Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Collapse - 1989 Don Fury Sessions and live

Maybe the most overlooked of all the late '80s NYHC bands. Collapse were a powerhouse. Far from the typical NYHC sound, Collapse were as heavy as the genre ever got, incorporating elements of Black Sabbath (most noticeable in songs like Collapse and Not Today), Black Flag and Motorhead into their sound. Powerful stuff to say the least. This collection contains the 4 tracks recorded at Don Fury Studio in 1989, two of which are instrumental versions of songs that appear in the live sets with vocals. Also here are three great sounding live sets all recorded in 1989. Two of the last shows they ever played at CBGB and The Pyramid Club in NYC, and an earlier set recorded at the Anthrax. Thanks to Freddy Alva for all the recordings, thanks to Dan and Bart for the art, and thanks to everyone over at the Livewire board for their help with info etc. I've been listening to this stuff a lot lately, and it floors me every time. Enjoy.

Collapse 1989 Collection

Sean P Murphy - vocals
Camillus Peluso - guitar
Sergio Vega - bass
John Kriksciun - drums

The song Failure appeared on the New Breed compilation tape released in 1989. There was also a 7" released in 1993 on Mat Gard's label, HLH Records in NJ, which features 2 of the Don Fury recordings and some songs from the band's final performance at The Pyramid.

Sean P. Murphy on the CBGB 4/23/89 show, which also featured American Standard, Supertouch and Underdog:

The tracks are live and raw but featured the band at it's tightest. We were blessed to have as our soundman and friend the legendary Jerry Williams aka Jay Dublee - the man that brought us the Bad Brains Roir cassette and also the Cro-Mags original demo.

The cuts have never been released in any form but they do document the bands sound well - as well as the sound of the End:
The End of the Eighties and of the original hardcore scene.

The band saw the changes - and heard them of course.

We wanted to move forward musically.

We wanted to go ''Into the 90's - and The Collapse''.

Check out the band's Myspace here.


  1. Powerhouse band indeed. It's a shame NYHC did'nt go in this direction in the 90's: Definite metal/crossover influences, but not the 'chugga, chugga' mosh-core sound that the scene became. One of those bands that "if only they had stuck around longer...."

  2. your fountain of youth is a urinal

  3. Thanks for compiling this into one collection. I only have the 7".

  4. I agree with "if only they had stuck around longer", and add "If only they had recorded more studio tracks." I guess we're just lucky to have this stuff.

    Yeah, it's a shame NYHC didn't follow in this band's footsteps, but they were unique. Maybe it's better off. And thankfully the ABC No Rio scene sprouted at that time and produced a slew of amazing bands.

  5. More people need to be checking out Collapse!

  6. I agree with Freddy. At a time when NYHC was suffering a serious bout with violence, mediocrity, bad fashion and a heavy identity crisis. There were bands like Collapse, Moondog, Absolution and countless others making great music.

  7. Add a page to Facebook...please do. Camillus and I can get so much exposure for you guys

  8. Sorry to point out semantics, but I wanted to let you know that Mat Gard's label was actually called HLH Records.

    In any case, I love the blog.

  9. Thanks for pointing out that error, i'm fixing that now.

    I think i've been listening to Collapse more than any other NYHC band for quite a while now.

  10. I can't download, Vin. Anyone else report this?

  11. Rich, i just downloaded it and it worked fine. Maybe mediafire was down? I'd try again.

    Sorry i missed you guys at the GO!/Bad Trip show. Because of my new work schedule i don't get to spend much time with the family, so i took my daughter to the zoo that day.


  12. Any chance for a repost?

  13. Does anyone have a link for their 7"?? Struggling to find it anywhere

  14. Is it possible to re-upload? Thank you.

  15. Good to see you back. Mind dropping a new link for this ?

  16. Does anyone know how many of the Collapse 7" were pressed? Thinking about selling 1.