Sunday, September 9, 2012

Confusion - The Live Recordings

Confusion - The Live Recordings

Following text by bassist Mike Scondotto

Live @ City Gardens - Trenton, NJ
March 1993
also on the bill - Breakdown, Power Move and Worlds Collide (or Worlds Apart?)

1. Intro
2. Storm The Walls
3. Confusion
4. The Seeds of Greed
5. Distorted Visions
6. Gasping for Air
7. Half Dead
8. Trendy World
9. Outro

Mike - vocals
Mike - bass
Mike - guitar
Ralph - drums

This was a really good show.
Not packed, but the kids who were there were into it for sure.
A fight broke out during our set and our singer was pretty vocal about his opinion on it to say the least.
The drummer for Breakdown at the time got arrested after they played for attacking the promoter over $.
The promoter Randy did indeed pay us though... perhaps because we didn't threaten his life?
I made friends at this show with people I still know to this day, nearly 20 years later.
I was wearing a sweet Carcass shirt at this show.
My hair was long as hell. 

We had no shirts for this show and had ran out of our 7" at the time.
Good memories of this whole set for sure!

Live on WNYU's Crucial Chaos
February 13th 1992

1. Confusion
2. A Fatal Infection
3. Distorted Visions
4. Early Frost
5. Without Hope
6. Selfish
7. Taste of Hate

Mike - vocals
Mike - bass
Mike - guitar
Frank - guitar
Ralph - drums

I remember it was really really cold out, the day before Valentine's Day.
I remember Johnny Stiff was the host and he was cool to us... still cool to this day! 

I remember this was my second time playing on Crucial Chaos, as my first time was in 1989 with CLOSE CALL.
I remember no one could hear a word I was saying as the 2nd mic was not on, ha!
Listening to it again, it is funny how hard we were promoting a 7" that was not yet finished and would not even come out until about 7 months later. 

Fun times! I miss Crucial Chaos.

Damn, this took a year to get here., but i'm really excited this finally made it to the blog. If you're a fan of this band's demos you will be floored by these recordings. Massive stuff here. The Intro to the City Gardens set is such a monster song. Kills me every time. For band bio check out the previous Confusion post. Enjoy!


  1. Always interesting to read. Lucky enough to get to see you guys play that reunion

    Next Step Up/Darkside/Confusion/All Out War. Close Call played too right?

  2. I have to say that when I heard them on the collection you post time ago I don't liked them too much, but this live material made me change my mind!

  3. Do you think you could reupload this one, at least the WNYU set?

    Thanks a lot dude, great blog by the way! Do you happen to have more music by Show Of Force than the 1990 demo by the way?