Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Burn Discography

The live set was recorded at CBGB on 10/14/90. The first track starts off a bit rough, but it gets better, and is most likely the best sounding Burn set you'll ever come across. This exact set was bootlegged on CD and labeled as "Live in NYC 1991". Not only did the bootlegger get the year wrong, but most of the song titles were wrong as well (most just seemed to be made up). Also, a lot of the stage banter was cut out and their were a few tracks that were poorly separated (the end of a song would be at the start the next song etc). So here's the set in it's entirety. Correct date, correct titles and correctly separated. Not to mention the quality is better. I've also included two unreleased studio tracks. On And On and Onlooker were taken from a 1990 rehearsal, most likely at Don Fury Studios during the 7" sessions, but i'm not 100% sure of that. The rehearsals were basically several takes of these 2 songs, and one or two other songs. I picked what i thought were the best sounding, and best performed versions of the 2 unreleased tracks, and cleaned them up as best as possible, removing all tape hiss and boosting the sound. I think they came out great. Thanks to Brett Beach and Graham Hooper for helping out with the music, and Chadski, Adam, Daily and the rest of the Livewire crew for helping out with the info. Enjoy.


Burn were incredible. After the demise of great bands like Collapse and Absolution, Burn took NYHC into the '90s in a powerful and progressive way. They could have paved the way for an incredible scene, instead, they turned out to be one of the last true great NYHC bands. Don't get me wrong, their were still great hardcore bands that followed throughout the '90s, but as far as the traditional NYHC sound goes, for me Burn was the swan song.

Chaka Malik - vocals
Gavin Van Vlack - guitar
Alex Napack - bass
Alan Cage - drums
John Kricksiun (who played for Collapse, Life's Blood and Absolution) played drums on the 2 comp tracks.

The Burn s/t 7" was recorded May-June of 1990 at Don Fury Studios and released in 1990 on Revelation Records.

The Last Great Sea was recorded in 1992 at Don Fury Studios and made the rounds throughout the '90s as a demo. It was finally released in 2002 by Revelation. Three killer tracks.

The Forever comp 7" was released in 1990 on Irate Records and also featured tracks by Turning Point, Born Against, Rorschach and Citizens Arrest. The best 7" compilation of the '90s? To me it is.

The Rebuilding comp 7" was released in 1990 on Temperance Records and also featured tracks by Turning Point, Gorilla Biscuits and No Escape. Temperance re-released it in 1996 on CD with the Turning Point/No Escape split 7" and the Burn song from the Forever comp as bonus tracks.

Burn started in '88 and broke up in '94. Chaka formed Orange 9mm, Gavin (Absolution, NY Hoods, Side By Side) joined Pry and Die 116, and Alan Cage (Beyond) joined Quicksand. Prior to Burn, Alex Napack played in Pressure Release, and Chaka helped Freddy Alva put out the infamous New Breed tape.

The band reformed in 2001 with the addition of guitarist Vic DiCara (Inside Out) and bassist Manny Carrero (Glassjaw) and released the "Cleanse" ep (2001 Equal Vision Records), which i h
ave yet to hear.


  1. Good to see this back. I grabbed this before and the live set and rehearsal tracks are awesome. It's a shame that there weren't proper studio recordings of all of the unreleased tracks.

  2. Holy crap---this rules...thank you for posting this

  3. thank you, memories...

  4. Hey Vinnie, great Blog. Its good to see that the "Old School" Scene is still alive. Keep up the good work! Anybody else have Problems with the (BURN) Archive? I've downloaded several times but it seems to be broken?


  5. The Burn set will be revised tomorrow and re-uploaded. Better sound quality.


  6. Thanks for the new File. I still feel so jealous they got to play at the CBGB (Comic Book Guy's Bar (sorry had to do it)) that place rocks and has seen perhaps the best bands ever.

  7. These tracks sound great...I can't even imagine how amazing Burn must've been live. Thank you once again for an awesome collection!

  8. Oh Burn, how I loved you. In 1990/91 I was so smitten by your sound that I would drive all over the place just to be near you. Shows at the Ritz in NYC, City Gardens and Middlesex CC in NJ, the Revival in Philly or that Church on Columbia Rd off 14th st in DC. Burn, you were the shit. The riffs that Mr. Van Vlack would bust out would get me so wound up. Seriously, you were without a fucking doubt the best band on the scene, ANY SCENE, in 1990/91. It's too bad you had to tarnish your image by putting out that dreadful thing in 2001 with that kooky guy who played a BC Rich.

    ALL HAIL BURN (circa 1990)!!!!

  9. someone please reupt this!! im literally dying to hear it!!!!!!

  10. well i was ready to troll but since its burn (BURN!) in this post....Im gonna say like the guy up there ^^^

    enough? enough!

    cheers and thanks even if you cant do it,

  11. Please re-up this! I've been searching for this for a good year

  12. Can you post the Burn Discography please

  13. Hi! 'Strata' is missing from the Cleanse album, do you have it?