Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ruido - 1997-2000

I did this discography for the band back in 2000, but unfortunately it never got mastered and released. Here it is, with permission from my buddy Gen (the vocalist). Everything the band released between 1997-2000, 54 songs in roughly 30 minutes. I ripped all this from vinyl and it came out surprisingly well, with pretty much no surface noise or pops. The only real flaw is that the levels are a bit on the low side, so turn it up loud! Hopefully this gets remastered at some point and sees the light of day as an official release.

Ruido put out some of my favorite hardcore recordings of the late '90s. The first demo (the first 24 tracks here), is especially great stuff, like a vicious combo of Despise You and Los Crudos. After that it's a bit more straight forward hardcore punk, all great stuff. Enjoy.

Ruido 1997-2000

Here's the rest of the info on these recordings:

tracks 1-24: recorded and mixed by Frank Espinoza at Herb Studios in LA, CA. on 8/16/97.
tracks 25-44: recorded by producer Joe Ventress and engineer Dave Swanson at Stonefly Studios in Idyllwild, CA on 9/20/98. Mixed by Joe V. and Gen Ruido. Mastered by Ray and Jordan at Riot Now studios in Echo Park, CA on 2/13/99.
tracks 45-49: recorded and mixed by Carlos "Mr. Pink" Buscemi at KXLU Studio, LA on 11/11/98.
track 50:
recorded and mixed by Carlos "Mr. Pink" Buscemi at KXLU Studio, LA on 9/27/00.
tracks 51-54: recorded by Mike Vallejo at Feedback Studios in Eagle Rock, CA on 5/20/00. Mixed by Mike V. and Gen Ruido on 5/28/00 at Feedback Studios.

1997: Gen-vox/noise, Aimee-bass, Steve-stix, Mike-gits
1998: Gen-vox/noise, Richard-vox, Aimee-bass, Steve-stix, Thrashead-gits
2000: Gen-vox/noise, Isaiah-bass, Steve-stix, Lamin-gits

Fight originally recorded by Agnostic Front.


  1. vinnie, thanks a lot for this gem and the unreleased JERRY'S KIDS stuff!

    2 top notch posts!

  2. Vinnie you're really tearing shit up over here. Thank you so much for your time and energy on these. Left a comment on te Mental Abuse post but that seems to have disappeared. Keep em coming man.

  3. Thanks Justin. I had to remove the Mental Abuse collection. Apparently it's getting officially released. I hope so anyway.


  4. Fuck yea! Thanks so fucken much for having this up i've been looking for some RUIDO tracks for a couple months now and was already giving up.

  5. Hi B+Q,

    Been hitting your fantastic blog over the last couple days. I can't seem to get to the Mediafire file for this Ruido post which I would love to hear. Any ideas if the link died? Thanks