Monday, July 6, 2009

Violent Children - 1984 Discography

Classic Connecticut band from 1984 that played raw and powerful hardcore with a heavy anti-smoking, pro-skating, and "hardcore pride" theme in the lyrics department. This is a collection of everything the band released. The first 8 tracks are from the band's self titled 7", released in 1984, followed by the band's demo, recorded shortly after the 7". Excellent sound quality, as these tracks were ripped from the "Split Scene" CD, mastered and released by Lost & Found Records in 1994. Enjoy.

Violent Children 1984 Collection

Dave Rinelli - vocals
Mark Cassanova - guitar
Warren Kennedy - bass
Chris Goetz - guitar
Ray Cappo - drums

John "Porcell" Porcelly replaced Chris and Mark in September of '84
Bill Knapp (Reflex From Pain) played drums on the track "Live Free or Die"

The s/t 7" was recorded at Blue Cellar Studios and was originally self-released by the band. It was repressed in 1993 (United Nutmeg Records no. 1).

The demo was originally recorded by the band in Sept. of '84. It was bootlegged in 1991 as the "Skate Straight" 7", and later repressed in 1993 as "Rock Against Spindlers" (United Nutmeg Records no. 2), minus a couple of tracks.

Their songs have made it to a few compilations as well. The track "Violent Children" appeared on the great comp LP "Big City: One Big Crowd" (Big City 1985), the track "Rad-Con" appeared on the "CTHC: The Way It Was" comp 7" (Flex! 1994), and various 7" and demo tracks appeared on the "Die Jerry Die" comp LP (Anthrax Records 1988). I'm sure their are more.

In 1994, Lost & Found Records released all their recordings as the "Split Scene" CD, and later on a CD comp called "A Time We'll Remember Vol. 1", which also featured recordings by 108, Project X, and The Abused.

Track 16 is kind of a mystery track. It appears on the Lost & Found releases as "Something Else" (which is how i've labeled it). I've also seen it labeled as "Talk" or even simply "?" on various bootlegs.

Of course Ray Cappo and John Porcell went on to form Youth of Today. But that's a who
le other chapter.


  1. I'm from Danbury, the home of the Violent Children. I still drive by the house that Ray Cappo used to live in. Crucial stuff. Thanks!

  2. My first hardcore experience was seeing the Violent Children open for the CroMags at CB's. Truly blew my young mind. Tons of energy, love the guitar noodling.

  3. Greatmazinga, what a great first hardcore show to see. Damn. My first show was some local NJ bands (Chemical Waste and Instant Death). I can only imagine seeing Cro-Mags in their prime. I was lucky enough to see them a few times with both Harley and Josephs, but never the full original lineup. They were amazing when they opened for Bad Brains at Irving Plaza in NYC years ago.

    I love the guitar noodling myself on that VC stuff.

    Rich and Chris, glad you dig it.


  4. Hey, I'm from Danbury too. I know that Ray Cappo house very well. We used to practice in a tiny room there and put mattresses up against the wall to try and lower the blasting volume. It got hot as hell in there. We would skate for hours in the driveway on a sheet of plywood ramp.

  5. Just a side note...

    The artwork is by a guy named "Fat" Pat Newman from the Hagarstown/Frederick, Maryland area. He drew for tons of flyers and fanzines in the early 80's. He's still around and deserves the mention for what it's worth.

  6. Great to hear this again, great blog thanks man!