Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jawbreaker - Rarities 1989-1996

Jawbreaker. My favorite band that formed within the past 20 years. I saw them play in the cramped, hot basement of ABC No Rio in NYC sometime in the early '90s, and literally had goosebumps the entire time. It was a religious experience. I had the song Do You Still Hate Me stuck in my head for weeks after only hearing it that one time (the album hadn't been released yet). That's truly a testament to great songwriting.

The first half of this collection is comprised of 1989 demo tracks. The demos (referred to as Demo #1 and Demo #2) are pretty accessible on the web, but in this collection there are 2 tracks, If I Could and Better Off, that are omitted from all copies i've seen. There is one more rare demo track (omitted from Demo #1) called Good 45, which unfortunately i couldn't locate a decent sounding rip of. I decided not to include certain tracks from Demo #2 (Gutless, Fantastic Planet, and With or Without U2), because those exact versions were released on various comps and splits, including the Etc. CD put out by Blackball. The second half of the collection is all various live songs recorded between 1990-1996. All of them are live versions of unreleased songs except for Eye-5, which i included because it's an incredible version of my all time favorite Jawbreaker song. Chasing the Wild Goose was originally written by Bad Religion, and Just What I Needed was originally written by the Cars. Thanks to Imagnry War and Smegma for their help with this. Enjoy!

Jawbreaker Collection

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sons of Ishmael - 1984-1990 Discography

Classic hardcore punk from Toronto. Another great band i first discovered litening to Pat Duncan's radio show back in '87. The first song i heard was A Man and His Penis Sceptre, and over 20 years later i still think it's a monster of a song. This is a collection pretty much everything they recorded, minus a couple of songs from complilations that i couldn't find. I also included the Angry Thalidomide Babies demo (pre-Sons of Ishmael) from 1984. 60 tracks total. Thanks to Tyler and Robbie Crash for the help with this one. Cheers.

Sons of Ishmael Collection

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Priori - 1987-1990 Discography

A Priori were an amazing band from Morristown, NJ. They didn't release much material, just the Damn the Past mini-LP and some comp tracks (on Shredder and Skene Records), but that was enough to leave a big impact on me when i first heard this stuff in the late '80s. They played a very melodic and emotional style of punk, with a bit of a UK influence. Chances are if you like any of the early Shredder bands like Sticks & Stones, Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine etc, you'll love this. Yet another band i discovered listening to Pat Duncan's radio show on WFMU. In 1988-89, the song Self-determination was a staple in Pat's playlist. This collection is missing the track from The World In Shreds Vol. 2, which is a live version of Schoolkids from the 12", and whatever is left of the '87 demo, which is most likely impossible to find. Enjoy.

A Priori Collection

Saturday, February 21, 2009

G.I.S.M. - Military Affairs Neurotic 1987

G.I.S.M.'s second album, released on Beast Arts in 1987 in Japan. A more metallic approach this time, but Sakevi's trademark vocals are still there. A mix of the classic G.I.S.M. sound and early Iron Maiden, truly a unique album. Excellent sound on this.

G.I.S.M. - M.A.N.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Discography Vol. 2

This collection has the incredible Live In SO 36 album recorded and released in 1987. I'm not the biggest fan of live albums for the most part, but the great sound and a powerful performance on this one makes it just as mandatory as any of CCM's studio recordings. Thanks once again to Barcass Grinder (Mortville Records) for the music, and Fernando for helping out with the track listing. Also here is the 1983 demo (which has many of the same tracks as the Permanent Scar split tape, but completely different recordings), the debut 7", 400 Fascists, and a few comp tracks. The sound quality on the What Doesn't Hurt Us comp tracks aren't that fantastic, but i decided to include them anyway to fill up some space. Enjoy.

CCM Collection Vol. 2

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Discography Vol. 1

UPDATED yet again. Ok, i think i finally got the track listing correct on this one. Thanks Fernando! Here we have 21 tracks recorded in 1983 (listed as 17 mp3s, 4 of the mp3s have combined tracks). Thanks to Barcass Grinder (Mortville Records) for sending me this years back. Most (if not all) of these tracks appeared on the "Permanent Scar" split tape with I Refuse It in 1983, which was released as a split LP a year later. Apparently there is another 1983 demo which seems to be completely different. I prefer these versions though. This is just insane Italian hardcore at it's best. A classic piece of Italian HC history, right up there with the Raw Power demos. Also included is the fantastic Into The Void LP, the band's 1984 ep, Furious Party (courtesy of Good Bad Music), and a track from the Senza Tregua tape released in 1985. This is in no way a complete discography. I had to omit the 400 Fascists 7", which unfortunately i had no room for on this collection. But i plan on making a second CD very soon, which will have the first ep, the other demo, comp tracks, and the excellent Live at SO 36 Berlin album.

CCM Collection Vol. 1

Monday, February 16, 2009

Funeral Oration - 1983-1985

I was never crazy about the later-period Funeral Oration stuff, but these early recordings are top notch. I was lucky enough to get an original copy of the 1983 demo, There's Nothing Left to Laugh About, back in 1989 from someone who was selling off his demo collection for practically nothing. This tape is probably the lesser known of all their recordings, and it's a shame, because it's so much better than anything else they ever did. Raw and melodic basement thrash that never lets up, and only slows down once for the song Walls. They really tapped into something great with this demo, and in my mind it's simply legendary. I ripped this demo, and the follow-up, The Godsend, from the original tapes, and they came out surprisingly good. The 1983 demo is pretty rare from what i understand, and i doubt you'll find a quality copy of this anywhere else. Enjoy. The 1984 demo is great as well, although it's mostly re-recorded tracks from the '83 tape, much cleaner sounding and not as urgent. There are still some gems on there. Also here is the band's first 12" and full length. Punk rock rarely gets better than this, check it out for yourself.

Funeral Oration Collection

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Assfactor 4 - 1993-2000 Discography

Frantic and emotional hardcore from the '90s. Incredible stuff. This is the majority of the band's discography, aside from 2 tracks they recorded for a split 7" with Rights Reserved.

Assfactor 4 Collection

SFA - 1987-1988

The early SFA demos with Mike Bullshit (GO!) on vocals. Some of the first NYHC i ever heard, and still some of my favorite. I wrote to Mike BS sometime back in the '90s, and he was nice enough to send me these demos and a rehearsal tape, which i never got around to converting to digital.

SFA Collection

United Mutation - 1981-1987 Discography

From what i can gather, this is the entire psychotic discography of DC's demented outsider band, United Mutation. This was a unique band to say the least. Listen to the track Rock'n'Roll Party Mix, this song was so far ahead of it's time, mixing crusty psychedelia and speed, with raspy vocals and lots of reverb. The result is something not heard before (especially in that place and time), and actually something not heard much today. They just seemed to say "fuck it" and did whatever they wanted, and that's what made them so amazing. No boundries. All the tracks here, except for the Rainbow Person ep, were ripped from the Lost & Found CD. The Rainbow Person ep was lifted from another blog, and the sound quality, even though it can't compete with the rest of the collection, is the best rip i've yet heard of this ground-breaking monster platter. Great sound quality throughout. Enjoy the madness. 

Link Removed. Superior version soon.

Friday, February 13, 2009

G.I.S.M. - 1982-1984 Discography

All their early studio tracks and some live stuff. Excellent sound quality. It's G.I.S.M., download it.

G.I.S.M. Collection

Dirge - 1987-1990

Dirge were a powerful local crossover hardcore band from the late '80s. Kinda overlooked, but every bit as good as the more popular bands that played this style of metalic punk, like DRI, COC, early Prong etc. I guess they stayed in the shadows because their stuff was never re-issued, or released on CD. They should have been huge.

Dirge Collection

Here we have the amazing Soulstorm LP, released on Anthrax Records in 1989, the Fleshcrawler ep released on Old World Records in 1990 and the Life Force demo from 1987. They had a few more tracks scattered throughout a few comps as well. If i ever find them, i'll update this collection.

Life Sentence - 1985-1989

I'm pretty sure this is everything Life Sentence ever recorded. The self titled album is an absolute hardcore classic, and part of my high school soundtrack back in 1987. Damn i'm old.

Life Sentence Collection

From the Kill From the Heart site:
Life Sentence was a hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois. The band got its start in 1984, with the lineup of Joe Losurdo (bass), Eric Brockman (guitar), Tom O'Connor (drums), and Ray Morris (vocals, previously in Six Feet Under). Midway through recording their debut record, the rest of the band dumped their singer and continued as a three-piece. The record, a self-titled 12", was finished in 1987, and released on Chicago label Walkthrufyre. Later, the band split into two groups, both calling themselves "Life Sentence." The split was hardly friendly (see the lyrics to "Win, Lose, or Sue"), and one side actually sued the other. Brockman, the winner of the lawsuit, recruited Jeff Hauck on bass and Gustav Chumpske Roman on drums for the No Experience Necessary album, released in 1989. The band continued playing until the early 90s.

Fast & American: 1980-1989

Some of my favorite North American hardcore songs recorded between 1980 and 1989. Not trying to be definitive by any means, just a collection of fast music. I think it came out really good, check it out.

Fast and American

Septic Death - 1984-1991 Discography

Ah, Septic Death. They don't make 'em like this anymore. All tracks ripped from the Crossed Out Twice CD at 320 and arranged in chronological order. Enjoy.

Septic Death Collection

Welcome! NYC Mayhem - 1985

Hey, my first entry! Welcome to Blogged & Quartered. I'll be using this blog to archive music collections, mostly punk/hardcore, and mostly rare and out of print stuff. All the collections here will be of the best sound quality i can find, all properly tagged, and most with custom covers. I keep all of these collections under 80 minutes, for the purpose of fitting them onto CD. Some of the music here i ripped from either vinyl, tape or CD, other music i found on various other music blogs, and have just assembled here.

I'll start things off with NYC Mayhem. I doubt this band needs an introduction, but they were the band that eventually became Straight Ahead. Here's a collection of material they recorded, all apparently in 1985. Thanks Good Bad Music for the We Stand demo, and Damaging Noise for the Violence and Mayhemic Destruction demos.

Link removed to to discography CD put out by band. Pick it up!