Friday, May 15, 2009

The Accused - demos 1982-1984

Here's a rare batch of early Accused demos recorded between 1982-1984. Many of these songs were later re-recorded for the split LP with The Rejectors released on Fatal Erection Records in 1983. Thanks Zeno. Enjoy.

The Accused: Early Demos

The lineup during these demos:
John Dahlin - vocals
Chibon "Chewy" Batterman - bass
Tom Niemeyer - guitar
Dana Collins - drums

John Dahlin's notes on these sessions:

1982 demos

So here's a brand new recording of this tape. I used a better program to record a 32bit version for improved fidelity.

Chewy, Tom and Dana had been doing versions of the Accused as a 3 piece for most of 1981. I joined in June of 1982. We did a fairly well received 22 song demo tape on some dude's 4 track, but were always recording on anything we could find. This is something done in late 1982 in Tom's basement on a console 2-track cassette recorder. Go to your local thrift store and you'll find a similar unit. This "demo" was probably only given out to friends.

1984 demos

Here's some more tidbits of early Accused Material. This is the last stuff I did with them.

The first 4 songs were recorded in Seattle on a 4 track. I really like the rawness, much better than the LP. Surprised to hear No Accusations - a song the guys had written waaayyy early on. I think there may be 1 other song from this recording, but I can't find it. Not sure the exact date to these, but I think it was early 84.

The next 5 cuts were recorded in April 1984 at 2 basement practices in Mt Vernon, WA. The last of the last I recorded with the Accused.

For the official record, I DID NOT QUIT the band, nor did they "fire" me. It was a pretty amicable decision for three 16-19 year olds. I was finishing up community college and was offered a free ride toward a bachelor's degree. This took me to Bellingham which is a couple hours in the wrong direction from where the rest of the guys were heading. My biggest surprise was that they kept the same name, since the band sounded and looked so completely different. I saw some of the early Blaine shows and hell they were amazing!


  1. Thanks ! I have been spinning the Accused / Rejectors split a lot lately.

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  3. I just downloaded this and it worked fine. Maybe mediafire was down? Give it another shot.

    Anyone else having any problems with this file?

  4. could you start including the track listing images with the zip files?

  5. I suppose. I figured it was just as easy to grab the jpeg right off the page though. No?

  6. How much of this stuff is from when they were a 5 piece? I know most of their stuff in general had them listed as a 4, but for the majority of the band's existence there was a 5th member.

  7. Anonymous, i'm pretty sure all these recordings are when the band was a 4 piece. I posted the lineup in the post.

  8. Now this is more the stuff I like, I rather see a collection of demos, than a collection of LP's and Live Albums with demos, some how they kind of turn me off.