Saturday, November 20, 2010

Breakdown - 1987-1997

Massive hardcore from Yonkers, NY.

If you're even slightly into NYHC then you already have most of this stuff. I try and avoid posting stuff that's still available, but i've seen the '87 demo and Blacklisted ep on at least a dozen blogs, so i don't think including it here will make a difference. In a perfect world, if any of this stuff is still in print and you don't have it, you should buy it and this collection should only act as a convenient companion piece, not as a final product. If there's a problem just let me know and i'll revise the collection.

This is a collection of Breakdown material spanning ten years. Every track like a brick to the head. Enjoy.

Breakdown: 1987-1997

1987 lineup:
vocals - Jeff Perlin
guitar - Don Angelilli
guitar - Carl Porcaro
bass - Rich McLoughlin
drums - Anthony Drago

'87 demo was recorded at The Loft on May 26, 1987. Six tracks from the '87 demo were released as a 7" in 1990 on Blackout! as a combined effort with Noiseville Records. I remember seeing a double 7" of the entire demo back in the '90s as well. I'm not sure if that was a bootleg or not. In 2002 Blackout! released all 9 tracks on CD. There was also an unofficial CD release put out by Lost and Found in 1995 titled Dissed and Dismissed which included the demo along with 2 extra tracks, all remastered with new cover art. I'm pretty sure the last re-issue of the demo was the 7" put out by Dead Serious Records in 2005.

Shortly after the '87 demo was recorded, Carl, Rich and Anthony left the band due to personal differences and formed Raw Deal with Anthony Comunale (formerly of Token Entry) and Mike Sentkiewitz (formerly of Sick Of It All). Raw Deal were good, but in my opinion they never recorded anything even close to the intensity and heaviness of the Breakdown demo. One of my favorite NYHC demos ever. Total caveman shit.

1988 lineup:
vocals - Jeff Perlin
guitar - Rob DeFrosia
guitar - Richie Kennon
bass - Mark Sisto
drums - Larry Kaplan

I'm pretty sure somewhere between the '87 lineup and '88 lineup there was someone named Pete who played drums for a short time with the band. I'm also pretty sure he's credited as playing drums on the version of Sick People from the New York Hardcore: The Way It Is comp LP.

NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are comp LP was recorded in 1988 and released on Blackout! / Noiseville in 1989. Mastered at The Loft. Incredible comp with my personal favorite Breakdown recordings. Dissed And Dismissed in particular is a monster. The stellar lineup was Outburst, Killing Time, Life's Blood, Breakdown, Sheer Terror, Maximum Penalty, Uppercut, Norman Bates And The Showerheads and Gorilla Biscuits.New York Hardcore: The Way It Is was released by Revelation Records on LP in 1988 and on CD in 1993. Liner notes by Ray Cappo. Photography by B.J. Papas, Beth Lahickey andRichard Unhock. The bands: Bold, Nausea, Warzone, Gorilla Biscuits, Trip 6, Breakdown, Youth Of Today, Sick Of It All, Krakdown, Side By Side, YDL and Supertouch. Like many people, this comp was my exposure to Breakdown and lots of other great bands. I think Sick People floored everyone back in '88.

Runnin' Scared demo was recorded sometime in 1988. I have absolutely no info on this demo, and i've never owned or even seen an actual copy. I only included (and revised) the 2 tracks on the demo that were exclusive to it at that time. I had a shitty rip of the other 2 tracks to work with (All I Ask and Dissed and Dismissed), plus the comp versions are infinitely superior. I put a lot of work into these 3 tracks and i think they sound great. The song What It Is from this demo later appeared on the New Breed tape, and 2 of the tracks were re-recorded nearly 10 years later for the Blacklisted ep.

The Song Don't Give Up was taken from the
New Breed cassette. A great exclusive (at the time) track to that tape. Cleaned up nice.

1997 lineup:
vocals - Jeff Perlin
guitar - Mike Dijan
bass - Larry Susi
drums - Lou Medina

Completely different lineup again, with Jeff being the only remaining original member. With this lineup the band released the Blacklisted ep on Eyeball Records in 1997. Recorded at Mother West NYC. Mastered West West Side Music. The vinyl release contained 5 live tracks (all '87 demo songs). Great ep.

live tracks were recorded in 1987. I'm not sure of the date or venue, or even city for that matter. It was listed as live in CT, but i get the feeling it was a NYC gig. Great, yet pretty sloppy set. They do an instrumental version of Telltale, originally written to be a Breakdown song, but later recorded (with lyrics) by Raw Deal on their first demo.

The song We'll Be Back was taken from the live
WNYU set from 1988. This song was unreleased, although according to an online article by Christ Minicucci, Breakdown recorded this track, along with an alternate version of All I Ask, at Gian Studios on March 25, 1988. I'd love to hear those tracks! You can read that article here.

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