Monday, April 6, 2009

Sticks & Stones - Inner Revolt tape 1988

Here is the great Sticks and Stones "Inner Revolt" tape which was originally intended to be released as an LP on 7 Seconds' Positive Force Records, but ended up released on cassette in 1988 with a fanzine and lyric book on Onslaught Mandate Records. If this would have been released on vinyl, it would have easily been Sticks and Stones greatest album, and one of my favorite punk albums period.

Sticks and Stones released a 2xCD anthology some years back, but only three tracks from this tape were included, and only one track from the 1987 demo (which i listened to endlessly in the late '80s). Also ignored was their side of the split 7" with Life's Blood, and some great compilation tracks. I guess they needed three CDs to properly document the band, oh well. I still suggest picking up a copy, if not just for the brilliant Theme Song For Nothing LP. Enjoy.

Sticks and Stones - Inner Revolt

Members of Sticks and Stones went on to World Inferno Friendship Society, Johnny X and The Conspiracy, and Zero Zero.

Thanks once again to Andy. It's great hearing this stuff in such great quality.


  1. Link doesn't seem to work overhere.

  2. That's odd, it's working fine on my end. Anyone else having a problem?

  3. no, it's working, just not with dl tools like jdownloader...
    Another very fine piece of punk history, btw...

  4. Thank you SO much for this. Andrew Orlando (hey if you're out there somewhere) dubbed this for me in '94 or so and I've had that tape since then (and I love it) and of course I bought The Strife and Times and though I love that, too, I was also disappointed that the entire tape wasn't included. Now I can remedy that without having to digitize said dubbed tape. Between this and the Born Against and Gorilla Biscuits stuff, I'm loving this blog. Keep up the good work!

  5. Also, I don't think that anyone in Zero Zero was ever in Sticks and Stones. Zero Zero was Ari of Lifetime, his wife Tannis and Dave Palaitis (also from Lifetime). Are you sure you're not thinking of another band?

    I also think that their split with Lifesblood is awesome. I've been digitizing my 7"s since getting a USB turntable for my birthday last year, but I haven't gotten to that one yet. I forgot that they didn't include their side on The Strife and Times.

    And speaking of which, do you have the Lifesblood discography disc? I have the 7" and the split w/ Sticks and Stones, but I'd love digital version of "Human Power" and other stuff I might be missing. Pretty please, with cherries on top? :-)

  6. OK this is my last comment on this subject (I promise). I just remembered that on the same tape as Inner Revolt, I've got a live version of them doing The Faith's "Trapped". I don't know what show it's from, though. I've also got a tape of their WFMU session from '92 (which is amazing). They only included their cover of The Avengers' "Thin White Line" on the 2xCD set, at least if memory serves.

  7. japanesegodjesusrobot, thanks for the info. Maybe i was thinking of another band, i'll have to update that. As far as Life's Blood, i have an extensive discography on the blog. Maybe you missed it? It has the entire WFMU set that the tracks from the split with Sticks & Stones were pulled from, and lots of other rarities. I agree, the Sticks & Stones side of that split is excellent stuff.

    Glad you're enjoying the blog!


  8. I saw Zero Zero open for The Bouncing Souls/Grey Area at the Casino Skatepark in Asbury a couple of years ago. This was before they were an electro synth pop based band. The music was more rock n roll & that is when Johnny X was in the band. They did a split 7" with the Bouncing Souls then the band went MIA for a minute and it came back w/ the new line up to release the AM gold record. well, thats the best as i remember it.


  9. oi- just remastered Inner Revolt incidentally while transferring the 1987 demo and "World To Be Saved . . ." . If anyone would like it without the cassette tape flange let me know- i don't think we'll ever re-release the whole thing.



  10. Hey Cloth! That link's not working! Post it to the YSI thread on, won't you?


  11. Jack, i would LOVE to get the remastered versions of the Inner Revolt tape and those other recordings you mentioned. I can;t find a contact on your site. Please email me at
    whenever you get the chance. I'm really looking forward to this. Thanks

  12. Any update on this, Vin? I'd love to hear a cleaned-up Inner Revolt, though the one posted here sounds fine to my ears.

    Also, the "World to Be Saved, Song to Be Sung" 7" was reissued late last year on a label called Psychic Volt and I think it's still available. I assume that's why it was remastered along with Inner Revolt.

  13. japanesegodjesusrobot, thanks. No word on the cleaned up tape though. If anyone has a contact for Jack, please let me know.


  14. Hey, I just found a copy of the "World to Be Saved" 7" that had the original inserts. One insert is for the Inner Revolt tape, and says it came with a 24-page lyric book/zine. The other insert is for "Waiting: The First Half of the First Book I've Been Writing All My Life," by Peter Ventantonio. I'd love to see these books, does anyone have them? Can you scan them and put them online, or maybe you wanna sell'em?

  15. I have the original 24-page lyric book/zine booklet from 1987 or 88.
    I haven't had any time to scan it yet.
    But when I do, I can send it.

    Chunksaah Records / Gunner Records
    U.S. Street Date: October 12, 2010
    Available on Black or White Vinyl, both with B Side Etching.
    Preorder Available NOW at

    A one-sided 12" EP backed with an engraving of the classic 80's-90's New Jersey Hardcore band's iconic logo. This is the first time ever release of the group's original 6 song Demo.

    Showing surprising maturity and musicianship for a gang of 17 year olds and their adopted 21 year old singer, "1987" features members who would go on to be dead, missing, playing in the popular World/Inferno Friendship Society, cutting their teeth, bloodying their knuckles and sharpening their minds on outrage barely contained by melody. At the time compared to Stiff Little Fingers, "1987" was recorded at the then fledgling Trax East Studios, and gained the band a contract to 7Seconds' Positive Force label that helped kick start the legendarily fecund New Brunswick, NJ punk scene.

    Honest, intelligent, angry Punk Rock from Ronald Reagan's Amerika. Hello!

    Track Listing:
    01. Contempt
    02. Still
    03. Thanks for the Cash
    04. Society's Pressure
    05. Common Cause
    06. Along the Way

  17. please upload more sticks and stones!

  18. Can download it, can't unzip it...