Friday, July 31, 2009

Negative Trend - 1978-1979 Discography

Negative Trend was '70s San Francisco junkie-punk at it's finest. This is a collection of 3 different recordings, each with a different vocalist, and each great in their own way. Enjoy.

Negative Trend: 1978-1979 Collection

The first 4 tracks are from the "We Don't Play, We Riot" 7", originally released in 1978 on Heavy Manners Records. This amazing slab was also known as the "Black & Red" ep or simply "s/t". It was repressed onto 12" vinyl in 1984 on Subterranean Records, and most recently in 2006 on 2.13.61 Records as a CD-EP. I'm not sure if it's still available, but i see no harm in posting it here. I would have to imagine any Negative Trend fan would have snatched up this repress within the past 3 years, or already have it in some format. This post is more to expose the band to those who may have never heard them. I love this record as it's the band's darkest material. Proto-deathrock, with hints of the doomy slowcore that would follow with Flipper. I think this ep had more of an influence on the early '80s LA scene than people realize. The recordings here were ripped from the 2006 CD, so the sound is excellent.

"We Don't Play, We Riot" lineup:
Mikal Waters - vocals
Craig Clay - guitar
Will Shatter - bass/vocals
Steve DePace - drums

Tracks 5 through 17 were taken from the "Miners' Benefit" CD released on White Noise Records in 2003. These songs were recorded live on March 21-22, 1978 in Mabuhay Gardens, SF. The other bands that played the benefit included U.X.A., Sleepers and Tuxedomoon. This is my personal favorite Negative Trend lineup. Total raw, stripped down, dirty rock 'n' roll in the vein of bands like The Pagans and The Stooges. Rozz's drugged out vocals fit the band perfectly, and from what i've read he was completely out of control when performing live, swinging from the rafters and attacking the audience. White Noise Records released an album in 1998 under the moniker Rozz and Negative Trend entitled The Pop Sessions. Turns out it's just a batch of songs Rozz recorded solo in 1978.

"Miners' Benefit" lineup:
Rozz Rezabek - vocals
Craig Gray - guitars
Will Shatter - bass
Todd - drums

Tracks 18-22 were taken from the "Beach Blvd." compilation LP released in 1979 on Posh Boy Records. 5 songs recorded in 6 hours with the infamous Rik L Rik on vocals. 2 of these 5 tracks also appeared on the "Tooth and Nail" comp LP put out in 1979 on Upsetter Records. Rik puts his spin on some classics from the 1978 ep, as well as 2 great new songs.

"Beach Blvd." lineup:
Rik L Rik - vocals
Graig Gray - guitar
Will Shatter - bass
Tim Mooney - drums

Will Shatter and Steve DePace went on to form Flipper.


  1. thanks a lot for this and the Merel collection!!

  2. Really enjoyed seeing these guys get back together at a recent show. Thanks for this!

  3. Hi Stormy,

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    This NEGATIVE TREND band is awesome. Exactly the early CA PUNK ROCK I like. Live on, man and let's burn the flame !!!

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  4. I always dug the Rik L.Rik. versions....had never heard the Rozz versions, gracias.

  5. Nice, very good for being Punk, I can tolerate this and I normally have a real hard time tolerating Punk. This is a great collection for the keep.

  6. I picked up the Rozz & Negative Trend Pop Sessions disc believing it was Negative's still a pretty sweet punk album. Who actually played on it?

    1. its the belfast cowboys the band rozz started after he left negative trend. i was the drummer bobby barrage dave on guitar ronnie on bass rozz vocals recorded pretty much all one take at peter millers? studio in sf. 1978 the band sounded just as good live as it did in the studio. so there were no pop sessions. this is the real shit. hard core. pure.

  7. this is a great collection, but 'i can laugh about it now' isn't on you know what album it's on?

  8. "I Can Laugh About it Now" is definitely on the "Rozz & Negative Trend" disc.

  9. Thank you so much! This is awesome.

  10. Another classic punk band that I think I've only heard one or two songs by. Can't wait to hear this, thanks!

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