Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Uppercut: 1987-1989

Late '80s NY hardcore from the Bronx, with a heavy sound similar to bands like Breakdown and Raw Deal. The guitarist Lars also played in Side By Side, Judge and Alone In A Crowd. Classic stuff. They also released a mini-LP called Four Walls in 1989, and had a couple of tracks on the NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are compilation. The later stuff was a bit more metallic sounding than the collection here. Enjoy.

Uppercut Collection

Rob - drums
Ed - bass
Lars - guitar
Cwolf - guitar
Steve - voice
Pat - bass
Fink - guitar (1988-1989)


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  3. Really can't find their Four Walls record online. Found a couple of blogs with it on but the links are dead.
    Any help?

  4. Hello! Please upload Uppercut - Four Walls!

  5. Hello! Please upload Uppercut - Four Walls!