Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blogged & Quartered is back up and running...

Thanks to Seth for letting me host my files on his server on Firstpress, everything should be running very smoothly from now on. All links are working great, and no more being directed to online media servers, these are (mostly) all direct downloads. I'm also in the process of revising certain collections i was never too happy about. In the next few weeks i'll be re-doing the Absolution, Warzone, and Infest collections for starters. I'll also be posting live sets by Confusion and Close Call (thanks Michael Scondotto). And as usual, i'm always open for suggestions / requests. Also, if you are, or have been in a band (preferably '80s though mid-'90s) and have any obscure and/or long lost recordings you'd like to see on here, please get in touch. I'll do my best to make any recordings sound better if possible, and do the artwork etc.

I'm psyched to be doing this again, and until Seth contacted me, i never thought it would happen. I could never thank this guy enough.

I Figured i'd contribute to this revival post by uploading the new and improved Supertouch collection. Similar to the one posted way back, but this one has the 5 song unreleased demo from 1988 with the speed and pitch corrected. If you've heard those songs you'll know they're way too fast, with Mark Ryan sounding like Alvin Chipmunk at times. Great to finally hear this the way it should be heard. As a bonus I also threw in 3 comp tracks. Hope you like it.

It's a shame this stuff was never documented, as most of these songs were never released, and some never even recorded in a proper studio. So here you go, 22 tracks recorded between 1987-2000, as the band made their transition from Death Before Dishonor to Supertouch. All files cleaned up to the best of my capabilities. Enjoy.

Supertouch: The Early Recordings  
1988 lineup
Mark Ryan - vocals
Jon Biviano - guitar
Joe - bass
Andy Guida - drums

The first 5 tracks were recorded at Don Fury Studios in late 1988 to be released as a 7", which obviously never happened, although 3 of the 5 tracks were later re-recorded for the "What Did We Learn" 7" on Combined Effort Records in 1989. Excellent sound quality on these 5 tracks which were recently adjusted to have the correct speed and pitch.

Tracks 6-12 were recorded live on WNYU's Crucial Chaos in March of 1988. Some of the tracks here, like Stugglin' To Communicate and A Death In the Family were never recorded outside of the WNYU Studio, and various live shows (most of which suffer from awful sound). The first track sounds a bit rough. It sounds like whoever was working the boards was adjusting the levels during the intro until they got the guitar right (about halfway through the song). After that, the set sounds great.

Tracks 13-19 were recorded sometime in 1987 when the band were still called Death Before Dishonor. Although they started playing live in the early '80s (according to some of the flyers i've seen), they never recorded any material until just before they changed their name. Supposedly these tracks were recorded to pass around to friends and hopefully find new band members, and never actually released as a demo, although it's usually labeled as the '87 demo. The original Death Before Dishonor lineup consisted of Mark Ryan on vocals, Mike Ferraro on drums, Jimmy Yu on Guitar and Steve Yu on bass, although i don't think that's the lineup that played on these recordings. Mike and Steve of course went on to play in Judge shortly after leaving Death Before Dishonor.

Ending the collection are three compilation tracks.