Sunday, May 3, 2009

Die Kreuzen - 1981-1983

A collection of pre-LP Die Kreuzen recordings. The sound quality on the Cows & Beer and Master Tape tracks are excellent, as they were ripped from CD, not vinyl. After that we have the band's earliest recordings. The 2 tracks from the Charred Remains tape released in 1981, followed by the rest of the studio tracks from the same sessions. The vocals are much more subdued on these recordings, but these are my personal favorite versions of these songs. Also included is the entire demo from 1982, the 3 tracks from the America's Dairyland tape, 7 tracks recorded live in Madison, WI in 1983, and an interview with the band done some time in the early '80s. You can easily find the entire Madison set online with some searching. I just included a handfull of tracks, all of which are not otherwise in this collection besides Pain, which i included because it's my favorite Die Kreuzen song. Enjoy.

Die Kreuzen Collection

Dan Kubinski - vocals
Brian Egeness - guitar
Keith Brammer - bass
Erik Tunison - drums

After the 1981-1983 material posted here, the band released their amazing 21-song s/t LP on Touch & Go Records in July of 1984. The follow up was October File, released in May of '86. This album was much different than anything that proceeded it, but it's an excellent album full of discordant, brooding metal, very similar to early Voivod (who were obviously inspired by Die Kreuzen to begin with). They released a few more eps and albums after that (none of which i've heard) and finally called it quits in April of 1992 when Brian Egeness left the band. The remaining members formed a band called Chainfall.


  1. hey
    i think yur blog is amazing
    i downloaded the stuff of UNITED MUTATIOn and it's cool, also die kreuzen's
    also i think the "work" you do is rad hohoho
    well just greetings from mexico

  2. Thanks thanks thanks!!! Damn great band! I was missing some of the rare stuff here...
    Er... not trying to get into a mess like w/CCM but when I got The Master Tape from GBM I realised that the third track, the so-called "Fighting" is in fact "Get'em" and not "Fighting". I'll check it in this collection. On the other hand the tracklist order of the EP seems to be wrong; I remember the KBD post had all the tracks mistitled... I'll check that too
    Fernando :)

  3. P.S. The titles from the EP are OK. And well, track 9, yes, it's "Get'em" (it's easy to ckeck it since both tracks are repeated in this comp) but was listed as "Fighting" on the Master Tape, so... Well, now I gotta listen to this gem, ciao...
    Fernando :D

  4. Thanks as usual Fernando. I'll update that eventually. I'm working on too many other things at the moment.


  5. YES!!! So glad I found your blog from the Punknotprofit list. Because of this I can clean off a bunch of Die Kreuzen from my desk..this needed to be done..good work. Don't forget their influence..the Crusties...Viacomclosedmedown on youtube and DU blog

  6. Awesome work!

    I've just begun work on my Die Kreuzen archive site:

    It's in it's infancy right now, but there will be all sorts of stuff there soon. I hope to have lossless audio uploads for everyone as well...

    Come and see!

  7. weldermatt, good luck with the site. It looks great so far, and the pics page is incredibel. I'm looking forward to the uploads.

  8. thanks for this ive been looking for these guys for years thanks again so much

  9. Absolutely awesome. Thanks so much for all the care & research that goes into your posts.

  10. Thanks for sharing, great band with amazing song !

  11. Toppie... Pik Omhoog, Staart Naar Beneden Zou Ik Zeggen ;))) Thanx and Cheers.