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Dirge Anthology Remastered and New Request Thread

It's been quite a while since my last post. I have some new stuff to share, so i may update this blog on a monthly basis, but unfortunately i still have no idea when i'll be able to fix all the links. So until that happens i'll keep taking requests for stuff posted in the past. Just drop your requests into the comments section of this post and i'll provide new links.

A friend of mine recently sent me an incredible sounding rip of the Dirge "Soulstorm" LP and i just had to share it. I'm not sure what the source was, but it's not a vinyl rip. I went back and "mastered" all the other material, plus i added the earlier version of Superficial from the "Bands Only A Muthu Could Love" compilation LP from 1988. This is pretty much everything the band released aside from the Lifeforce cassette from '87. The three tracks from the "Matrix" EP from 1989 are all on the Fleshcrawler 12" EP released a year later, so those tracks are all included. I'm psyched on the way all this came out.

I've been jamming this a lot lately since i got the new rip and it still sounds as amazing as it did in 1989. Just crushing crossover thrash from Holmdel, NJ with great songwriting and insane guitar playing, and Jacko's vocals just put it all over the top. In my opinion, the "Soulstorm" LP is right up there with the best albums by DRI, COC, Cryptic Slaughter etc. They would have easily been as well known as those bands if they were on Death or Combat Core, but they kinda remained in semi-obscurity since none of their material has been repressed since 1990.


Dirge Anthology Remastered 320 mp3s plus Covers
Dirge Anthology Remastered WAVS part One
Dirge Anthology Remastered WAVS part Two
Dirge Anthology Remastered WAVS part Three

Jack "Jacko" Monahan - vocals
Eric Tucker - guitar
Jim Hogan - bass
Dan Gollin - drums

Jack was also the vocalist for Fatal Rage who released an LP on Muthu Records in 1983. Dan and Eric both played in Fanous Cheezcake, a NJ hardcore band who put out a live tape in 1985 and a 7" EP on Faith Records in 1986.

The "Soulstorm" LP was recorded in September/November of 1988 at Baby Monster Studios in NYC and released on Anthrax Records in 1989. Cover art by bassist Jim Hogan.

Threat of Power was on the "Hardcore Breakout USA" comp LP released in 1990 on New Red Archives.

Silent Scream was on the "Complete Death II" comp LP released on cassette in 1987 on Metal Blade / Death and then released on LP in 1988 on Restless / Death.

The alternate version of Superficial was on the "Bands Only A Muthu Could Love" comp CD released in 1988 on Muthu Records.

The "Fleshcrawler" 12" EP was released in 1990 on Old World Records out of Germany. Great cover art again by Hogan. Dan only played drums on 2 of the 6 tracks. The drumming for the other songs are credited to someone named Tooker.

The Demo was self-released in 1986.


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Official Request Thread

Sorry for the long departure. My computer was in the shop for nearly three months. Luckily they were able to save it, as a lot of stuff on here wasn't backed up. I've decided to make this fresh new Request Thread. The old one was getting WAY to big, and it took forever to scroll through. I still have no idea if or when the links in this blog will ever get fixed, but i want to keep all the music on here available. So you know the drill. If there's anything on here you want, just drop me a request in the COMMENTS SECTION of this post and i'll get you the links as soon as possible. 

 A huge THANKS to shlager for keeping the requests going in my absence!

I also figured i'd share this for whoever wants to check it out. It's the first demo from my first band S.M.O. We started in 1987, and i'm pretty sure this demo was recorded in 1988. It's hardcore punk / crossover from NJ. I played drums. We recorded two more demos after this. Pretty sure we broke up around '92. We got to play with some great bands back in the late '80s. Agnostic Front, Sheer Terror, Biohazard, Marauder, Dept. C and lots more i can't remember. Fun times that seems like it was in another lifetime. Anyway, here it is:

S.M.O. 1988 demo

Hope you dig it.



Sunday, December 22, 2019

Post Requests Here (plus new 'mastered' Crowd Of Isolated - first LP plus bonus tracks)

Hey all. Not sure when i can get this all back on track, but until then if you need something from the blog just drop your request in the comments section of this post and i'll hook up the links. They're Sendspace links which only last a couple of weeks, so grab it fast.

Crowd Of Isolated - First LP plus bonus tracks.

Mastered from the original files i dug out and have had since the mid '90s. The sound quality is amazing. Nice full, loud sound. No surface noise or pops. This is the stuff they did in the '80s.

Killer German hardcore/crossover.

Crowd Of Isolated 1987-1988 collection

First time i heard this band was in 1987. Pat Duncan would play songs from the first album "I Try To Tell About A Way" pretty much every Thursday night in '87 on his show on WFMU in NJ. I would record the show every week and piece together the COO tracks until i had almost the whole album. A couple of years later i was able to order a brand new copy of the LP from some German mailorder. This is my favorite German hardcore album. Amazing riffs throughout and a great sense of melody. "Don't Stop My Fight" is still one of my favorite songs ever. Some people might not dig the vocals, which has an Elmer Fudd quality at times, but i think the whole thing is perfection. I have the WAV files if anyone wants.

Here's another upgrade treat. I came across the original files for the Token Entry collection i posted 10 years ago. Together with newer files i have, i 'mastered' everything and the result sound really good.  Much better sound quality than the old collection.

Token Entry - Rarities


In case anyone's interested. I recently came across the original Absolution files that Freddy Alva send me way back when i first started Blogged and Quartered. These sound top notch, much better than what i had on the blog like 10 years ago, back when i didn't know any better and would rip WAVs into 190kbps mp3s, and clean files that didn't really need it and fucking up the sound in the process. Anyway, here are the original files. The EP, the 2 comp tracks and the 88 demo. I split the WAV files into 2 parts because it was too big for Sendspace. Both the mp3 and WAV folders have the high res covers included. Enjoy!

Absolution anthology 320 mp3s

Absolution anthology WAVS part 1

Absolution anthology WAVS part 2


Fuck Trump.


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Bad News

In short, firstpress thought i was taking up too much space on their server and dumped all my files. Even if i find another storage space i don't think i have it in me to re-link over a thousand links. So i guess i have to close up shop. If anyone needs anything they didn't get a chance to grab when everything was active, just hit me up and i'll throw it on mediafire or sendspace or something for you. I can do this for a month or so if it doesn't get too crazy.

The blog lived for 10 years, which i guess is better than most.

Thanks to Seth and to firstpress for letting me store tons of shit there for as long as they did.

Thanks for all the kind words and help all these years, to everyone who sent me music, left comments and helped in any way at all. I met a lot of great people doing this, and got to help get some great and rare music out there, some of which i thought would never have see the light of day otherwise.

I'll miss doing this, and i wish there was a way i could keep it going. I guess i'll keep the blog up as some kind of info archive, but the links will remain dead.

Take care everyone.


Thursday, October 25, 2018

'80s Hardcore Grab-Bag!

Before i start with the intro to this post, i just want to thank my bud Justin for taking the time and interest to interview me for his awesome blog, Mustard Relics. You can check out the interview here if you want. Justin did a killer job.

This time around i've just decided to throw all the '80s hardcore stuff i had on my server into one huge post. It's broken into three sections. Section 1 is Anthologies, Discographies, LPs, EPs, and Demos, Section 2 is Japanese HC Classics, and Section 3 is Compilations. Aside from that there's no real order to anything. It truly is just a grab-bag. Many of the anthologies and discographies i compiled myself using the best sources possible. I also went back and re-did some stuff i've posted in the past. I've tried to include as much rare/harder to find stuff as i could. Other stuff may be available on bandcamps or Amazon or whatever, but those are remastered, so i'd suggest still buying it. A lot of the sources i used were from long out of print CDs, or cassettes and vinyl which i "mastered" myself. Hopefully this post exposes people to some new music.

If anyone want music removed, please just email me or leave a comment and i'll delete the link immediately. Thanks.

Roughly 250 downloads in this post. Plenty of Easter Eggs too, out in plain site this time to make it easy. All together probably well over 300 downloads of all '80s hardcore / punk. Enjoy!

Anthologies, Discographies, LPs, EPs and Demos

God On Drugs

Deranged hardcore from Ohio.  Fast rippers, dark dirges and some rock infused madness. A few live tracks randomly thrown in, and a production that seems to change from song to song all adds to the charm. Very unique band. All recorded in 1984.

Chronic Disorder

This, along with the Plague, was some of the first stuff i ever ripped from vinyl back in the mid-'90s when the technology was new. I had two huge components hooked up to my turntable and would use re-writable CDRs, which cost like 10 bucks a pop. A of of that stuff came out really great, including this one. The first Chronic Disorder LP from 1985. This is catchy as hell, amazing hardcore punk from South Windsor, Connecticut. One of my faves. If there was ever an '80s HC album that was underrated or overlooked, this is it. Incredible songwriting and musicianship, a great vocalist, and epic songs with a perfect sense of melody. This is one of those rare gems where every song is better than the last. My highest recommendation for this one, and i spent an ungodly amount of time on this, so i doubt you'll find a better rip anywhere. If you click only one link today, make it this one.

The band's EPs from 1983 and 84 are also excellent. They also recorded two more full lengths. Blithering Idiots from '86 and Drums Of War from '88. I've yet to hear either, but i'll remedy that soon enough. There's also a 3-way split CD called Hardcore From The Early Days with Chronic Disorder, White Pigs and Target Cells which was released on Coldsweat Records in 2004. If anyone has a rip of this, please hook me up.

Words As Weapons

Another bizarre HC band, a bit similar to Spike In Vain. This is straight up psycho ward shit. The music is frantic and disjointed, and the vocalist is insane, at times sounding like a demented witch. This is a rip of their only album, recorded in 1984 and released on Sacrificial Records in 1985. Even the cover art screams that this is not your typical hardcore record. They also released a cassette in '84.

Brainless Shit

Pretty sure this one was done by Dan from the defunct Old, Fast & Loud blog. Great early '80s no-frills hardcore with C.O.C. members. Reed on drums and Woody on bass.

Rock 'N' Roll Party
(Link removed by request. Discography in the works)

Crusty and crazy and at times psychedelic. There was really nothing else like in in '82. This is everything they recorded. Most of it taken from the CD on Lost and Found, which sounds excellent. People like to throw around the term "outsider hardcore". Well this is the real outsider shit.

My fave AOF tracks. Most of these were taken from the long out of print "Core" CD. They also have a great 2xCD discography with the LPs and other tracks. For some reason the tracks from the Charred Remains comp aren't on those, and those are some of the their best songs. Ghost in This House is a especially killer. Favorite AOF song will always be the first song i ever heard by them, Buried Alive. Hardcore that knows how to rock.

Too Cool

All the comp tracks and demos from from the band's HC days. The prize here is the 1988 demos with Simon on vox. The sound quality is really good on these tracks, especially the first track, which i'm pretty sure is an outtake from the EP.  Would have loved a full length with that lineup. Thanks to Jeremy Smith for the '88 demos.

Fuck The World

Crazed hardcore punk from New Hampshire. It has the vicious energy of a band like Urban Waste mixed with the dark vibes of Rudimentary Peni. In other words it's great stuff. This is an upgrade of a collection i had on the blog nearly 10 years ago.

I Want More

Some of the first hardcore i ever heard back in the mid '80s, and the s/t album still sounds amazing today. Hard to believe this shit came out in '83, but this is where crossover begins. This collection has the first album, remastered, plus some comp tracks and the complete 1982 demos. Yardstick shit right here.

Fucking Void

Fucking Void. This is everything they did. Forgot where i got the unreleased LP rip, but it's from a master source, not a vinyl rip. I've had it forever. I love the LP by the way. It sounds like exactly what it is, Void trying to play rock. How can that not be the greatest thing ever?

Infest Studio

Another revised collection from a post i did way back. The old anthology had a couple of skips and some missing sound bites. This one doesn't. Plus i think it sounds much better, and is all ripped at 320 as opposed to the old 192kbps job. I dropped the live stuff to fit everything on one disc. Here's a fun fact. You can fit 77 Infest songs onto an 80 minute CD with exactly 1minute to spare. Be great of they did that officially. Oh yeah, Infest still rules.

Infest Rehearsal

Couldn't fit this on the anthology but i had to include it. Vicious rehearsal from '88. The perfect soundtrack for killing people who write books about how hardcore died in 1986.

Open Casket

Frantic crossover madness from Seattle. My favorite is Maddest Stories, but these 2 predecessors from '86 and '87 are both classics. Splatter Rock!

These Are Coptic Times

This is the CD version of the original PVC mix. If you haven't  heard this version of the album, you haven't heard the album. Just as good as the Roir Tape. Well, almost.

Live at The Filmore

Incredible sounding set from 1982 when the Brains were the greatest live band on the planet.

Rock 'N' Roll Gas Station

Lots of early demos and other rare tracks from these Jersey fastcore clowns.


Studio discography of this French hardcore with an an incredible combination of melody and speed. The split LP from '86 is the standout for me, but it's all great stuff. This is the first disc of a 2xCD put out on Ratbone over 10 years ago. The second disc was various live tracks.

The Biscuits Demos

This is the bootleg CD put out on Manson Records in '96. Great sound. This, along with the Dez sessions from EWB, are my favorite Flag recordings. So much heavier and more full sounding than the studio releases of these tracks, and Biscuits on drums just adds to the greatness. This would have been the ideal lineup for a full length. The Radio Tokyo tracks sound great as well. Killer version of Swinging Man.

The Pre-Damaged Demos

Like the '82 demos, i think these recordings sound better than the actual album. Again, really great sound of this. Not sure where i got this one, i've had it for a while now. I don't even see it on Discogs in any form. I threw the cover together myself.


Crossover heavies from CA. The Convicted LP from '86 is my fave, but i'll take this one over Money Talks any day. I always thought that one was a bit generic. Stream, however, is total caveman shit. Complete devolution. It's like they just "fuck it" to everything. Production, tightness, structure, and of course their fans. I think it's a masterpiece though. A huge middle finger of primitive hatred. Perfect.


I'm probably in the minority on this, but i think this is by far the band's best album. Falsehood Claws / Overdrive is the killer one-two punch.

Straight Ahead

Another revised collection from an extremely old post. I had the same source files to work with, including a really clean version of Breakaway that i ripped from vinyl back in the '90s.  The demo especially stands the test of time. So unique for it's time. The NYHC formula of fast HC, with breakdowns and gang shouts, condensed into 30 second songs. I still have my hopes up for an official release one day.

Fuck Authority

Best Italian hardcore band ever, and they never sounded better than on their demos. Raw, fast and political. The 1983 demos were taken from the Burning The Factory CD on GTA Records, and the unreleased 1982 demos were taken from the You Are The Victim CD re-release on FOAD Records in 2013.

Cows and Beer

The early Kreuzen recordings from '81-'82. The EP, comp tracks and 2 full demos.


Hardcore punk from CA. This has the complete 1983 EP sessions, the 12" from '84, plus demo and live tracks. The EP sessions are excellent. Fast and angry with some crunchy breakdowns. Sometimes it sounds like a heavier version of Circle Jerks.

Never Too Old

Hardcore from Bethesda, just outside DC. This is ripped from the mastered Outside Looking In CD put out on Lost and Found in 1990. Great stuff, but Watcher into Spook Surf is my fave. Members later went onto Marginal Man.

Kill Your Landlord

Dark and political hardcore from San Francisco. As much as i love the earlier stuff, this is my favorite material. Fast rippers and doomy dirges. A bit of a Peni vibe, which is always a good thing. Riding the Flatlands!

Attempted Control

Great but a bit overlooked Bay Area early '80s hardcore band that played equal measures 4-chord thrash and melodic punk anthems. Some of it reminds me of the more hardcore Husker Du material. This is the complete discography CD released on Subterranean in 2005. Assfactor 4 did a great cover of Attempted Control on their s/t LP. Thanks to Gen for the rip.

Rat In A Maze

This is my fave Plague stuff, half of it not released on the official CD. The "discography" CD is missing 1 track from the first EP and 8 of the 10 tracks from the split LP. This collection has both EPs and the split LP in their entirety, plus a demo from '82 (which is free on the band's bandcamp).  If you want to hear the full length from 1990, buy the CD. I first heard Plague back in '87 on the Pat Duncan radio show on WFMU and became obsessed with the band at the time. I wrote the vocalist back in the mid '90s and he was nice enough to send me some of their records, which i immediately ripped onto CDR. The EPs are from the CD, the split LP tracks are from my own rip which i recently revised. This shit is absolutely ripping. Some of the most underrated '80s hardcore you'll ever hear.


This is the full session from the classic 1983 EP from this Boston SE Hardcore band. 

Damage Anthology

New York City hardcore band that sounds nothing like your typical NYHC. This is absolutely furious heavy hardcore punk. Duel guitar and duel bass attack, with massive drumming and monstrous vocals. Just relentless and raging thrash here. Both LPs recorded live at CBGB, then overdubbed and remixed. The comp track sounds different from the LP tracks. It's a super fast and short ripper that sounds completely unhinged. I love this shit. This collection has much better sound quality than the one posted in the past. Oh yeah, bassist Mike Kirkland went on to form Prong.

Damage Rarities

More greatness from Damage. The 1985 demo, the live WFMU set from '86 and 3 comp tracks from '88.  The WFMU set kills.

You're False

This is the "almost complete discography" CD released on Damaged Goods back in 1997. Not sure what's missing. Anyway, you know the drill. Super fast hardcore from Massachusetts. Members went on to form Dinosaur Jr., pretty much starting off the grunge and indie scenes.

This is basically the exact same collection i posted back in 2010. I just added 2 tracks. Vengeance (with extended doomy intro) and Squeegee Man, both from the super rare 1993 demo. I would have posted the entire demo, but the sound quality is for shit on some of the other tracks. These 2 sound great though.

Demos, rough mixes, EP, and comp tracks from one of the best ever. The jackpot here is the entire 14-track "Vats" demo from 1984 in excellent quality. Some of their best stuff.

Two crossover classics. Some of my favorite music ever recorded.


The No Illusions EP from 1983 is a US hardcore classic, right up there with the EPs of Koro, YDI, Deep Wound etc.  This is hardcore with great energy and songwriting and it just blazes by. This CD put out by GTA collects the EP, the demos for the LP (which was recorded around '84 but not released until '87), plus lots of rehearsals, outtakes and live radio tracks.


CD collection of early EPs by this classic Finnish punk hardcore band. They put out some great material between 1980-1983 and then broke up.


All the best Flipper recorded between 1979 and 1982. Love 'em or hate 'em type band. I love 'em.

Hell Age

Amsterdam's greatest. Here's both the demos, plus the first EP and first LP, taken from CD versions. To me, the first demo still stands as one of the greatest punk recordings ever. Melodic basement thrash that never lets up. 

Sick Society

This is a collection of every song this amazing NYHC band ever wrote. Best version (according to me) of each song. The EP was mastered by the band, the rest was mastered by myself. I'm really happy with the way this one came out. Excellent sound throughout. The first track is a crushing instrumental that was released on one of those old Pushead skate comps. Fave track is the '87 demo version of Idle Hands. 

Impact Unit

Boston HC recorded in 1983 at Radiobeat, but not released until over 5 years later. Three tracks did appear on the Empty Skulls cassette in '84 though. Nightstalker is an all-time classic. Probably the most copied riff in the history of hardcore.

Positive Charged

Hardcore from Oxnard, California. This has the complete 1982 demos plus some radio and live tracks.

Wreck Your World

One of the best crossover thrash bands from Venice, California. This is the first full length from '87 with a shitload of bonus tracks from '85 and '86. The second LP is great too.

Lack Of Knowledge

Hardcore fused with dark post-punk from London. They had releases on Corpus Christi and Crass among others, so they got lumped into the whole anarcho scene. But they kinda stuck out in the same way the Peni did. This is all the band's '80s stuff. Heavy Joy Division vibes. They also recorded a batch of songs in August of 2000 at Southern Studio in London, all written in the early to mid '80s. They sound excellent by the way. Seriously every bit as good as their early recordings. Those are all on the Americanized CD put out by GTA in 2001.

Back From The Dead

Thrash hardcore from Toronto, Ontario. This is the LP released on Pusmort in 1986, revised from an older post that also included the demo. Twenty track LP with each song averaging one minute.

Boston's Finest

Complete discography of this classic early '80s  hardcore band. My second fave TIBNLA band only after Jerry's Kids.


Demented hardcore from CA that just has a "fuck it" attitude about it. Like Flipper, you'll either love it or hate it. I'm sure you know where i stand.

More Fang

More crazed Fang material. Three albums, one being unreleased until this came out in 2011.

Monster Madness

Jersey hardcore punk with an obvious Misfits vibe. Way more than just a clone band though. These guys wrote some catchy, killer tunes. The WFMU set from '82 at the end of the CD is the band at the top of their game. Eleven of their best songs, raw and amped up. It just straight kills. I actually like this set as much as any Misfits recording.


Metal tinged hardcore from Massachusetts. This is the first half of their discography, collecting all their songs from 1982-1984. The second CD, released a few years later, covers the stuff from 1985-1995.

Coffee Achievers

Pretty straight forward hardcore from Connecticut. Some great guitar work, a good vocalist and a sense of humor sets them apart though. Formed in '83 by members of C.I.A. and Reflex From Pain. Thanks again to Gen.

Better Than You

Complete GB discography. The '87 demo has always been my fave, and this one sounds great. 

Ready To Fight

All the essential NA stuff on one disc. All the studio recordings, plus all the best sounding demos and live tracks. Crucial.


This one has all my fave BB stuff. The first EP, split LP and first full length.  Mutant Rock.


More of the Boys. The second EP and the second and third LPs. 

Graveyard Music

Early '80s goth punk from the UK. Creepy sombre stuff here. This is all their recordings from the '80s, all remastered. Similar to Peni in spirit, but not in sound so much. Great and unique punk / post-punk. Amazing artwork too.


Absolutely ripping fast hardcore from Portland. This collects all the EPs and demos, plus an amazing unreleased LP from '85 that just destroys. This is the kind on anti-PC stuff that would (and probably did) have MRR's panties in a bunch. So highly recommended.

Satan Is God

Great mid to late '80s hardcore / crossover from San Francisco. The 12" EP from '88 is my personal favorite, but the first LP and demo kick ass as well. It's all here. They reformed at some point and i think they're still around today, although i haven't heard anything past the '80s. I usually try and always keep it like that if possible.

Show Your Hardware

One of my top 5 favorite hardcore bands of all time. This is all the stuff they recorded up to '86. Untouchable. They recorded a bunch more stuff after that, but that dark and manic quality that made this shit so great was gone by then. Still, as long as these 18 songs exist (and have probably been released 20 different ways by now), that's all i need. These tracks were ripped from the Crossed Out Twice CD put out in 1999.

Sacrilege Demos

Thrashy and crusty hardcore with female vocals from the UK. The later demos, which i like better,  are more metallic. This has all the demos from '84 to '86.

The New Poor

Fast hardcore from Madison, Wisconsin post Mecht Mensch. This CD has the two HC 12" EPs from '83 and '85, before they tried to sound like the Minutemen. There was a Tar Babies / Mecht Mensch split cassette in the early '80s which i've never heard. They were also on lots of early classic comps like Meathouse, Party Or Go Home and The Master Tape Vol. 2. They even had 2 exclusive tracks on the America's Dairyland comp cassette under the moniker Bloody Mattresses.

Off To War

Early hardcore from Michigan. One of the first bands on Touch and Go. This has both the EPs from 1981, the comp track from Process of Elimination, plus lots of outtakes and live tracks.

The Men In Blue Are Watching You
Chicago hardcore thrash at it's best. The first LP from 1986 is a ripper from start to finish. Just loads of massive riffs and great vocals. This was ripped from the long out of print, and hard to find CD version complete with bonus tracks. The second LP was also ripped from CD.

No Crisis

Great diverse hardcore punk, with elements of post-punk and rock on some tracks. The first EP is a killer slab. Great vocals and sense of melody. This CD put out by GTA in 1996 has loads of tracks from 1981 through 1987.

Cult Band

Hardcore heavies that put out some of the best hardcore ever in their prime. This CD has the EP plus lots of demos and comp tracks. 46 tracks. All rippers.

Nig Hiest

Juvenile and tongue-in-cheek offensive punk fronted by Black Flag roadie "Mugger", who usually played naked. One any given night opening for Flag, band members would include players from Black Flag, Descendents, Minutemen, Misfits, and even Minor Threat. Basic 4-chord amped up blues riffs and occasional dirges with lyrics straight out of the GG Allin handbook. The PC Police must have had a heart attack with this one.  

Rebel Truth

Melodic punk hardcore from Nevada. They were on a shitload of great early HC comp cassettes and albums. My fave song was always the version of Reagan Youth from the Charred Remains tape. This GTA CD has the demos, EP, and loads of live tracks.


Straight forward NYHC with Billy Milano on vocals. Tommy Rat from the early Warzone lineup replaced Billy in 1985. When he started Trip 6 about a year later, he took most of these songs with him. Roger Merit played bass in the beginning, so you'll recognize a couple of early AF songs as well. This is a really good rip of the demo (much better than the one on the S.O.D. / M.O.D. website), plus some rehearsals including a track not on the demo. The song Before was on the Big City's One Big Crowd comp from '85.

Some Obscure Band From Jersey

Being it's October and all... just a collection of my fave tracks from these guys, including the 12 Hits sessions from 1980.

The Last War

Hardcore from Queens. The song From What I See must be one of the fastest songs of it's time. It's got that crazy blast drumming similar to No Sense from DRI released the same year. This CD has all the demos and EPs from 1980-1984.

Guns At My School

All my favorite early Du on one disc. 

Die At War

Another great GTA CD. Just check the track list. The Crunch On demo is great stuff, and the live Antidote sounds amazing. Great unreleased studio track from '84 called Deadly Rain.

Fatal Farts

Kick ass Swedish fastcore. My fave is the split LP with Plague. Love that guitar sound.

Society Suckers

The epitome of NYHC. Another one of my fave bands ever. This has the VIP album ripped from the original CD on Combat, the first EP, plus rehearsals and EP sessions ripped from the GTA collection from '95.

I Hate Sports

Collection of my favorite HC tracks from these Reno legends.

Really good HC from Brooklyn that kinda flew under the radar. The '88 demo rules. The vocals are in the vein of NY Hoods or Fit Of Anger, in other words real Italian sounding. I love this stuff. Check it out.

Reach Out

Another great demo from '88. This one from Long Island, and features members of tons of classic NY bands.


German hardcore from Bavaria. These guys were on like 50 comps, most notably Welcome To 1984 and Cleanse The Bacteria. This yet another GTA release, loaded up with EPs and demos.


Heavy and crusty hardcore / crossover from Chicago. Angry shit. This CD collects all the '80s material. The band continued on into the '90s.


Crossover thrash from NY. This is the band's only record from 1989 on Death Records and it's a burner. These guys did the back up vox for AF's Liberty and Justice For... album.

The Beginning And End Of Grindcore Part 1
The Beginning And End Of Grindcore Part 2

All you'll ever need from ND.

I Remember Home

Just a comp of my fave Raygun songs. Figured it would fit here. My 8 year old son's favorite band.

Cokes and Snickers

Classic skate punk from Arizona. This has all their best stuff.

Bitter Uproar

Early NYHC. This is the only thing i know of that they ever released, an album recorded live at CBGB’s on Feb. 26, 1983 and put out on Big City. I don't even think they even recorded a demo. Whatever, this is a great album. Eight tracks of heavy NY punk, including a short thrasher called Ferry Food. I've always loved that cover art too. Awesome.

Dr. Know

Raging crossover from CA. This CD has the 2 albums on Death Records. This is the band at their most metallic. Their best stuff.

Morally Bankrupt

Hardcore punk that's all over the place. Typical '80s HC bangers, ripping thrash, Flipper-like dirges, straight-up '77 punk, crossover, and just off the rails weirdness like the song Malinger With the Devil. All great by the way. This is the CD version of the album with 16 bonus tracks. Some of the live stuff is just amazing.

ENT Peels Out

This are the best ENT recordings, especially the '87 session. Crust perfection.

Random Violence

Really good LA punk band. The title fits as it's a very random album. Melodic punk songs followed by 10-30 second HC blasts. Some of the gloomier stuff would fit right in on comps like Hell Comes To Your House or American Youth Report. The LP was recorded in 1983 and not released until '87. This is the CD version with lots of bonus tracks taken from various comps and a the Four Song EP from '83.

O.C. Life

Classic Orange County punk with Rikk Agnew and some other Adolescents members. This is a comp of my favorite D.I. tracks. Some of these songs were on Rikk's solo album

Num Skull

Crossover thrash from Illinois, more on the metal side than hardcore. These are the demos from '86 and '88 which i nabbed from by bud Dan's old blog, Old, Fast and Loud. The first LP was re-issued by Relapse. I gotta check thought out eventually.

Time For Smack

More great early '80s HC punk from CA. And once again GTA jams the CD with demos and live tracks. The real gem here is the 12" EP from '83.

Anti Anti Anti

All the band's best recordings from 1981-1983. Autopsy tracks taken from the rare CD version. One of the best punk bands ever to walk out shit planet.

Vodka and Pills

All my fave party hits on one disc. Connecticut style.

American Band

Texas hardcore band who later moved to CA. This is their first and best album from '84, ripped from the CD on Beer City with a full live set as bonus tracks. On this album VA were a powerful and fast hardcore thrash band. They recorded another albumin '86 with a completely new lineup and went full on metal.

Academy Fight Songs

This is an anthology of all my fave Burma tracks. Not hardcore, but it's so damn good i figured i'd throw it into the mix. 

20 Reasons
22 Reasons

Legendary speedcore from the UK who played (and competed) a lot with Napalm Death. The first CD here has the Whose Generation? EP, recorded in 1988 and BBC Sessions from '88 and '89. The second CD has a couple of EPs from '86 and '87, and the classic split LP complete with unreleased recordings from the session.


The ultimate street metal/punk band from NJ. They dressed like a glam version of Road Warrior and played a punk version of Venom and Motorhead with lyrics about violence and sex. The Submit To Genocide LP from '87 is their best stuff. Perfect from start to finish. I still love jamming this stuff 30 years later, there's really nothing else like it. This is a rip of the 2xLP remastered discography put out in 2010 on Horror Recs. "Party Til Death, I Wanna Die Wasted!"

Face Down In The Dirt

Fast and catchy Texas hardcore. Mikey "Offender" Donaldson also played in DRI and MDC. Mandatory stuff here. This is the GTA CD that has the EP from '84, the LP from '85 and the usual assortment of demo and live tracks you'd expect from this label.

Let's Play Mailman!

Hardcore from Queens without the look and sound of NYHC. These guys played catchy punk rock 'n' roll with campy lyrics. One of my old bands played with these guys at a battle of the bands type show at some warehouse once. Somehow they didn't win even though they blew every other band so far away it was silly. This is a great album that brings back lots of great memories. Pretty much my soundtrack from the summer of '89.

Silent Scream

All you need from this moody LA band is right here, from 1981-1983. Political hardcore, goth punk, and keyboard driven post-punk/rock. 

Sexy And Christian

The earlier stuff is great, but this one from '87 is my fave. Maybe because it's the first one i heard. Starts off with great two crossover-type tracks and then settles into a punk hardcore vibe.

East Side Hardcore

Heavy and angry NYHC. The demo was recorded in '88 and released in '89. The bass player also played for Breakdown in their heyday, an drummer Jim played in the extremely underrated NY band Sarcasm.


Hardcore thrash / metal band formed by Jeff Dahl after the Angry Samoans. This is the CD version of the LP from 1983 with added demos and rehearsals.

American Town Hardcore

All the essential '80s stuff aside from the first EP.


Incredible hardcore band from Finland. This CD has tons of classic shit. Massive stuff.

More Rattus

This collection has the earlier, more punk EPs and some ripping demos from '83-'86.

Get It Away

Boston straight edge classic from 1983.

Dancin' Veggies

Dark punk band from CA, where else? Anthology of recordings from 1981-85. The comp tracks were always their best stuff. Death In The Desert is incredible. They also put out a split cassette with a band called Phantom Opera in 1986 which i'd love to hear. Some members went on to play in Tex and The Horseheads. They reformed in the late '90s after Sublime covered one of their tracks, kinda digging them out of obscurity.

World At War

Early punk HC from Washington, DC, and just one of the best DC bands ever. I'd put Potential Suicide or World At War up against any punk song ever recorded. This is not a complete discography.


Fast skate/surf punk from Oxnard, CA. One of the founding bands of the "Nardcore" scene. This is the first LP put out on BYO in 1983.

Life Of Hate

30th Anniversary edition CD of the 1984 demo, the 2 comp tracks and 4 bonus tracks. Recorded 2/6/84 and 10/26/84 in Boston, Mass. Some of the most raging hardcore ever put to tape.

Drive By Shooting

Henry's first solo recordings after Flag, released in '87. His best stuff along with the Hot Animal Machine LP.


Yet more early Cali punk. Heavy rock influence, campy and rockin'. Bit of a Misfits vibe at times, and even a couple of slower doomy tracks. This has the full sessions from both EPs, as well as some other sessions and rehearsals.


Semi-obscure mid-'80s Brooklyn hardcore. This is the CD version with all 3 demos and 5 bonus tracks. The first demo from '86 is like a NYHC version of DRI ad features Andy Guida from Altercation and Supertouch. The other 2 demos are less chaotic but just as great. My personal fave is the second demo from '87.


Late '80 metallic HC band that sounded a bit like early Neurosis. Members went on to Fu Manchu. This collects the LP, the demo and some live tracks.

Bloodclot '82

Band of Bad Brains' roadies fronted by JJ of Cro-Mags. Early NYHC sound, obviously influenced by Brains and Motorhead, who they cover as an opener. Great quality soundboard recording.


Hardcore from Venice, CA with Suicidal members. These guys were tearing it up Discharge style long before so many bands were doing it that it became a sub-genre. This GTA CD has everything, including an unreleased LP from '84. My fave are the live tracks from the Empty Skulls cassette.

In Control

Melodic HC from Oxnard, CA. Part of the "Nardcore" scene along with bands like Ill Repute and Agression who fused punk with skateboarding. CD version of the LP from '84 with bonus tracks. They reformed in the late '90s and even recorded a full length. Pretty sure they're still together.

The Guns

Excellent but obscure Clevo hardcore that started in '83 as an offshoot of The Dark. Drummer Dave Araca also played in False Hope, Integrity, The Dark and other bands until he died of an aneurysm in 1994. This is a 2xLP collection of mostly unreleased music.

The Edge

Classic NYHC from Queens. This is a CD of the first 2 albums.  

HC Brutality

Massive Finnish HC. The title of the CD says it all. They started in 1980 and kept on going until a couple of years ago. This is the GTA CD jammed with early material.

The Icemen

Early NY band who didn't record much in their early days. Only some of this stuff was recorded in the '80s, but it's all great Motorhead influenced HC.


Kick ass hard rocking punk HC. Most of the early releases were on Mystic. This is an anthology that includes the EP from '82, the LP from '84, plus comp and unreleased tracks. Essential.

Build Me A Bomb

One of my favorite band ever from Boston. The '83 LP is a ripper with some serious drumming, but my fave was always the comp tracks. Hardcore perfection.

The Deal

Seattle straight edge classic. This is the CD version of the LP from '89, which is really an anthology of EP, demo and comp tracks all recorded in November of 1988. Love the bass playing on this stuff.

Relative Power

Anther revision of an old post. Really good sound quality. I still love these demos today, 30 years after first hearing them. I remember buying the '88 demo in Bleeker Bobs in '88. Great live band.

War In My Head

British speedcore LP from '88 released on Earache. This is a rip of the Japanese-only CD version with 4 bonus tracks including Heresy and Siege covers.


Early LA punk with Social D and Descendents members. This has the '85 LP plus loads of demos.

Smile For A Price

Heavy, negative NYHC with some metal influences. This is a comp of all the demos. Their best stuff. The first LP from '89 was great as well. They never seemed to have the same lineup from year to year.

Ruins Of America

Slowed down rock/punk fronted by Will Shatter of Flipper and Negative Trend with members of Bad Posture as the rhythm section. Demented stuff as expected. The LP was recorded in '85 and never officially released outside of a few test pressings. Shatter died of an overdose in '87. This is the CDR version with bonus tracks put out in 2011 on MEKA out of France. I love this stuff. I imagine many won't.

Insanity Defense

Hardcore punk band from Centerport, New York with members of Satan's Cheerleaders. The '83 demo is raw and fast, and the '85 LP is an odd mix of metal and pop. Unique stuff.

White Cross

My favorite GTA release ever. Incredible hardcore from Virginia. The unreleased album is a monster of rockin' hardcore. Sounds like a mix of live and studio tracks thrown together, all great. The LP from '83 is a killer as well, and the EP is much more straight forward, short thrash songs. One of the best.


Early unknown NYHC band with Mackie on drums and Noah of the Icemen on bass. Recently brought out of obscurity by having unearthed tracks on Freddy Alva's "Urban Styles Mixtape" comp. Beastie Boys used the music from Feel Like a King for their song Time For Livin' on their Check Your Head LP. Bad Brains vibes.


NOTA's first release. Recorded live on January 11th, 1983 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and self-released on cassette in 1983. This is the CD version with bonus tracks put out by Prank in 2000. Killer thrash punk. Great versions of tracks that would wind up on the band's first EPs and LP. Moscow is a HC staple. The band continued on til 2000, changing lineups every 2-3 years.

Anthology In A Box

Just a collection of my favorite GI stuff. Get the 2xCD to hear more. Classic DC hardcore, in case you didn't know.

Hippy Music

NYHC with members of other classic NY bands. Released in 1988 on Schism. Five tracks. Great cover of a band member getting his hand stamped to get into some trendy NY bar.

Rejected Youth

Raw, straight forward and simple NYHC. Members were also in Psychos, Warzone, Ultra-Violence, Mentors and Fathead Suburbia. Lots of re-recorded Psychos songs from when vocalist Tommy Rat was in the band.

The Wops

Furious Italian HC demo from 1982-83.  The '83 tracks are especially great. The opening track is a crusher. Ripped from remastered Punk Territory CD. This is all they ever recorded. They would have been huge is they put out vinyl at the time.

Crapping Dogs

Another incredible demo from Italy. One of the best, along with Raw Power and The Wops. Twenty-two tracks of real diverse HC punk. Great songwriting. Great guitar sound. Self released on cassette in 1983 and re-released in '84 on Chaotic Society out of France, with new artwork.


Hardcore band from Ohio. One of the originators.  This is ripped from a bootleg discography CD i got back in the '90s. Sound is not the greatest, but this stuff was never officially re-released.

Tangled Up

The Necros' 1987 rock album on Restless. CD version.

Are You Afraid?

No shortage of great early '80s Cali punk HC bands. These guys played fast and melodic, with some darker songs that have that creepy Rikk Agnew guitar sound. I love stuff like this. The 1980 demo is nuts, especially for it's time. Most of it is 20-30 second fast HC songs. The second demo from '83 fleshed everything out and laid down the sound for the LP. This CD has everything these guys recorded from 1980-1984. Vocalist John Macias was murdered by Santa Monica Police in 1991, three days after a reunion show.

Boston Cocaine Core

More Boston HC. They didn't record much hardcore before they went metal/rock, but all the HC they did record is here. 

Snitches Get Stitches

Metallic NYHC from Queens. One of the essentials, recorded in '87 and released in '89. I used to see these guys open for everyone back in the late '80s and they were always amazing.

Perverted Nerds / Emotive Drive

Hardcore punk from Jersey. The Perverted Nerds '87 demos are great. As with most NJ stuff i discovered this on Pat Duncan's radio show. The Emotive Drive EP is s a bit more serious sounding and has a NY influence.

Drug Squad

Fast and angry hardcore from Boston. The '84 demo and '85 LP are especially great thanks to the raw production. This is the CD discog on Mystic.

The Dark

Crazy HC from Ohio. These guys shared members with Spike In Vain and play a mad mix of thrash and goth-punk. This is the first disc of a 2xCD discography. The second disc is all live recordings. 

New Breed 88 Demo

Little known NYHC demo from 1988 that sounds a hell of a lot like Breakdown. Heavy stuff. Apparently they got into a fight with the SOIA crew and had to stop playing shows in NY.

Ur Funktion / Svart Sno

Split CD of Swedish HC. Ur Funktion do 8 tracks of crushing thrash hardcore/metal recorded in '85. Sound like Damage from NY at times. The rest of the CD is all Svart Sno. Ripping late '80s metallic hardcore from Sweden tearing it up Discharge style. This CD is a must.


More hardcore from Sweden. The mighty G-Anx started out as pretty standard crusty HC, but soon evolved into a hyper-speed crossover killing machine with outside influences coming in from all over the place. This CD has all the vinyl material from the late-80s up til '91, right before they broke up, and 2 unreleased tracks. They also had lots of tracks on cassette comps from '84-87 that aren't on here.

Never Again

Since i've posted a few Discharge influenced bands, i figured i'd throw in the real thing, plus it wouldn't be an '80s HC post without these guys. I love all their stuff up to '85, but the Never Again EP from '84 is my personal fave. This is the CD version of the Never Gain anthology, which has the EP, plus various EP and LP tracks, all remixed. I've always loved the sound on this collection more than any other Discharge. Maybe because it was the first recordings i heard by the band, and it just stuck with me.

The Fucked Years

Hardcore band from Palo Alto, CA. Pretty much what you'd expect from early '80s Cali HC. Fast songs mixed with darker dirges. Another great GTA release, again packed with lots of early demos.

Acid Punk

Swedish hardcore / crossover / Motohead punk. This is a collection of recordings from 1986-1989. Recent discovery for me, thanks to by pal Gen.

Chemical Death

Great hardcore / crossover album from '87. Cult classic.

The Mob

One of the first NY hardcore bands. This is the anthology CD put out by Another Planet in '96. Has pretty much all the goods except for the second EP for some reason. And once again, thanks to Gen for this.

No Thanks

Early '80s angry female fronted NYHC. With songs like Fuck Everything, Bullshit Inc.  and Are You Ready To Die? it's pretty negative stuff. Discography CD.


This is just scratching the surface when it comes to '80s Japanese hardcore, but i've included my absolute faves, all what i consider the absolute essentials.

Super Fun Happy Satan Time

Demented hardcore/metal that's like a mix of Venom, Motohead and GISM. One of the best Japanese bands of the time. Unfortunately they didn't record more stuff. This is a CD of the entire discography. The amazing 4-song EP, the 2 comp tracks and a live set. All recorded in 1984. Vocalist "Happy" also sang for Gudon.

Kill Ugly Pop

Hardcore from Tokyo. The earlier stuff has more of a rock HC vibe and the later stuff was more metal. Great guitar work. The anthology CD has lots of EPs and comp tracks from 1984-1988 and shows the progression of the band from punk to thrash. The first LP from '86 is kick-ass. This is the CD version released on Captain in 1989.


Massive thrashing hardcore from Osaka. The comp tracks from '84 is just wall of sound madness. Like most Japanese HC bands, they got more metal as they went on. This CD has the entire Outo discography except for the split EP with S.O.B.

Anthology 1980-1984
Stop Jap Go Go Mushi

Early punk band from Toyko and one of the best. The Anthology CD contains all the more punk sounding material from 1980-1982, plus the more HC tracks from '83-84. Lastly is the Fish Inn LP, which shows the band moving away from hardcore and into slower, and much longer, sometimes jazzy rock / punk. Definitely an acquired taste LP. The Stop Jap Go Go Mushi CD has exactly what you'd expect. The first 2 full lengths and the '83 EP. Incredible stuff. All ripped from the Best Sellection 2xCD on Japan Records in 1986. Sounds much better than the current remasters in my opinion.


Chaotic hardcore. The '83 flexi is complete madness and the '84 EP is heavy, crusty, bass-heavy hardcore with some Discharge and Motorhead influence. The later stuff is of course more metal sounding.

Gauze Anthology
Gauze City Rockers

Relentless HC thrash band who continued to make killer music well into the '00s. The anthology CD has all the material from '82-'86 and the Gauze City Rockers CD is their early, more punk tracks from the City Rockers comp LP released in 1982 where they contribute 10 tracks to an 18-song compilation. Between these 2 CDs is everything the band recorded in the '80s.


Powerful, crusty, heavy and fast. Monstrous stuff. This has the LP, the EP and 2 bonus tracks. Not all '80s, but this is too amazing not to include.


More crazy fast hardcore with members of Zouo, Corba, Dissecting Table, Outo and Bastard. CD with all the stuff from '86-'89 plus 2 unreleased tracks.


Fucking GISM. This has the Detestation LP and all the comp tracks ripped from the remastered Determination CD released on Beast Arts in 2015, plus the tracks from the M.A.N. LP, aside from the 2 noise tracks. These tracks are not from a vinyl rip, although the LP was never released on CD. Not sure where i got it from. If you want the full M.A.N. album with the noise tracks intact, you can grab it here.

The Comes

Classic (like every other fucking thing on here) female fronted punk HC from Tokyo. This is the CD version of the LP with the 2 Outsider comp tracks as a bonus. Members went on to Lip Cream. 

Bet On The Possibility
Wasted Dream

The mighty Death Side. Blazing "Burning Spirits" hardcore. Epic, metallic thrash songs that sound like a combination of Motorhead and Iron Maiden, with one of the best guitar players in the genre, the late Chelsea (who also played in Paintbox). The Anthology covers all the EPs and comp tracks from 1987-1994. The Bet On The Possibility LP, released in '91 on Selfish, is absolutely flawless. The band at the top of their game just blasting out one song after another, each better than the last, right up until the last track. And finally, Wasted Dream, the band's first full length released in 1989. Another banger. This is the full discography ripped from the Nucleus-R reissues. Sound is amazing.

The Sexual

The earlier stuff from '83 is more on the punk side, kinda like early Stalin, but by the time they released the '84 flexi they were kinda playing in the Burning Spirits style, like a more raw Death Side. Motorhead influenced HC with solos all over the place. By '85 they had their shit down. Solid fast metal HC. Theis CD has it all, plus a couple of rough live tracks at the end.

The Swanky's

I lumped these two together because it's pretty much the same band. They formed in 1981 as The Swankys, changed the name to Gai in 1983, then changed it back to The Swankys in 1985. Super noisy, crazy shit. No other way to describe this stuff. I nabbed the Swankys from the amazing Selfish Few blog. Sounds like a CD rip. Originally released on Dogma in 1985. Damaging Noise was originally released on cassette in 1983. This is a rip of the CD version on King's World released in 1996.


Speaking of noisy shit, it doesn't get much noisier than Confuse. Fast and raw and the easiest way to clear a room in seconds.  

Systemania 1
Systemania 2

Fast and kick-ass. This is the 2xCD discography of all their '80s recordings. Systema from '84 is my fave. Those Japanese punks love flexi-discs.


Raw, crusty hardcore with a heavy sound. Discharge vibes. They went on til 2010. This is a CD comp of all the '80s recordings. The much more metal sounding EP recorded in '88-'89 and released in 1995 is excellent.


All female punk HC from Tokyo. A bit more basic and straight forward than most of the other thrashier Japanese bands of the '80s. This is the complete discography of both EPs and two live sets.

Thrash Til Death

Four classic heavies on one LP. All top notch material. Originally released on Selfish in 1986. This is the CD version from 1991. 

HC Unlawful Assembly

Great mix of classic bands and more obscure type bands. Released on LP in '84 and CD in '91. On AA Records. The original LP came with poster and sticker.

Punk Hits

Another great comp. This one's from '83on Japan Recs. CD released 2 years later. No filler.


Live comp from '82 on City Rockers. A side is all hardcore, B side is the more punk / rock / wave stuff this label is known for. The GISM tracks rip.

Devil Must Be Driven Out

Mix of hardcore and metal released (and all recorded) in 1985. This is the CD version on Hold Up from '91.

Order Of The Kite

2xCD comp of EPs (mostly flexi) and comp tracks. Excellent collection of rare / hard to find recordings by The Clay, Execute, Crime and lots more.


The first three comps i put together myself, the rest are all comp LPs and cassettes.

Seven Inch Classics

I made this many years ago. The best of the best. All from CD versions.

NYHC: First Wave

Similar to the other comp of EPs, this one all my fave early NYHC. Again, from CD versions.

American Crossover

Comp of some of my favorite crossover tracks from 1983-1990.

Empty Skulls Remastered

One of the best cassette compilations of all time. Released in 1984 on Fartblossom Enterprizes. Completely revamped by yours truly, track by track.

Empty Skulls Two

The Wound Deepens. Released on LP in 1986 by Fartblossom.

3-Way Split

Three bands on this CD released in 2004 on Coldsweat Records. The Target Cells tracks are from the 1982 demo "Cerebral Hemmorage". Pretty sure the White Pigs tracks are EP tracks. Not sure about Chronic Disorder. These recordings sound different than the LP versions. Demos maybe? All three bands are excellent. Thanks to Honquijote for this one.

Barefoot and Pregnant

Originally released on cassette in 1982. This is the CD version from '98 on Garage D'Or. The Mecht Mensch tracks are awesome.

The Blasting Concept

SST comp from '83. Great Pettibon art. CD version from 1990.

The Blasting Concept 2

SST comp released on LP, cassette and CD in 1986. 

Vancouver Independence

Excellent Canadian punk and new wave comp from '81on Friends Records. The B-Sides (the band, not side 2 of the comp) are killer.

Along with Empty Skulls, one of the best cassette comps ever. Great sound. Released in '82.

No Core

4-way split tape from '82. Released on vinyl in 2002 on Raw Deal. Fast and raw from start to finish.

NY Thrash

Another cassette comp from '82. This one on Roir. All early NY hardcore and punk. CD version with bonus tracks.

Chunks and Cracks

Two classic SST comps on one CD. 

Open Your Eyes Tape One
Open Your Eyes Tape Two

These tapes came out in '89 with Open Your Eyes fanzine. All demo tracks, all great. Lots of NY New Breed bands along with Clevo and LA bands. Mostly edge stuff. I've had these tapes since the early '90s, although these are not my rips. Forget where i got them but the quality is really good. I didn't mess with the sound at all.

Fistful Of Yens

CD comp jammed with '80s HC released in '94 on Century Media. 

Barricaded Suspects

Comp LP from '83 on Toxic Shock. This is the CD from 2002 on Dr. Strange. Opening track rules.

Posh Boy Story

CD comp from 1993 on Damaged Goods. Lots of LA punk and deathrock originally released on the The Rodney On The ROQ albums from the early '80s.

Cleanse The Bacteria

Pusmort comp LP from '85. Some of the most vicious hardcore of the '80s on this one.

United Scene

Compilation cassette of eleven bands who played at CBGB's on May 19, 1985 as a benefit to support Guillotine fanzine. Nice full, loud sound.

Hardcore Amerika

CD comp released in 2001 compiled from the BCT tape series. Some great obscure stuff. The Drills are fucking nuts.

Underground Hits 2

Solid comp LP from 1983. Cd version from '92.

All For One... One For All

GTA comp from '95. Originally released as a benefit for Roger Merit's medical bills. CD comes with 16-page booklet with a paragraph on each band.

Free For All

1989 comp on Hawker Records. All bands recorded live at CBGB's on April 9, 1989.

The Master Tape

Classic comp LP from '82 on Nimrod / Affirmation. My fave AOF tracks are on here.

Toxic Shock

CD comp released in 1992 on Dr. Strange. Titles says it all.

Hold Your Ground

Lost and Found comp CD from '94. Mostly '80s but a couple of '90s band thrown in. Nice mix of NY, DC and Boston HC.

Mystic Sampler

Both Mystic Samplers on one CD. From 1984-85.

Not So Quiet

2xLP from 1982 on AT Records. CD version from '99. Mandatory.

American Youth Report

Comp LP of LA bands from '82 released on Invasion. Some great dark stuff. CD version on BOMP.

Pusmort View

1991 comp released on Toy's Factory Records from Japan, licensed from Pusmort. All ripping HC and crossover.

A Time We'll Remember Vol. 7

Lost and Found CD of four classic recordings. Released in 1999.

HC Holocaust

Collection of Peel Sessions released on Strange Fruit in '88 on LP, CD and cassette. UK grind and fastcore. This was my introduction to ENT and i still think it's their best recordings.

Party Or Go Home

Mystic comp LP from '83. This is the CD with 15 bonus tracks.

The Way It Is

Rev comp LP of NYHC from '88.

Wild Things

Another classic NYHC comp. This one of Blackout from '89. Breakdown crushes on this.

Those Were The Days II

CD of five NY bands recorded live on WNYU. Great sound. No complete sets unfortunately.

New Breed

CD version of the classic Urban Style cassette from '89. The tape that shut the door on '80s NYHC before the ABC No Rio scene stepped in. Most of this stuff can be found elsewhere on this blog.

Lookout EPs

CD of six early Lookout EPs all remastered. Love this stuff.

Peace / War

Double LP comp released in '84 on R Radical. All profits from the original albums were for anti-nuclear groups. This is the '97 CD reissue with extra tracks.

Rat Music

CD of both the Rat Music comps from 1983-84.

Cottage Cheese

1983 comp LP on Ward 9. Great cover art by Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers.

Complete Death

Kick-ass crossover comp LP released in '86 on Restless / Death.


My favorite comp LP ever. From 1982 on Modern Method. None of these bands ever sounded better in my opinion.

Scream Compilation

Geffen comp LP from 1987. Alternative, punk and goth. Really nice vinyl rip.

Life Is Ugly

Comp of Cali punk and hardcore released in 1982 on New Underground. CD version on Delirium in 2001.


GTA CD of various semi-obscure demo and record tracks. Released in 2000.

Long Beach / Orange County

CD comp of two Mystic comps. Clockwork Orange County from '85 and You Can't Argue With Sucksess from '82. LA punk HC and deathrock. Similar to Hell Comes To Your House.

Buried Alive

Released on cassette in '83 and LP in '87. CD with bonus tracks.

Buried Alive 2

BOMP CD release from '97.

Welcome To 1984

Killer international HC comp from MRR. 23 bands from 17 countries. Lots of exclusive tracks.

Ten Years Of BYO

CD collection of various BYO recordings.

Hell Comes To Your House

Hard to believe this came out in 1981. Some of this stuff is way ahead of it's time. The birth of deathrock / goth. One of the best comp ever.

Hell Comes To Your House II

Trashy rock 'n' roll and "cowpunk" from 1983.

Killed By HC

Unofficial CD version of the 2001 comp on Redrum, the label famous for all the Killed By Death comps.

Punk Territory Vol. 3
Punk Territory Vol. 6

Great sounding CDs put out by Anthology out of Italy. Lots of exceptional HC EPs, some which are split between the two comps.


Nice clean rip of the classic comp LP from 1982 on AT.

Code Blue

Cassette comp from '84 released from Last Rites Fanzine. Lots of Chicago bands.

Urban Styles

Soundtrack to the Urban Styles: Graffiti in NYHC book by Freddy Alva, creator of the New Breed comp. Lots of rare NYHC from '81 up til present.

Plate Of Shrimp

Original motion picture soundtrack to the cult 1984 film.


Live recordings from the 1981 documentary.

Well, that's it for this time. I doubt i can manage one of these mega-posts again (plus i'm running out of music), so until next time, take care of yourselves. Bye!