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FUCK ROCK - unreleased ABC NO RIO comp '91

Link removed due to request. This will be available on vinyl in the near future. Can't wait!

The ABC NO RIO compilation (FUCK ROCK) was originally intended to be a 10” record chronicling the ABC scene circa ’90-’91. The name being inspired by the title of a Sam McPheeters essay/rant lamenting the (then) lame musical climate. The bands recorded exclusive tracks for it, a full-size booklet was planned with contributions of ‘zines like: DEAR JESUS/INWARD MONITOR/RIGHT TRASH. Local photographers like Chris(tine) Boarts and Justine Demetrick submitted dozens of incredible pictures for inclusion. I had a great layout in mind, everything looked good to go and then… I dropped the ball; the project became too overwhelming. By that time I was heavily involved with the day to day operation of RECONSTRUCTION Records so the comp was pushed into the back burner until my interest in putting out records and being involved in the “scene” had dissipated.

Flash forward to now; I’ve had the master tape of the comp and tons of photos/flyers languishing in an old shoebox throughout the years & with the recent advent of putting up an old project of mine online (New Breed), I was motivated to revisit this comp and listening to these tracks, it made me realize how much they have stood the test of time, shit still rocks.

I apologize to all the bands/zines/people that submitted material back then. I hope that this can, in some small way, help to rectify my fuck-up. Please check out the myspace page and blog for the comp, we'll be putting lots of old photos/flyers, etc... feel free to contribute/comment. As someone said, those early days at ABC weren’t the best or worst or worst of times, but they were always fun.

The revival of the comp is a collaborative effort between Rich Trash, Daryl Kahan & myself. Thanks so much to Vin for putting it up for download.

— Freddy Alva


Here's a comp i never thought i'd see. The long lost unreleased ABC No Rio comp 10" from 1991. You may recognize many of the tracks on here from various records, but these are all alternate recordings exclusive to this compilation, and to my ears, every one of them destroys the released versions. Had this comp been released in 1991 it would have been right up there with "Fear of Smell" as one of the best hardcore comps of the '90s.

Listening to this brought back a lot of memories. The early '90s ABC No Rio scene was a breath of fresh air to me. A plethora of great and innovative bands that couldn't be further removed from the typical NYHC sound, especially the way that scene was headed at the time. This was a revival of real hardcore punk.

Thanks to Freddy Alva and Daryl Kahan for deciding to dig this comp out of it's grave. It really needed to be heard.

For more info on the comp, check out the FUCK ROCK - ABC No Rio '91 Myspace page here.
And for tons of great photos and stories check out the ABC No Rio blog here.

Charles Maggio - vocals / Keith Huckins - guitar / Nick Forte - guitar /
Chris Laucella - bass / Andrew Gormley - drums
Tom Rusnak replaced Chris on bass in 1992
Synthetic Intelligence. A crushing version of the track that originally appeared on the "Fear of Smell" comp LP (Vermiform 1993). I was lucky enough to see Rorschach at least 4 times back in the '90s, and they were completely devastating every time. One of the most powerful live bands of the era. Probably of any era.

Neil - vocals / Todd - guitar (more info as i get it)
Blind Leading The Blind. Great Discharge inspired track. I can't find any info on this band at this time, but i'll be updating this page as more info comes in. If you know anything about this band, please leave a comment.

Citizens Arrest
Daryl Kahan - vocals / Janis Cakars - guitar / Joseph Martin - bass /
Patrick Winter - drums
Touch & Go / Pressure's On. An alternate recording of Touch & Go from the mighty "Colossus" LP (Wardance 1991) and a cover of Red C's "Pressure's On" from the classic "Flex Your Head" comp LP (Dischord 1982). CxA were my favorite hardcore band of the '90s, yet, as many times as they played ABC, i missed them every time. I'm still kicking myself.

Rich Trash - vocals / Jon Hiltz - guitar / Joe Martin - bass /
Melissa York - vocals / Patrick Winter - drums
Dog God. A massive sounding wall of noise by this ABC "supergroup". I couldn't believe this was Rich Trash (Manacled) when i first heard it. He sounds like a rabid dog here, ready to kill someone. Monster of a song. I need more of this.

Animal Crackers
Ted Leo - vocals / Janis Cakars - guitar / Squeaky - guitar /
Charlie Adamec - bass / William Tarrant - drums
Roadkill / Farting Is A Spiritual Release. Christ, i haven't heard Animal Crackers in over 15 years. Fast hardcore punk songs with Ted Leo's vocals adding a pop edge. I'm pretty sure this stuff was recorded around the time he was starting Chisel (who i love).

Hell No
John Woods - vocals / Janis Cakars - guitar / Joe Martin - bass /
Jim Paradise - drums
Deal With It. Yet another band with Janis on guitar and Joe on bass, and yet another great live band. This song sounds familiar, and i'm pretty sure it's a re-working of a song from the first record, with a different name.

Esneider - vocals / Ivan - guitar ('91-'92) / David Wilentz - bass/guitar ('91-'92) / Mike - bass ('91-'97) / Francisco - drums ('91-'92) / Naoki - drums ('91-'92) / Amanda - guitar/vocals ('92-'93)
Stupid Ambition. I'm not sure the exact lineup of these recordings, as Huasipungo was contantly changing members (and their were more member changes after '92 that i didn't list here). This is a re-recording of one of the band's earlier songs, when they played completely chaotic and frantic hardcore. One of my favorite, and one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated bands of the '90s.

Born Against
Sam McPheeters - vocals / Adam Woodrow - guitar / Javier Villegas - bass /
Jon Hiltz - drums
Bret Bue replaced Javier on bass somewhere between '91-'92, so i'm not sure who plays drums on these recordings. Born Against had tons of bassist and drummer changes during their existence (for more info check out the Born Against WFMU Sessions post).
Resist Control / Well Fed Fuck. Resist Control was originally performed by Adam's former band, Life's Blood, and Well Fed Fuck is an alternate recording of the closing track to their "9 Patriotic Hymns For Children" LP (Vermiform 1991). I got to see Born Against at ABN No Rio once (with Merel i think) and they were just insane. I'm not sure what Sam was on, but i wanted some. "We're Jock Gestopo, and this first song is called Born Against".


  1. Antiem lineup is a bit incorrect:

    Drums - Patrick Winter ;)

  2. Warning was Neil from Nausea's band he did briefly. They put out a 7". Later changed the name to Final Warning and put out a 7", an Lp and a split 7" (which came out years after the fact). I believe Todd played guitar (Distraught) but I am not positive. The 7" doesn't list the band members. The 7" came with a poster insert and a patch. Mine also has an ad saying they are looking for a drummer.

  3. I remember hearing about this years ago,so stoked to finally hear it.

  4. Man, if I could remember all the details I'd have a great story to tell about what would have been my "fanzine" contribution to this comp. Freddy and I had a small falling out over it...damn brain cells work already!

    Yup, truth be told this comp. would have put ABC on the map much earlier than it was. Everybody who was "somebody" at ABC No Rio at the time had some small involvement. We were all kinda bummed it didn't come out...

    Just when you thought pretty much every odd recording from punk and hardcore has been uncovered, 20 years later another is unearthed...Until the MySpace page was made, I honestly forgotten all about it.

    Dave K.

  5. Thanks again!!! Every time i visit your blog there's something special ...

  6. Patrick, Dave, and everyone else, thanks for the info. I'll be updating this post as i get info. So far, the Antiem and Warning lineups have been fixed. All help is appreciated.


  7. thanks so much for this and everything else on this blog --Al/Suburban Voice 'zine

  8. Vin,
    Thanks for the high praise! Can you link the ABC blog to yours? Thanks!


  9. Rich, of course i'll link the blog.

    Seriosuly, i thought it was Daryl on vocals when i first heard that Antiem song. Monstrous stuff!

  10. brilliant post! b.t.w. I got the WARNING 7" in case you're interested.

  11. What you wanna know about Warning ?.email me at


  12. I'm pretty sure the Huasipungo track is not a re-recording, but in fact the first song we (ex-member here) ever recorded. That's the original line-up, done at Don Fury's no less! I imagine Esneider can confirm.

  13. Dave, thanks for the post. I have all the old Huasipungo vinyl (and the CD), and the track on the ABC comp sounds much heavier, but i guess that's just the production.

    Also, i've been looking for the Huasipungo demo and WFMU set for ages now. If you, or anyone has this stuff to share, please contact me.


  14. Great stuff. Thanks a bunch!

  15. Any idea when the record will be available? I would really want to have it in my hands and check if there was something done to the tracks. Like a remastered version or re-recorded versions.

  16. No idea when this will be released, if ever.
    I'm a bit surprised by the underwhelming number of downloads this got. I'm not sure if everyone understands these are EXCLUSIVE STUDIO recordings by some of the greatest hardcore bands of the '90s.

  17. Its available now from Artcore Fanzine or Boss Tuneage...


  19. Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites

  20. how about a re-up since the comp on Boss Tuneage is sold out? i had originally downloaded the comp but lost it in the turmoil of moving in another flat.

  21. I'll ask Freddy about re-upping this.

  22. thanks in advance

    merry Xmas, happy new year and keep posting pure awesomeness in 2011