Sunday, December 22, 2019

Post Requests Here (plus new 'mastered' Crowd Of Isolated - first LP plus bonus tracks)

Hey all. Not sure when i can get this all back on track, but until then if you need something from the blog just drop your request in the comments section of this post and i'll hook up the links. They're Sendspace links which only last a couple of weeks, so grab it fast.

Crowd Of Isolated - First LP plus bonus tracks.

Mastered from the original files i dug out and have had since the mid '90s. The sound quality is amazing. Nice full, loud sound. No surface noise or pops. This is the stuff they did in the '80s.

Killer German hardcore/crossover.

Crowd Of Isolated 1987-1988 collection

First time i heard this band was in 1987. Pat Duncan would play songs from the first album "I Try To Tell About A Way" pretty much every Thursday night in '87 on his show on WFMU in NJ. I would record the show every week and piece together the COO tracks until i had almost the whole album. A couple of years later i was able to order a brand new copy of the LP from some German mailorder. This is my favorite German hardcore album. Amazing riffs throughout and a great sense of melody. "Don't Stop My Fight" is still one of my favorite songs ever. Some people might not dig the vocals, which has an Elmer Fudd quality at times, but i think the whole thing is perfection. I have the WAV files if anyone wants.

Here's another upgrade treat. I came across the original files for the Token Entry collection i posted 10 years ago. Together with newer files i have, i 'mastered' everything and the result sound really good.  Much better sound quality than the old collection.

Token Entry - Rarities


In case anyone's interested. I recently came across the original Absolution files that Freddy Alva send me way back when i first started Blogged and Quartered. These sound top notch, much better than what i had on the blog like 10 years ago, back when i didn't know any better and would rip WAVs into 190kbps mp3s, and clean files that didn't really need it and fucking up the sound in the process. Anyway, here are the original files. The EP, the 2 comp tracks and the 88 demo. I split the WAV files into 2 parts because it was too big for Sendspace. Both the mp3 and WAV folders have the high res covers included. Enjoy!

Absolution anthology 320 mp3s

Absolution anthology WAVS part 1

Absolution anthology WAVS part 2


Fuck Trump.


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Bad News

In short, firstpress thought i was taking up too much space on their server and dumped all my files. Even if i find another storage space i don't think i have it in me to re-link over a thousand links. So i guess i have to close up shop. If anyone needs anything they didn't get a chance to grab when everything was active, just hit me up and i'll throw it on mediafire or sendspace or something for you. I can do this for a month or so if it doesn't get too crazy.

The blog lived for 10 years, which i guess is better than most.

Thanks to Seth and to firstpress for letting me store tons of shit there for as long as they did.

Thanks for all the kind words and help all these years, to everyone who sent me music, left comments and helped in any way at all. I met a lot of great people doing this, and got to help get some great and rare music out there, some of which i thought would never have see the light of day otherwise.

I'll miss doing this, and i wish there was a way i could keep it going. I guess i'll keep the blog up as some kind of info archive, but the links will remain dead.

Take care everyone.