Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From Grindcore to Gorenoise

I haven't had time to post in quite a while. Sorry about that. Now that i'm employed and less stressed i think i'll be able to update this blog at least once a month.

Since i've last posted on here i've been on a steady grindcore kick. Mostly the classics i guess, with a few oddities thrown in. I can't think of any grindcore band past the '90s that really kicked my ass, aside from maybe Insect Warfare, so there won't be any current stuff for upload in here. Just stuff i've been digging lately.

I've tried to upload as many demos, rehearsals, live tracks and other rarities in here as possible, as well as some harder to find records. As usual, anything ripped from cassette has been cleaned as best as possible. All tracks adjusted to the same volume, and all taken from the best possible sources and ripped at 320 (in most cases).

The first time i heard grindcore was sometime in 1988. I was at my friend Vinny's (RIP) house in Nutley, NJ. He took me to the local record store near his place. At the time i had only been into hardcore for about a year, and my favorite album at the time was DRI "Dealing With It". So i scanned through the records looking for the LP with the most songs, figuring that would be a safe bet. I came across Napalm Death's "Scum" album. It had a shitload of songs, a great cover, and sticker on it that said something along the lines of "world's fastest band".  So of course i grabbed that, and also bought Warzone's "Don't Forget the Struggle..." LP, then went back to my friend's house to check out the new tunes. I put on Scum first. Side 1. Multinational Corporations kicked in and i didn't know what to think, I remember my friend Vinny saying "what is this crap?" When the grinding started in the middle of the second track i had never heard anything like it. I couldn't even say something like "Wow, this sounds like Discharge or Celtic Frost at triple the speed" because i had never heard those bands yet. I had no point of reference. It was just a wall of noise to me. By the fourth or fifth track i took the album off the turntable and broke it over my knee. First press Scum LP in the trash (i cringe every time i think about it). I just wasn't ready for grindcore that day. Of course a year later i heard it again and loved it. After hearing the Peel Sessions from the Hardcore Holocaust comp, Napalm Death became one of my favorite bands ever. In my opinion, the Peel Sessions they did 25 years ago have never been topped in the genre since. One of the most intense recordings of all time. Included here are the complete Peel Sessions as well as a comp of demos, rehearsals and live tracks. Excellent sound. Even if you have this stuff already, it's worth the download for the upgrade.

Note: I only included the front cover for some of these uploads, but all the artwork is in the folders. I'm not sure how much of this stuff is still in print, most of it i acquired so damn long ago. If there are any bands or labels that want download links removed, please contact me and i'll take them down immediately.

Demos, Rehearsals and Live: 1985-1988

 The Complete Peel Sessions

The "Hatred Surge" demo was recorded on October 3rd, 1985. From what i've read, this is the band's fifth demo. The prior demos apparently being more post-punk influenced. I've only heard one of the band's earlier demos and thought it was decent at best. I think the Hatred Surge demo is great though. You can pick out some of the riffs from future songs, although the speed isn't there yet.

The "From Enslavement To Obliteration" demo was recorded on March 15th, 1986. Their first recording with Mick Harris on drums. Side 1 of Scum was recorded the same year, Two of the most influential recordings of all time for both hardcore and metal.

The Peel Sessions were compiled from three sessions. The first recorded on 8/13/87, the second on 3/8/88, and the third on 8/12/90.

I personally lost interest in Napalm Death after the Mentally Murdered ep in 1989. The last recording with Lee Dorrian on vocals. After that they got the more generic sounding Barney Greenway as front man, and Lee went on to concentrate on his prior band Carcass full time. Soon after that Mitch Harris would jump ship and there would be nothing left to differentiate them from any other death metal band.

It took me years to discover Carcass. For whatever reason i always dismissed them as a death metal band, and didn't get into death metal until after the '90s. I guess there was just too much shit going on in the '90s musically, and i was also going backwards and constantly digging up more stuff from the '70s and '80s. When i finally heard Carcass i was blown away. I heard the "Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment" demo first. The only recording with vocalist Sanjiv, and still my favorite Carcass recording. Sanjiv's vocals, which sounded more like a satanic chant than any grindcore style vocals i'd ever heard, combined with the raw, diseased sounding music they were doing, just gave the whole thing an evil quality. My favorite Carcass after the demo was the 2nd LP, "Symphonies of Sickness" and the incredible Peel Sessions which has tracks from the first two albums.

Live Foeticide 1988 is a great sounding live recording that doesn't actually sound like a live recording at all. It sounds more like another demo or even a basement rehearsal. The muffled, suffocating "production" fits the music perfectly.

Carcass - The Demos and Peel Sessions

The "Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment" demo was released in April of 1987 shortly after the band changed their name from Disattack to Carcass.

The "Symphonies Of Sickness" demo was released in December of 1988. Both demos have been bootlegged countless times on both vinyl and CD. The recordings here are from the remastered CD plus DVD reissues released on Earache in 2008 as part of the Complete Pathologist's Report series.

The BBC Sessions are taken from 2 separate sessions. December 13, 1988 and December 2, 1990. Both the Carcass and Napalm Death sessions taken from the "Grind Madness At The BBC" 3xCD released in 2009.

Grind Crusher

Grind Crusher was originally released in 1989 on CD, cassette and LP plus 7", with all versions having 14 tracks. It was re-released a year later with 10 bonus tracks. This is a rip of the 1991 expanded CD version. Possibly the greatest grindcore compilation ever released, this introduced so many great bands to so many people into all forms of extreme music. For me personally, this comp was my introduction to Morbid Angel.

Some personal fave grindcore recordings of mine (with some goregrind and noise thrown in):

Agathocles - Theatric Symbolisation Of Life

My favorite material by far from the most prolific grind band on the planet.  This is the CD version with lots of EPs and splits as bonus tracks. I even threw in the song Pulverised at the end from the "Apocalyptic Convulsions" comp 10". Monster grindcore/death metal here. Way heavier than their later stuff.

Agathocles: The LPs: 1989-1991

My second favorite Agathocles material. This CD compiles the split LP with Drudge (killer), and the split LP with Lunatic Invasion (live tracks).

Agathocles - Pulverised

Collection of my fave Agathocles tracks.

Deranged classic from 1988.

All the tracks from the split CDs with S.M.E.S., Torsofuck, Neuro-Visceral Exhumation, and the classic 4-way split with Autophagia, Feculent Goretomb and Ulcerrhoea. 40 tracks of cure cult drum-machine gore metal. 

This CD compiles the super rare Bloodsplattered Pathological Disfunctions EP CD from 2000. 17 songs of total sickness that sounds like nothing else in the band's discography, nothing else in general really. I can't even begin to describe it. Also the first full length, Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia from 2002.

The massive first LP from 1992. Mandatory.

Compilation of the band's early EPs, splits and lots more. Released in 1996 on Grand Theft Audio. Includes the great "Life's Built On Thoughts" EP.

The album that made me want to throw my drumset out the window and practice harder all at once. One of my favorite albums ever.

90 song blasting wall of noise from 1989.

Collection of demos and rehearsals from 1998 to 2001. Great mix of goregrind and hardcore. Love this stuff.

Comp of my favorite AxCx stuff. RIP Seth.

15 tracks of extremely violent sounding shit.

Great live set. Excellent sound. One of the three times i got to see DxAx at CBGB. Forget who they played with on this one. All the shows were great though, one was with MITB and Brutal Truth. That was insane. I miss CBGB.

Always loved their split EPs the most, so i threw this together way back out of convenience. Figured i'd share as it fits this post. This collection has DxAx's splits with Melt Banana (all-time fave material), Plutocracy, Corrupted and 324, Hellchild, Def Master, and Cosmic Hearse.

63 songs of drum-machine grindnoise madness. 

Pretty sure Patareni have a discography of about 5 CDs, some of them having upwards of 80 songs, and sharing the discs with their alter-egos, Buka, Debilana and others. This is just a sampler CD. 20 of my favorite tracks. Classic shit.

Collection of grindcore jazz from 3 different releases. I'm a huge Zorn fan, all his stuff rules.

Goregrind classic from 1996.

More gore. Vicious stuff with a million horror movie samples. Two album CD.

Relentless grindcore that never lets up for a second. 38 untitled tracks. Released in 2001.

Gorey grindcore with classic thrash and death metal influences.

99 track comp. All the sickest shit. From grindcore to gorenoise.

Malignant Germ Infestation - Into The Unknown

40 tracks taken from comps, splits and EPs. Deranged music.

Fetus Omelet - Discography 2006-2013

Sickness from 2 split CDs and a full length.

Very similar to the Congenital Interior Defects posted above. Both bands even share an obsession with Nekromantik  director Jorge Buttgereit. Together they kind of make up their own sick little genre. Nothing else sounds like these 2 bands.

Gore band that has been putting out material since '92, and has shared splits with classic bands like Regurgitate, Lymphatic Phlegm and Cock And Ball Torture. It all led up to this landmark pathological goregrind album. Taking what Carcass created to it's most extreme. Recorded in 2005 and released in 2006 on Bones Brigade Records. 41 tracks with no relief. 

Recorded in 2002 in The Netherlands, released in 2005 on Klysma Records. Members of Last Days Of Humanity "Performing Piss, Porn & Urology". 66 tracks of extreme grind with vocals that literally sound like a toilet flushing. Nothing else like it at the time. I would imagine this is where "gorenoise" begins. Just incredible sick and unique music, although my favorite Urine Festival material is their split 7" with Faeces Eruption entitled "Off-Toilet Ecstasies". 5 songs recorded in 2003 and released in 2008. I think they really perfected whatever the hell it was they were trying to do with these songs. The split can be downloaded below in one of the gorenoise compilations.

The gorenoise genre is hard to describe. It all seems to stem from Anal Birth (a one-man project from NY) and Urine Festival/Last Days Of Humanity. It's usually a muddy mix of distorted bass, full-blast drum machine and distorted vocals that are either tortured screams or sound like they were recorded underwater. For the most part it's one or two man projects. Just really ugly stuff, and as anti-music as you can get without delving into pure noise. It's actually a pretty diverse genre though, with many unique projects that stand apart from each other. I can't see anyone liking any of this stuff on first listen. I dismissed the whole thing almost immediately until re-listening a few times. It all just seems to come together at some point. If you let it.

I've compiled all my favorite gorenoise demos, EPS, splits and comp tracks, filling up six CDs worth. All the bands are listed, and these are all full sessions unless it says "random tracks" next to a band. Enjoy?

Human Offal Concealment / Bodily Wastes / Mutilated Travesti On The Road / Phyllomedusa (random tracks) / Bradymenorrhoea / Kots Donor / Pseudomonas Aeruginosa / Varanus Komodensis / Triple Dewormint [71 tracks]

Candidal Vulvaginitis / Black Mold Phallanx / KxPxLxSxTxTxK (random tracks) / Methods Of Murder / Bodily Wastes / Vomitoma / Pro Anorexia / Vaginal Lobotomy / Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots [71 tracks]

Active Stenosis / Blenorrhagical Spermatocystitis (random tracks) / Black Mold Phallanx / Eaclorethiplaxenoxiciline Toxotoxin Toxicine / Kokkobizarrsium / Myiasis / Amobe / Epiloenterocele Pusliquid Wormchunk [73 tracks]

Urine Festival / Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots / Liquidised / Sarcoma Fermentation / Kots Donor / Lymphoma / Pseudomonas Aeruginosa [78 tracks]

Enterorrhagia (random tracks) / Human Error Defecation (random tracks) / Toiletgurgling Fecal Shower (random tracks) / Taalta Tullaan Kuolema / Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering (random tracks) / Vomitbreath Ejaculator / Candidal Vulvovaginitis / Triple Dewormint / Brain In The Digestive Tract / Blue Waffle Eruption (random tracks) [80 tracks]

Anal Bag / Candidal Vulvovaginitis / Spermorrhoea / Epiloenterocele Pusliquid Wormchunk / Spitting Womb / Vaginal Lobotomy / Splancnologia / Toilet Tantilizer / Saponification (random tracks) / Pseudomonas Aeruginosa [83 tracks]

Last up is a batch of CDs by my fave bands in the genre. Most of these i compiled myself and made covers for. As with the comps posted above, all tracks have been adjusted to the same volume, and any surface noise has been removed.

42 tracks from various comps, EPs and splits. My favorite material from probably the quintessential gorenoise project.

56 tracks taken from an LP, a split EP and various unreleased sessions.

64 tracks of pathologic, psychedelic sickness.

40 tracks taken from 5 splits. Very dark, atmospheric shit.

69 tracks taken from 4 releases. Avant-garde gorenoise that has to be heard to be believed.

20 tracks of rancid vomit noise. Incredible stuff from the Netherlands.

Rare full length CD from this side project of death metal band Life Denial.

83 tracks of cut and paste noise (think a gore version of Aunt Mary). 100% sewage.

85 tracks. Awesome Urine Festival worship.

Fuck, now i need some sleep. Take care.