Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vision pt. 2

It's rare that i'll post newer live shows, but this set from Vision sounds so incredible i just had to include it. This was recorded at the This Is Hardcore Fest on Saturday, August 11th at The Electric Factory, 421 North 7th Street in Philadelphia, PA. Great energetic and tight performance, and an excellent soundboard quality recording. Enjoy!

Vision 2012

Thanks to Dan from the Old, Fast & Loud blog for sending me this!

Soundboard mix by Len Carmichael.

Thanks to Jmarc from the great Pay No More Than blog i was finally able to get a quality sounding rip of the first Vision ep from 1987. Four killer songs that are not on any other releases. Classic stuff.

The Vision 7" was recorded at Little Apple Studios and released on New Scene Records in 1987.

1986-1987 lineup
Dave Franklin - vocals
Pete Ventantonio - guitar
Sean Brazel  - guitar
Garrett O'Brien - bass
Brian Boucher - drums

Vision's second full length, Just Short of Living, was released in 1992 on Criminal Records. It was remastered and re-released on March 9, 2004 on Knife Or Death Records, along with the 4 tracks from the 1987 ep, which, unfortunately, skipped like crazy. Just Short of Living was a huge departure from the band's previous material. It's a grower though, although the new metallic sound and vocal delivery takes some getting used to i would imagine.

1992 lineup
Dave Franklin - vocals
Vin Villanueva - guitar
Peter Tabbot - guitar
Christopher McGill - bass
Matt Riga - drum


  1. thanks for this massive Vision posting!
    The TIHC show is really good!

  2. Its always exciting to check and see that there's been a new post...Thank You!!

  3. Thanks so much for ANOTHER vision post! Never even knew about the 1987 EP until now!

  4. I can't wait to listen to the TIHC set. Their set was incredible as always. Plus, I'm in the picture of the cover you created.

  5. the TIHC set is really energetic, pure dynamite! thankyou

  6. Not sure if you've heard, but Dave Franklin unfortunately passed away this week.