Wednesday, April 11, 2012


In the words of the mighty GO!, "It's been fun"! I met lots of great people doing this blog and discovered lots of great music, even recordings from some of my favorite bands that i never even knew existed. I just want to quickly thank all the bands and labels who provided so much music, info and pictures. All the people (including band members and others involved in the scene) who left informative comments, or just dropped in to say "thanks. That's basically what kept this blog going for so long.

Unfortunately Mediafuckup deleted all my files because of copyright laws on ONE file. The Corrosion of Conformity collection, which has been up and working for years. Why not just delete the one problem file instead of deleting over a hundred files? I'll never understand the razor sharp intellect behind that decision. Ever. Besides that, the comments sections have become flooded with hundreds of spamshit.

In my current situation - I moved to Florida with my wife and kids and am looking for work - i doubt i'll ever have the time to find all the CDRs, re-upload all the files to some other server, and delete hundreds of useless spam posts. It's a huge undertaking that i definitely cannot handle right now. Maybe someday.

Take care everyone. Thanks for all the support.