Tuesday, May 5, 2009

C.I.A. - 1982-1985 Discography

Classic early hardcore from Connecticut. The Hendex 1982 demo (my favorite stuff by this band) sounds like 2 different recording sessions, and 5 of the songs are repeated. All of it is excellent, and the sound quality is great. Then of course we have the legendary God, Guts, Guns 7", which is considered by many to be the best punk record to ever come out of Connecticut. No argument from me. This is a quality sounding rip, taken from the Lost & Found CD. Next up is the s/t LP (recorded with a different line-up) which seems to constantly get a bad rap. I like it. Also included are the tracks from the Big City: Nice & Loud and Connecticut Fun compilations. I'm pretty sure this is most of the band's output from 1982-1985. They also had a version of the song Violence on the Empty Skulls tape from 1984, but since there are 3 different versions of that song already here, i decided not to include it. Enjoy. 

C.I.A. Collection

1981-1983 lineup:
Mike Hammond "Bones" - vocals
Kenny Peterson - guitar
E.J. Marquardt - bass
Bill Knapp - drums

Chip Moody replaced Bill Knap on drums in 1983, and played with the band until '86.

Kenny Peterson and Mike Hammond went on to form 76% Uncertain, and both Bill Knap and Chip Moody played drums in the band during different periods.

Bill Knapp also played for Reflex From Pain.

I have no info on the C.I.A. lineup after 1983. So if anyone can contribute any info, please leave a comment.


  1. Thanks for all your great work with these "compilations" !!!

    Greetings from Italy

  2. CIA are playing in Connecticut on May 19th!

  3. Also- I've got decent sounding rips of some Reflex From Pain stuff and the Violent Children demo & 7" if you need 'em.

  4. Jon, thanks anyway, but i have that stuff. I have an excellent sounding copy of the Violent Children stuff (the CD on Lost & Found). I appreciate it though.


  5. That should be your next upload, Reflex From Pain and Violent Children. CIA ep, definitely the best 7" out of Connecticut ever. Have never heard the LP before, so I'm downloading now. Thanks.

  6. Dude you are starting to make my day almost everyday. I only have the God, Guts, Guns ep and it is an absolute favorite...thanks for compiling this one.

    I have some Reflex From Pain and Violent Children on my blog if anyone is interested.

  7. this looks awesome but i think link is dead can you reupp??/ please ans thanks

  8. The link should be fine. Try again.

  9. Thx for these! CIA always had Mark and EJ in the band - Bones and Kenny broke off to form 76% Uncertain w the bassist, guitarist and drummer from Reflex From Pain. Mark and EJ carried on as a trio-version of CIA w Chip on drums, and while it was a different animal than the band on the 7", it was still very much the heart of CIA at the same time - The album is oft overlooked, and damn great. Mark passed away a few years ago. Everyone else involved is alive and well.

  10. This is another great collection
    so thanks a lot - again... :-D

  11. CIA fan, thanks for the info. The LP is absolutely overlooked.

  12. Mark Dudek was the original lead guitarist of CIA who has passed. CIA fan is right, Bones Hammond (vox) and Kenny Petersen (rhythm guitar) from CIA formed 76% with Dave Ware (bass), William Knapp (drums), and Todd Knapp (guitar) from the final Reflex From Pain lineup that had Ray Cappo on vox in December 1983. The CIA band members for all of the 'reunion' shows since the 1990's has been the original 76% lineup, with occasional guest performances from EJ Marquant (sp?) and Bones's son Mike on bass.
    There was a flexi of the last Reflex put out by TPOS called "Checkered Past", the demo reviewed in MRR in '83.


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