs ..please keep it up ...for all our benefits!!

    ...just a small footnote..the CBGB's live Antidote tracks were released on a 7" by the UK label Revoltation Recs some time in 86'..before that they also did the NYC Mayhem demo 7", Iconoclast 85' demo 7" , the Outo LP with the 7's and the 12"..and some other stuff that slips my mind, but about 12 releases in all .
    They were a great label putting out quality stuff that wasn't too easy to find back then..

    Thanks again!

  6. any chance you could post the 90's era Antidote records?