Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Discography Vol. 1

UPDATED yet again. Ok, i think i finally got the track listing correct on this one. Thanks Fernando! Here we have 21 tracks recorded in 1983 (listed as 17 mp3s, 4 of the mp3s have combined tracks). Thanks to Barcass Grinder (Mortville Records) for sending me this years back. Most (if not all) of these tracks appeared on the "Permanent Scar" split tape with I Refuse It in 1983, which was released as a split LP a year later. Apparently there is another 1983 demo which seems to be completely different. I prefer these versions though. This is just insane Italian hardcore at it's best. A classic piece of Italian HC history, right up there with the Raw Power demos. Also included is the fantastic Into The Void LP, the band's 1984 ep, Furious Party (courtesy of Good Bad Music), and a track from the Senza Tregua tape released in 1985. This is in no way a complete discography. I had to omit the 400 Fascists 7", which unfortunately i had no room for on this collection. But i plan on making a second CD very soon, which will have the first ep, the other demo, comp tracks, and the excellent Live at SO 36 Berlin album.

CCM Collection Vol. 1


  1. My favourite Italian hardcore band, absolute genius

  2. Thanks dude. I needed this.

  3. Sweet,love those I-talians ;)
    Hey your a Jersey boy to huh..
    I'm originally from/born in-around Paramus N.J.
    All my family live there.
    Lookin' good brother!Rock on...

  4. Your blog is really cool. You have great music here bro!, cheers!!!!!!!

  5. Hi! My first visit here & I found this gem... There are a lot of mistakes in the tracklist though. Here's the real one:

    1-9 are correct (but it's "Foe or friend", not 'For'), but then

    10 Alkool
    11 Everyday’s a Reagan day
    12 Best party ever - No bore
    13 Bendix power - Secret hate
    14 Addiction
    15 Camp Darby blues (Any sacrifice)
    16 Tellyson
    17 Need a crime - Ultracore

    Then track 18 is 'No bore' again, but sounds different. My copy of the Permanent Scar (a 2nd+ gen tape, that's why I've downloaded this file) has only the first 17 tracks. Of course that tape had all of these; I think you're mixing it with the COR LP reissue of Permanent Scar, that omitted tracks 6, 16 and 17.

    Tracks 19-27 are the LP, no mistake there. But the EP titles all are wrong. The right ones are:

    28 Tellyson
    29 400 fascists
    30 Alkool / Bendix Power / Secret Hate

    and finally 31 is Easy Targets but
    32 Frustration II (check "Loro decidono tu paghi" tape)
    33 Furious party
    34 Commandos (uncredited fragment, coda to Furious Party)

    and the real Frustration I is missing in the file. Go check Erich's (Good Bad Music) post of the EP and check it.

    The "1983 demo" you call inferior is a previous tape originally called "Right to be Italian" that has rougher but no less interesting versions of the songs included in Permanent Scar (recorded in 5/83, rel. 6/83)
    Excuse my nerdism but I think this damn great band deserves good tracklistings ;)

    Thanks and saludos

    Fernando :)

  6. Oops, I forgot, the problem with CCM tracklistings is that almost all of their stuff (tapes, EPs, etc) has these mistakes printed, for unknown reasons. Even the BCT tapes have such mistakes, some 'Unknown' titles and such. The curse of CCM, as I said somewhere else :D

  7. Fernando, thanks for the info, it's really appreciated. I'll be fixing these errors right away.

  8. Man, your blog is awesome. Thanks for sharing all this stuff. The labels and covers are great. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  9. Glad to help. Now, tracks 1-17 are definitely the tape version of "Permanent Scar". The "curse" goes on, haha: the song titled "HC Music" in "World Class Punk" is exactly the song called "Mad Race" (even the same take) in "Senza Tregua"... Btw if I remember well, in the GBM's rip of "F. Party", the real "Frustration II" is the 2nd part of "Easy Targets", so I guess that now track 27 is = "Easy Targets / Frustration II" (haven't checked it tho)... what a CCM mess, haha... I guess the guys themselves didn't care about such details
    I was hoping that you posted the "Last White Christmas" stuff cos the version I have (the CD reissue from the 90s) has a incredibly hyper-treble mix. That gig is amazing anyway... On the other hand I suppose you don't have the IRI! part of "Permanent Scar" tape... it had more songs than the LP version too (like CCM), and sadly the 2005 discography has a tamer mixing of the stuff (and they erased the intro to "Chocu umeret")...
    Yes I love this idea of the compilations and the covers are nice indeed. I'll be visiting, thanks!
    Fernando :)

  10. Fernando, thanks once again! I'll be updating the file because i'm pretty anal when it comes to stuff like this. When you say tracks 1-17 is the Permanent Scar tape, do you mean everything up to Ultracore? Also, i'm currently working on the CCM vol. 2 collection now, so hopefully you can help with that one as well. Cheers.

  11. Also, i do have a copy of Last White Christmas on CDR. I'll have to check the sound quality on that.

  12. I just found this blog, fucking awesome!!! Glad to find CCM, the Plague, United Mutation, Life Sentence & Dirge after all these years! Looking forward to more.

  13. "When you say tracks 1-17 is the Permanent Scar tape, do you mean everything up to Ultracore?" - Yeah right.
    I've just checked the new folder and now everything's OK but track 28 should be "Frustration II / Furious Party" and not inversely. The final part of furious party is an intro to "Commandos" so it's great to add the complete song at the end!
    I'm looking forward to your posting of the LWC set! It'd be easy to know if the version you have is the CD reissue (Schizophrenic, 2000) because that one has 19 CCM tracks and two of them were bonus tracks (not included in the original tape); & the IRI set has 12 tracks in the CD version where the tape had only 8. Both versions have titling mistakes of course ;)
    Thanks, ciao
    Fernando :)

  14. Thanks once again! It's great to have all this stuff finally correct. This was the toughest collection of music i've ever had to assemble. Damn.

    I'll check out my CDR of Last White Christmas tonight, i do remember it sounding pretty trebley though. I came across a rip of it on the Maikoholic blog, you might want to check that one out. The blog is in my links.


  15. What Maikoholic had was only volume 1 of LWC. And CCM, I Refuse It! and Traumatic appear only in volume II. As a fact the guy from Maikoholic asked me for my version of LWC II even if I warned him about the hyper-trebly mix (btw I still owe him that...) I could upload it for you both but you are warned... Well, apparently the orig. LWC tapes were very treble themselves anyway and if you turn up the basses it doesn't sound that bad. On the other hand Chris BCT still sells his stuff as far as I know... not that he makes a living out of it but it's good to support that historical label, so I'd rather upload only the CCM tracks for instance.
    Fernando :)

    1. Yer right, the original LWC tapes were trebly. We hope to get 'em remastered this year and post the entire gig on-line somewhere for free! And BCT was never a money maker, like most punx it was 'after the day job' stuff.

  16. CCM was just gut-wrenching. Incredible stuff, thanks!

  17. invalid or deleted file... fukcers, they have deleted heaps of punk music from mediafire, seems to me like some database compare with db of or something. i do not trust that somebody complain about uploaded punk/hc... if yes, lets call him dumb motherfucker....