Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moss Icon - Live 1988-1991

12 live tracks from 3 different shows. Enjoy!

Moss Icon Live

The first 5 tracks were recorded live in Annaplois in March of 1988. I had these tracks on a cassette that a friend had made for me back in the mid '90s, and just recently got around to converting the tape to mp3s. This is a rare set, and probably one of the earliest live recordings of this band you're likely to find.

Tracks 6-10 is a set from '91 that i recently found online, and a great contrast from the band's late '80s hardcore sound to the more subdued and "emo" sound they developed into the early '90s.

The last 2 tracks are from side 2 of the "It Disappears" LP, recorded live sometime between 1990-1991, and released on Vermin Scum Records in 1994. The last track, "It Disappears" is announced as "The Life" for some reason. But those are certainly 2 different songs.

original lineup:
Jonathan Vance - vocals
Tonie Joy - guitar
Monica DiGialleonardo - bass
Mark Laurence - drums

Tonie Joy also played in bands Universal Order of Armageddon, Born Against, Lava, The Great Unraveling, and The Convocation Of...


  1. been enjoying the blog but never commented...thanks so much for all the posts and this one especially...you rule!

  2. The early live set is awesome. Thanks for this.
    I've got a studio version of that "It's taking it's time" song, I can upload if you don't have it.

  3. Chris, that would be great. Where is the studio version from? Are their more songs from that session? Yeah, that early live set is great, i just wish it were longer. I doubt it's the full set.

    str8ev, thanks for the compliment.


  4. It's from a cdr ripped from a tape that also has all the songs from the silver bearing split, the memorial 7", sioux day and the 7" version of the life. The song is from the same session as those later recordings.

    There wasn't much info with the cdr, but I remember seeing someone on ebay selling a cassette on vermin scum called "Memorial" and i'm fairly sure it's that.

    I can upload the song later, do you have a preferred format? I can do it lossless if you want.

  5. Great job, i really enjoy the effort you put in every post. That and your taste in good music makes your blog really special.

    And it shows that rare stuff can be quite interesting and not just ... "be rare".

    Thanks for not boring me

  6. Chris, it turns out i have that exact CDR. Mine's labeled "1991 Demo", but it has all those tracks. Mine has no track-list, but the song is on there. Thanks anyway.

    gh, thanks man.

  7. ive been looking for this for close to a decade. thank you.

  8. I would only like to add that I think that "It's Taking its Time" is actually considered to be part of Lyburnum Wit's End as opposed to a seperate song. It makes much more sense listening to it as a whole song...and I'm not sure that they ever recorded it in the studio.

    Thanks for the upload though!

  9. Also, the reason Jon introduces "it Disappears" as "the Life" is because they've simply spliced in an earlier monologue he gave at the same show (Crofton VFH) because it was so good. In fact, at that same show he reads some poetry that is pretty cool. I used to have the whole show on tape but the gremlins took it...

  10. again wonder of your posts, how good they are. i never knew, there were so many of MI's live records, and listened only to those from It Disappears LP(and the same titled song is one of their greatest, in my opinion, btw - is there a studio version of it?).

    and, bob, it's too bad, that you lost that tape, too bad.. i wish i hear it

  11. Gaddang, I can't believe I missed this post. Thank you!

    Also, that spambot above me has pretty good taste!

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  13. I'm fairly certain that songs 6-10 are from a show I recorded at the Safari Club in DC in 1991. I can't remember who was headlining, Hated or Moss Icon. I used 2 mics to a Tascam 4 track. I lent the original tape to a friend about 20 years ago, and never heard back. I think there were a few more songs played that night. The sound was very crisp, it was a good sound in there, but the Hated's was very muddy. Great to find these songs again, and that you've converted them digitally. This was always my favorite recording of some of those songs, especially "It's Taking It's Time" - a beautiful composition.