Friday, February 20, 2009

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Discography Vol. 2

This collection has the incredible Live In SO 36 album recorded and released in 1987. I'm not the biggest fan of live albums for the most part, but the great sound and a powerful performance on this one makes it just as mandatory as any of CCM's studio recordings. Thanks once again to Barcass Grinder (Mortville Records) for the music, and Fernando for helping out with the track listing. Also here is the 1983 demo (which has many of the same tracks as the Permanent Scar split tape, but completely different recordings), the debut 7", 400 Fascists, and a few comp tracks. The sound quality on the What Doesn't Hurt Us comp tracks aren't that fantastic, but i decided to include them anyway to fill up some space. Enjoy.

CCM Collection Vol. 2


  1. Hi Stormy/Vin! This time round almost everything is OK (it couldn't be everything, could it? haha). Let's see...
    In the Live in SO 36, the untitled track 6 is two songs - the first one is Camp Darby Blues and the second one was a new one and I don't know the title. On track 9 Syd says "Resurrection" at the beginning but in fact the track consists in a couple of early songs i.e. Bendix Power + Secret Hate.
    The 1983 (or 1982, as I've seen somewhere sometimes) demo was called "Right to Be Italian" or "We're the Juvenile Delinquency". The titles are OK. The .... missing (track 19) is "Tellyson", the first track on the first EP (also in the P. Scar, etc).
    On the first EP the titles are correct but Tellyson should be the first track and 400 Fascists the second one in the original order (tho wrongly listed in the vinyl labels).
    The World Class Punk track is called "Mad Race" in "Senza Tregua" as I said on the other post
    Track 27 is "Terminal fun" not "o'fun" according to Senza Tregua again and what the singer screams, haha. Oh, and "Need a Crime" is coupled with "Ultracore" (like in P. Scar again). What with the sound quality of the "What Doesnt..." tracks? I found somewhere a copy of that album that has excellent sound. My guess is that those tracks come from the sessions of the Furious Party EP recorded in Berlin in fall '84.
    If you need the "Loro decidono tu paghi" (aka "They Decide, You Pay") tracks just let me know. Same for "Senza Tregua" tho the version I have hasn't the best sound imaginable.
    Gotta check the new version of vol 1...
    Later, saludos
    Fernando :)

  2. Fernando, thanks for your help again, always appreciated. This time around i downloaded the entire World Class Punk comp and the track i included is definitely titled HC Music on that comp, not sure why it's called Mad Race elsewhere. That's odd, but i guess i'll keep that as is. I'll fix up the other stuff. If you have any better quality rips you could send me of the comp tracks, i would appreciate it.

  3. But World Class Punk has other mistakes in titles too, hahaha. The Slips & Sperma track there is called "Caos final" but that's another song, the real song in the comp is "Destruye y huye" and if I remember well the Solucion Mortal track is mistitled too. In CCM's case, "HC Music" sounds very much like "Unknown" or "Japanese title" in my ears but well, anyway... hahaha. I'm such a nerd, LOL.
    OK, let's go for the serious matters. My version of the Destiny comp sounds fine and it comes from this site
    so you can compare the version there with what you had.
    About the other tracks (Loro decidono... / Senza T.) please specify which ones you need and I'll upload them for you
    Later, saludos
    Fernando :)

  4. Thanks, i'll check out that blog when i get the chance. I guess i'll keep the CCM collections the way they are at this point, it's making me nuts changing them every day. Like i said, i really appreciate the help though.

    Here's my copy of LWC in case you want to check it out and compare it to yours:
    the mp3s are not labeled unfortunately. this is how i got it.

  5. Hey Stormy, that last comment was intended as a joke (I defended my point but wasn't trying to make you nuts at all!). If I was too pushy, sorry. About the LWC comp check the comment I left in the other post - if your copy comes from Maikoholic, then it's vol. I and doesn't have the CCM/IRI/Traumatic sets...
    Fernando :)

  6. Ha, you're not making me nuts, you're helping bigtime. I'm making myself nuts.

    Did you check out the copy of LWC i posted above? It's not from Maikoholic, i haven't heard his yet.


  7. No, I hadn't, but after reading this I've checked it. OK, it's the Schizophrenic reissue from 2000, same one as I have (the trebly one).

    Damn, I had written all the tracklist but lost the message when doing the preview! I'll do it again in other moment...

    You haven't heard it yet? The guy from BCT speaks of this CCM gig as the best (or one of the best) piece of music in all history... if that serves as a reccomendation... but remember to turn up the bass! ;)

    Tracklist coming, later...
    Fernando :)

  8. No, i've heard LWC, just not the one on the Maikoholic blog, so i'm not sure how it compares sound-wise to mine. It's a great live set, not sure about the best piece of music in all history, ha, but great for sure.

    Once i get a rip i'm happy with, i'll put it on the blog.

  9. Ah, OK. The Maikoholic rip of vol. I is a very good one, from tape. Only problem was that he ripped it in 2 tracks (side A + B)
    OK, the promised tracklist for the cd version of the CCM LWC set... of course the cover of the CD had mistakes as always and a couple of "unknowns" so I go directly for the right one. Your folder has tracks numbered from 10 to ... so here we go:

    10 = We're The Juvenile Delinquency *
    11 = Nation on Fire
    12 = Commandos *
    13 = Right To Be Italian
    14 = Envy
    15 = Barbed Wire World
    16 = Terminal Fun
    17 = Work (Means Death)
    18 = Bendix Power / Secret Hate
    19 = Addiction
    20 = Alkool / Camp Darby Blues
    21 = Foe or Friend
    22 = Life of Punishment
    23 = Ev'ry Day's a Reagan Day
    24 = Mad Race (or 'HC Music' if you wish, ha)
    25 = Best Party Ever
    26 = No Bore
    27 = 400 Fascists / Need a Crime / Ultracore
    28 = Mercenaries [Negative Trend cover]

    * Note about tracks 10 & 12. My copy has (as stated in the CD cover) Commandos as track 1 and Juvenile Delinq. as track 3 so it seems this rip that you have has these two tracks mixed for whatever reason.
    Fernando :)

  10. Fuck. Did I make all of these errors with the track listings when I sent them to you? Sorry...

  11. No, don't think so. The errors come from the original sleeves. It's a crazy thing with CCM... a thing that's been often noted (specially with the 2 'Permanent Scar' releases). Check my first comments on the other CCM post. In the LWC case Stormy said he hadn't the tracklist, that's why I wrote it up here

  12. Hey Vin,
    Good blog you have!



  13. never enough love for these italians.
    when will there ever be a decent reissue of their material?!


    thanks for this.
    it is by far my favourite 80's hardcore!

  14. cheers for sharing!