Monday, April 27, 2009

Token Entry - Rarities 1985-1989

Great melodic hardcore from Queens, NY. In this collection is the three excellent tracks from the Free For All comp recorded live at CBGB in 1989, a live set at WNYU (Crucial Chaos) recorded in June of '87, the band's first 7" from 1985 with vocalist Anthony Comunale (later of Raw Deal/Killing Time) on vocals, and 4 unreleased tracks from the same sessions. Enjoy.

Token Entry Rarities

Original 1985 lineup:

Anthony Comunale - vocals
Mickey Neal - guitar
Johnny Steigerwald - bass
Ernie Parada - drums

1987-1989 lineup:

Timmy "Chunks" McArdle - vocals
Mickey Neal - guitar
Johnny Steigerwald - bass
Ernie Parada - drums

Arthur Smilios (Gorilla Biscuits, CIV) also played guitar for the band during this time, and is on the band's 1987 album "Jaybird".

The "Free For All" comp LP was released on Hawker Records in 1989 and also features tracks by Wrecking Crew, Rest in Pieces and No For An Answer, all recorded live at CBGB.

Token Entry formed around 1980 as Gilligan's Revenge and changed their name to before their first release. They recorded their self-released 7", and 2 excellent albums between 1985-1989. "From Beneath The Streets" released on Positive Force Records in 1987 and "Jaybird" released on Hawker/Roadrunner in 1988. Sometime during '89, Mickey and Johnny were replaced by Matt Citarella and Richie Acham and they released their final album, The Weight of the World in 1990.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warzone - Rarities 1984-1986

Some more classic NYHC rarities. First is the 1984 demo with Tommy Rat (Trip 6, Psychos, Rejuvenate) on vocals. The sound quality on the first track is a bit rough, but it's like this on all versions i've heard, including the recent bootleg demos LP. After that the quality is really good, considering this is 25 years old, and this is most likely the loudest and cleanest rip of this demo you'll find. Next is the Street Kids demo, recorded live at Some Records. This one has all the classic Warzone songs, and in my opinion is much better than the records these songs were released on. Once again the quality is great, and probably the best you'll find. Ending the collection is a dozen tracks from Skinhead Youth, the pre-Warzone band with Raybeez on vocals, recorded live in 1984 at CBGB. A few of these tracks were later reworked into Warzone songs, and others you'll only hear in this live set. Enjoy.

Warzone Rarities

The Scam - 1986-1988 Discography

I first heard The Scam in the early '90s on the Apocalyptic Convulsions compilation (which is the first song in this collection), and it was the only material i heard from this band up until i recently discovered the band's discography online. The Scam were a hardcore band from New Hampshire. Hard to describe, but it's very dark and vicious hardcore punk, with post-punk/goth elements. Like some psychotic, psychedelic combination of Rudimentary Peni, The Accused, early Christian Death and Urban Waste. What can i say, it just has to be heard to be believed.

I'm pretty sure this is a complete collection of the band's recorded material, most (if not all) released on Ax/ction Records. Check out the band's tribute Myspace page here. Enjoy.

The Scam Collection

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Antidote - 1983

Here's the classic Thou Shall Not Kill 7" from 1983, along with a great sounding 14 song set recorded live at CBGB in July of '83. Some killer unreleased songs in the live set like Live For Nothing, Generation, I Don't Hate and Unaffective. Essential doesn't even begin to describe this stuff.

Antidote 1983

Recorded at High Rise, NYC in May 1983.

Artwork By Geeby
Backing Vocals - Johnny (That Hare Krsna) Joseph* (tracks: 3)
Guitar - Nunz*
Producer - Jerry Williams
Songwriter - Nunzio G.* (tracks: 1,2,4,5,6,7,8)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Uppercut: 1987-1989

Late '80s NY hardcore from the Bronx, with a heavy sound similar to bands like Breakdown and Raw Deal. The guitarist Lars also played in Side By Side, Judge and Alone In A Crowd. Classic stuff. They also released a mini-LP called Four Walls in 1989, and had a couple of tracks on the NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are compilation. The later stuff was a bit more metallic sounding than the collection here. Enjoy.

Uppercut Collection

Rob - drums
Ed - bass
Lars - guitar
Cwolf - guitar
Steve - voice
Pat - bass
Fink - guitar (1988-1989)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sticks & Stones - Inner Revolt tape 1988

Here is the great Sticks and Stones "Inner Revolt" tape which was originally intended to be released as an LP on 7 Seconds' Positive Force Records, but ended up released on cassette in 1988 with a fanzine and lyric book on Onslaught Mandate Records. If this would have been released on vinyl, it would have easily been Sticks and Stones greatest album, and one of my favorite punk albums period.

Sticks and Stones released a 2xCD anthology some years back, but only three tracks from this tape were included, and only one track from the 1987 demo (which i listened to endlessly in the late '80s). Also ignored was their side of the split 7" with Life's Blood, and some great compilation tracks. I guess they needed three CDs to properly document the band, oh well. I still suggest picking up a copy, if not just for the brilliant Theme Song For Nothing LP. Enjoy.

Sticks and Stones - Inner Revolt

Members of Sticks and Stones went on to World Inferno Friendship Society, Johnny X and The Conspiracy, and Zero Zero.

Thanks once again to Andy. It's great hearing this stuff in such great quality.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chemical Waste - Life's A Bitch demo 1987

This is a rarity. Chemical Waste were a crossover band in the late '80s from Fort Lee, New Jersey. This was the first hardcore band i'd ever seen live back in 1987. They played on a boat in Secaucus, NJ for a girl named Joan Blue's birthday party. Great memories of that show. The band played all the songs from this demo, plus lots of DRI covers. Hearing the intensity of this music for the first time got me interested in hardcore.

The music is crossover thrash, and the bass player went on to play with M.O.D., and later with Ministry (i always loved this guy's bass sound). This is just what you would expect. Six songs in less than twelve minutes, great crossover thrash complete with breakdowns, solos, and completely juvenile and un-pc lyrics. Similar to the first M.O.D. album (which i admit i loved in high achool), but a bit more thrashy, and a bit less silly. I saw Chemical Waste a few more times during the late '80s (one of my old bands may have even played with them, i forget), and they always put on a great show. I've hunted this demo down forever, and finally got it after 20 years, thanks again to Andy from Mortville for making this sound a hundred times better than the rip i had (go to his site and buy his stuff, it rules). Anyway, here's the music. Enjoy!

Chemical Waste 1987 demo

Chris - Vocals
John Monte - Bass (M.O.D., Mindfunk, Ministry)
Bob Bitchen - Drums
Jason Copola - Guitar (Mindfunk)

Billy Milano (ex-The Psychos, Stormtroopers of Death, M.O.D.) was a big supporter of this band in the 80s, and helped circulate their demo.