Saturday, July 24, 2010

Psycho Squatt - Anthology 1988-1990

Incredible and unique punk from Dijon, France. The "Liberté, Précarité, Fraternité" 2x7" was one of my most-played records during the early '90s. I just recently re-discovered this amazing band after getting a rip of the band's live demo (thanks Mickael!), and it's pretty much all i've been listening to for weeks now.

This is a collection of most of the band's recordings spanning 1988-1990. The 4-song "Liberté, Précarité, Fraternité" double ep released in 1989 on Maloka (Anarcho Punk Collective), six tracks from the "Lutin De Vie" live demo, recorded in December of 1988, and the band's two rare comp tracks - one track from the "Mentally Broken Vol. 3" tape, released in 1989 on Broken Tapes Productions, and one track from "The Control of Violence" comp tape released on Violence in 1990. The only songs not included (unfortunately) are the demo tracks that are also on the band's 2x7".

Rudy - guitar
Looping - guitar
Mul - bass
L.N. - vocals
Steph - vocals
David - sax
Fred - drums

Maloka released these tracks on CD a while back, but it's long out of print. I got the files from the Maloka site (which are in .ogg files) here, cleaned up the hiss on the demo and comp tracks, adjusted the levels so all the tracks are the same volume, and converted the files to mp3s. Excellent sound, excellent songs. This gets my absolute highest recommendation. Trust me and just download it. Enjoy.

Psycho Squatt collection

I have no further info on this band, aside from at least one member now plays in a band called Anarkrose, who perform some Psycho Squatt songs live (check out the band's Myspace page for footage). If anyone has any info to share, please leave a comment. Thanks.


  1. This is great stuff. Thanks!

  2. here is some information :

  3. Anonymous, thanks for that site. I was able to get the band member names from there. Great scans of the inserts and covers too.


  4. Brazil band !

  5. Hi!.Great band and great stuff!.The band released a second demo (12/88 with the tracks : Populations Perdues // Au Labo De La Mort // Nivo Zero // Ce Soir La).Members of the band used to play in Prejudicial Kids and Down By Law.

  6. holy shit this band is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! love it love it love it love it. can i just say this is one of the coolest records i've heard in a while. i love how they mix up the snotty punk with all the cool melodic sections and unusual instrumentation. superbe!

  7. Peskypesky, glad you dig it. The bass playing is amazing on the ep. Seriously, just one of the best punk records ever recorded.

  8. definitely going to be sharing this gem with my friends

    1. Here Rudy guitar player in Psycho Squatt. we got a new LP out on Maloka. You can alqso check our websire

  9. Thx again for sharing this Stormy. Amazing stuff (esp the EP). Reminds me of Haine Brigade - another great french punk band w/ male/female vox.

    17/04/2010 : Dijon / tanneries
    30/10/2010 : Vesoul (Le marais)
    11/12/2010 : Dijon / Tanneries
    Revival after more than 20 years, 5 original members, 1 new girl singer .

  11. psycho squatt re-play since 2010.
    They will play in June for the Anarchist Black Cross Fest in Lille and will record a new CD at the end of this year.
    Same members, just change singer.

  12. hi, does anybody here have some mp3 from their other band Down By Law ? desperately looking for this. thanks

  13. this band's now playing together anew since 2010 . They recorded a LP in November 2012 ... For more nexs :

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