Thursday, March 12, 2009

Samuel - 1994-1995 Discography

I saw Samuel at a show in NJ sometime in the mid '90s with The Van Pelt, Chisel and some other bands. Most of the shows from that time are a blur now, but i remember being blown away by Samuel. I had no idea who they were before then, but before their set was finished i was at the merch table snatching up whatever i could by this band. They played emotional and melodic punk, with female vocals, and elements of bands like Jawbreaker, Garden Variety and Superchunk. At their best (songs like Common Little Numbers and Empty and Then Some), they really tapped into something special, it's a shame they were so short lived. This is everything they recorded, enjoy.

Samuel discography

Vanessa - vocals
James - guitar
Josh - guitar
Dean - bass
Eric - drums

Recorded in September of 1994 in Fred Weaver's attic.
Mastered at Masterwork.


  1. Too funny! I just posted Junction. If you like this band, download Vanessa's first band here:

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this - the thought and effort you put into your posts (and your selection of music, for that matter) are exceptional. Please keep up the good work!

  3. AdamBomb, i'm a fan of your blog. I'll be checking out that Junction right away. I've never heard anything Vanessa was in outside of Samuel. Just a heads up, i think you made an error on the bottom of the Junction post. You have a link to the Samuel discography that just re-directs to your blog.

    Cliff, thanks for the kind words.


  4. HOLY SHIT, been looking for this too for awhile. THANKS!

  5. any chance of a re-up?

  6. awesome job on this post! i'd been looking for the split and 7" stuff for a while! thanks!

  7. Hi
    I read that Samuel had to record a LP, knows you if this Lp was recorded? Maybe just a demo?
    Thank you for your blog, beautiful work and very well informed.

  8. Junction became Samuel which became Rose of Sharon, based out of Boston. Weirdly enough I just posted a Samuel shirt for sale on Ebay as of today, come and get it.

  9. oops, I meant Rosa Chance Well, not Rose of Sharon

  10. it says "the link is down" once again as i loved the lives of insects release and was looking forward to obtaining the files to listen to it once more... but i'll keep trying
    thank you for your time and attention!

  11. The guitarist from Junction went on to form the Delta 72. The first two albums are really good stuff. Thanks for posting the samuel disco.

  12. any chance you know if they have formed other bands after samuel?