Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Official Request Thread

Sorry for the long departure. My computer was in the shop for nearly three months. Luckily they were able to save it, as a lot of stuff on here wasn't backed up. I've decided to make this fresh new Request Thread. The old one was getting WAY to big, and it took forever to scroll through. I still have no idea if or when the links in this blog will ever get fixed, but i want to keep all the music on here available. So you know the drill. If there's anything on here you want, just drop me a request in the COMMENTS SECTION of this post and i'll get you the links as soon as possible. 

 A huge THANKS to shlager for keeping the requests going in my absence!

I also figured i'd share this for whoever wants to check it out. It's the first demo from my first band S.M.O. We started in 1987, and i'm pretty sure this demo was recorded in 1988. It's hardcore punk / crossover from NJ. I played drums. We recorded two more demos after this. Pretty sure we broke up around '92. We got to play with some great bands back in the late '80s. Agnostic Front, Sheer Terror, Biohazard, Marauder, Dept. C and lots more i can't remember. Fun times that seems like it was in another lifetime. Anyway, here it is:

S.M.O. 1988 demo

Hope you dig it.