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Still Livin' In The '90s (updated 6/9/18 with 4 new downloads)

I'm not going to ramble on about how great i think the music of the '90s was, as i'd just be repeating myself from other posts. I'll just say that i think the underground music scenes of the '90s was just as important and influential as the '80s. Hardcore/punk just seemed to branch off in so many amazing directions in the '90s. It's like all the 4-chord blueprints got pissed on or ripped up entirely. Just a great time to be involved.

For this post i've just decided to post a lot of the more rare/hard to find '90s hardcore, punk, indie, emo, fastcore, grunge, sludge, crust, metalcore, powerviolence, rock and whatever else i have accumulated over the years, as well as as some not so rare. It's all here - discographies, anthologies, demos, radio sets, EPs, LPs, compilations, live sets, rehearsals... many compiled by myself. If there are any bands that want any music removed, please just email me or leave a comment and i'll remove the link immediately. I think between this post, the first Livin' In The '90s post, the Powerviolence post, and a few others (like the Assfactor 4 post for instance), this should prove that the '90s underground scene was simply nothing short of amazing. If, when you think of '90s hardcore, you think of bands like Crown Of Thornz, E Town Concrete, Bulldoze, Earth Crisis, Hatebreed etc, then this probably isn't the post for you.

I'm not going to write at length about everything i post on here, as it would take way too long and make the post way too big. I've just threw in a few comments here and there, and if it's a compilation, i'll list the key bands. This is pretty much split up into three main groups. Hardcore and punk, indie and emo, and other (weird shit that can't be categorized like Black Mayo and Lambchop for instance). This started out kinda organized, but now it's pretty much random. So here goes. 134 downloads plus 20 eggs. All '90s. Enjoy!

Abandoned Anthology

One of the few bands of the late '90s playing straight hardcore punk. Pretty sure this is everything they ever released. If anyone knows what movie the "weak ollies" sample is from, please let me know. Fave is the Better Off Dead EP, but it's all great.

Rorschach Rarities

A collection of all the stuff not on the 2 albums. Totally different vocal approach on the demo and comp tracks. One of the best bands of the '90s. Essential.

Downcast Discography

Excellent sounding discog i put together while back. Downcast seems to be a love 'em or hate 'em band. I love 'em.

Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes

Hopefully this gets an official release in the future. Until then there's this. None better.

Lincoln Discography

This is everything. There was no "unreleased LP" by the way. That was just a radio show and some other tracks. All here in great quality.

Mad Party Scene

As much as i love the two full lengths, this is my fave NOU material. The Embassy Tapes 1992 cassette is straight jazz versions of LP tracks. Killer.

Devoid Of Faith

Ripping hardcore. Guitarist and vocalist Nate also played in Monster X, Intent, The Oath and a bunch of other bands. He runs a killer blog here.

Smiling At Death

Old school sounding hardcore from the UK. This is the CD put out on GTA that collects most of their '90s material. They kept going until the mid 2000's.

The American Scream

Just as good as their '80s stuff. Sepultura even covered the massive sounding Inhuman Nature from this EP.


Another great LP from this California hardcore band. This one's from '97.

Unwilling To Explain + 1994 Demo

Wall of sound sludge hardcore from North Carolina with samples galore. Crushes.

Feel The Darkness

The best of their '90s albums. When i saw them at CBGB many years ago, they opened with Plastic Bomb and the place exploded.

First Virginia Crimewave

Collects the first LP, the Crimewave 10" and a 7". Spans 1994-1996. Adam from Life's Blood and Born Against on Vocals and guitar.


Revised from the same vinyl i used last go-around. This sounds better for sure, but still has some unavoidable rough patches on a couple tracks. Paradox is still a monster.

ABC No Radio 1990

Radio sets from the bands that were among the first wave of ABC No Rio's regular players. The GO! set was taken from CD, the other sets are completely revised and sound much better than previously posted versions. Back cover photo is the infamous courtyard where we would constantly be bombarded with eggs from the apartments above.

All Aboard The Sinking Ship

Late '90s Albany hardcore with a heavy Born Against vibe.

This Trash Should've Been Free

Great music and great stories between the music. This was bootlegged on vinyl at some point.

Teen-Age Dance Session and More

This collects the first EP which is my fave, the split 12" with Karp and the first LP.

'90s Hardcore Seven Inches Volume One
'90s Hardcore Seven Inches Volume Two
'90s Hardcore Seven Inches Volume Three
'90s Hardcore Seven Inches Volume Four

Made these for myself a while back and figured i'd share 'em here. Some of my favorite EPs of the '90s with a few bonus tracks taken from comps and splits. Most of these bands have discographies that can be purchased through bandcamps or Amazon etc, so hopefully some people will discover something here they dig and go buy up all their stuff.

Bread The Edible Napkin

Tracks by Hot Water Music, Floor, Ash County Sluggers (their best track is on here), Cavity, Floodgate, Serpico, Gus, Locust, Braid, Crunch, Still Life and many more. Put out by No Idea in '97.

Big Pants Waste Precious Fabric

Another great No Idea comp from '95. My personal fave. Tracks by Sparkmarker, Radon, Assuck, Guzzard, Undertow, Assfactor 4, Rain Like The Sound Of Trains, Dropdead, Gus, Initial State and more.

Fuck Rock

The Wardance comp that was supposed to come out in '93 and finally saw the light of day in 2010. Exclusive studio tracks by Rorschach, Warning, CxAx, Animal Crackers, Born Against, Antiem, Hell No, and Huasipungo, plus previously released songs by GO! and Inflatable Children for the re-issue. This rip if straight from the master tapes.

War Compilation

Great mix of US and International hardcore, with the US side leaning towards the ABC No Rio scene. Many of these tracks were supposed to be on the original Fuck Rock comp that fell apart in '93 and ended up on here.

4 Way Split

CD release compiling 4 live flexi EPs. Headfirst, Citizen's Arrest, GO! and Profax.

Short Wave Warfare

Live recordings from Gilman Street and WFMU Studios recorded during the Pain Of Mind and Word As Law tours. Great sounding boot. The standout is the unreleased Shallow, just one of the heaviest songs i've ever heard. Sucks it was never properly recorded in a studio, but the lyrics were later used for the song Sterile Vision from the Souls At Zero LP.


Four song CD from Japan's doom masters, Corrupted. I think it's their best stuff.

Come To Grief

Classic doom album from '94. Members went on to form Disrupt.

Dismal Depression

More Grief. 12" and 7" from '92. Total suicide shit.

Brutal Badlands

Un-PC fastcore from down under. About as subtle as a hammer to your balls. Shitloads of songs from shitloads of releases.

Righteous Apes

A continuation of Brutal Badlands. This has the rest of the EPs and splits. I would also recommend the Corrupture LP.

Too Short To Ignore

All the '90s Scrawl stuff jammed onto a CD. Naked City meets Patareni? It's fucking nuts however you wanna describe it.

Snowblind Plus

OK, so this is not '90s stuff. But it's Scrawl and it's as great if not better than ever. So fuck it.

Complete Failure

Discography of killer Florida fastcore.

Step On A Crack Vol. 2

Track list is shown above. Standout tracks by Hell No, Iabhorher, Die 116 and the mighty Garden Variety.

18 And Free

Hardcore from Little Rock, Arkansas formed in '88. This is my fave LP from one of the best bands of the '90s. Perfect from start to finish. You can get all their stuff on a 2xCD on Ebullition.


Metallic hardcore from Jersey. I Like You Less Than Apple Pie is my fave track and has a much different vibe than anything else they recorded.

To Reduce The Choir To One Soloist

German metalcore with a bit of a Rorschach influence. Classic LP.

Tiger Style

Forty six rippers in about as many minutes from NY powerhouse band.

WFMU 1992

This was their best lineup. Basically Agnostic Front with Roger's brother Freddy on vocals. This is also their best and heaviest recording. Half old AF songs and half originals recorded live on the Pat Duncan show on WFMU in 1992.

Rash Of Beatings

Vicious hardcore / grind / powerviolence. Like some massive mix of Assuck and Rorschach. Every track like a baseball bat to the head.

Three Minutes Of Your Time

This is just the 2 tracks from the BOD side of the split EP with Acrid. Members of Assuck and Spazz doing it Slayer style. Excellent sound.

Moment Of Truth

NYHC fronted by legend Tommy "Rat" DeRosa of Warzone, the Psychos and Trip 6. Put out on Lost and Found in '94.

Monster Joe Fuck You!

Revised discography of killer late '90s hardcore band.


Stalwart NYHC members playing a mix of hardcore and rock/grunge. This is the 12" EP put out on Blackball in 1990.

Jersey Shore Rehearsal Demo

NJ legends doing rehearsals for their ripping Fast Times At The Jersey Shore LP. I miss the Jersey Shore. Thanks to Dan from the unfortunately defunct Old, Fast and Loud blog for the original rip.

The Golden Years

Revised anthology of one of my personal faves. The demo, the comp tracks, live on WNYU, the first EP and more. Merel always seemed to get lumped into the emo camp, but this is all just frantic hardcore with loads of energy and emotion. Wait, maybe that is emo? Or used to be anyway.

Anti Matter

Kick ass comp from '96 with Quicksand, Supertouch, Civ, Garden Variety, Undetow, Strife, Lifetime and lots more. Love the Supertouch song. Released on Another Planet who used to put out some great NYHC reissues in the mid '90s. All long out of print and worth a bit.

Fear Of Smell

The ultimate DIY '90s compilation put out by Vermiform in '93. It's all here. Nation of Ulysses, Rorschach, MITB, Herion, Native Nod, fucking INFEST, 1.6 Band, Merel, Moss Icon, Hell No... I'd say they don't make comps like this anymore, bit truth is they don't make bands like this anymore. Hand drawn covers for the first press of the vinyl release. You can check out most of the covers on this great blog here. Mine had a painting of an male ass on the cover. This is a CD rip. The Vermiform CD was mastered from vinyl.


Revised discography of one of the best late '90s HC bands.

Rebuilding Compilation

Originally released as a 7" in 1990 on Temperance Records. This is the CD version with lots of bonus tracks from all 4 bands.

Anthology of Demos, Splits and Rarities

Updated anthology. All their best stuff in my opinion. First demo will always be the best thing they ever did. Love the Circle Jerks covers.

976 - Demos 1990-1991

Cali hardcore with doomryderz connection. This is a CD of the 2 tapes they released in 1990-1991. The first tape from '90 is my fave, and has a big crossover vibe similar to the stuff that was going on in NJ in that late '80s. Excellent stuff. RIP Dan Hogan.


NYC post-hardcore band with Walter Schreifels from Gorilla Biscuits, Project X and Quicksand, Luke Abbey from Warzone, Judge and Gorilla Biscuits, and Sergio Vega from Collapse and Quicksand.


Early '90s hardcore/rock band from PA. Underrated. This is the complete discog. The EPs from 1990 (Soul Force) and 1991 (Ebullition), comp track and full live set.

The Taste Of Every Sin

Long out of print rarities CD from '97. Fifteen tracks including covers of Septic Death and Negative Approach.

Kamikaze Attacked America

CD comp from '95 with a great mix of Japanese and US bands. Ottawa, Final Warning, Senseless Apocalypse, Suppression, Spazz, Monster X, C.F.D.L., Masskontroll and more.


Crushing hateful hardcore/sludge band from California. This is the CD version of the full length from '94 with bonus tracks from other releases.

The Aftermath

Collection of Aftermath 12" plus EPs and splits from 1995-1997. Backstabber EP is a ripper.

Last Gasp

Great angry mix of powerviolence and more straight forward hardcore punk. Bit of a CxAx vibe, especially the back cover/layout.

Stress Related / Live and Learn

Classic hardcore/death metal with Mitch Harris of Napalm Death. Essential.

We See You Crawling

Fartz were a classic HC band that started way back in '82. I still think this LP from 1990 is their best album. It has some re-recordings of a few Accused tracks, which i like better than the originals.

Over The Edge

I consider AF to be the ultimate NYHC band, and this to be their last classic album. 

Clusterfuck '94

Originally released as a 10" in 1994 on Amphetamine Reptile with 3 tracks by each band. Today Is The Day, Guzzard and Chokebore. This is the CD version which has one extra track by each band.

Blindspot Compilation

Yet another great No Idea comp, this one from '97. Track list shown above.

Copout EP 1993

Straight forward hardcore from Memphis, Tennessee. They only lasted about a year and played a great set on WFMU in '94. This is their first EP from '93.

Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Melodic punk/hardcore from Hawaii influenced by the early anarcho punk scene in the UK as well as US pop punk. Members later formed J Church.

Weak / Four

Seaweed was a punk/grunge band from Tacoma, WA who formed in 1989. This is a CD of the first two albums from 1992 and 1993.

The Making Of Allied 1, 2, 3

Compilation CD of early Allied 7" releases.


Killer metallic hardcore. This is a CD that compiles three EPs from '91 and two compilation tracks.

The Lot

Classic NJ band who put out one of my all-time favorite cassettes in 1988. This is their full length from 1992.

Again - Trainwreck

Melodic hardcore band from Boulder, Colorado. This is their three song EP from 1990. The title track is incredible. I must have played that song a hundred times back in the early '90s.

Hardcore Anthology

All the band's '90s hardcore songs as well as the '80s stuff. Heavy Bad Brains influence, especially on the EP from '95.

Hardcore Breakout USA

Released on New Red Archives in 1990. Ultraman, Jawbreaker, Samiam, Bedlam Hour, Crucial Youth, Kraut, Dirge!, G-Whizz, and Agitators. This is the CD version which also contains all the tracks from the New Red Archives Sampler. Lots of the same bands listed plus Hogan's Heroes, UK Subs, Reagan Youth and PED.

Prong Peel Sessions 1990

Four songs originally released on Strange Fruit. Maybe the last thing they ever recorded before they went full-on metal. Two tracks from Force Fed, one from Primitive Origins and one exclusive to this set. All excellent versions. Crossover from one of the best.

Super Sonic Anthology Of Evil

Punk/grunge/rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the most overlooked bands of the '90s. This is all my favorite stuff they recorded between 1993-1996. Highest possible recommendation.

Day Ditties: The Odds And Ends Collection

This CD has the entire 2-track demos from '94, the 3 acoustic tracks from the Superpowers cassette fully remastered, a couple of rare/unreleased tracks, and the Your Choice Live Series set from 1992. Just click the link.

First Seeds

I always loved this band. I saw them play at some Veteran's Hall in NJ back in the early '90s and was blown away. This is an anthology put together from 2 separate CD releases.

The 1995 Demo

First and best thing they ever did.

Seein' Red - 1993-1995

Fast hardcore formed from the ashes of Larm. This is the first part of a 2 part discography. This part has all the band's '90s stuff. Their best stuff.

Shouting Crying Anthology

Japanese "Burning Spirits" hardcore with Death Side members. Amazing stuff spanning 1998-2003.

Gauze - 1991-2007 Anthology

I prefer the '80s Gauze records, but this stuff is just as essential. Gauze tears it up track after track with no let-up.

Human Arts

More ripping Japanese hardcore with the mighty Chelsea of Death Side on guitar. Originally released in '92. Obviously this rips.

Music For The Proletariat

Great Allied comp from 1993 with shitloads of great bands. Just check the lineup above.

Total Meathead Fuck

Split CD from 1995. Subversion puts in fifteen fast tracks, and Spazz put in eight short bangers and one nine minute epic slow song played over some '70s Kung Fu flick samples. Some of my fave Spazz on this one.

Mislead And Deranged

Split from '97. This one has my fave LOI material. Love the cover art from the movie Game of Death.

Bastards and Bleeding Rectums

Great stuff by both bands. The MITB side is crushing, and the BR side is intense crossover from Belfast. Love the samples they use.

End Of An Era

Raging hardcore from Cali. This is the CD put out on GTA in '98 that collects a bunch of their stuff recorded between 1989-1992.

Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Fortress!!!

Fully remastered. Godlike.


The ultimate "Peace Punk" album from NYC. Released in 1990 on Profane Existence.

At All Cost

NYHC. If you dig the more obscure late '80s stuff like NY Hoods, Stillborn etc, you'll love this.

Sin Egan Motstandare

Classic Swedish hardcore band with heavy Discharge influence that started in the mid-'80s. This is their first full length, released in 1994. Massive sounding.

Old Days Nostalgia

Three CD compilation of S.O.A Records EPs. Sick shit.

Milhouse - Obscenity In The Milk

Late '90s emotive and crazed hardcore from NY. They put out a bunch of great EP, splits and comp tracks during their 2 years (1995-1997). This is their only full length.

Anthology 1991-1994

Revised with 2 extra tracks.

Anthology Of Early Recordings

Melodic hardcore punk band with gruff vocals, kinda like Leatherface in that regard. This is a collection of some of my fave material from the band's early days.

AmRep Motors 1995 Models Compilation

Amphetamine Reptile comp with some great bands. Great art/packaging.

Radio To Saturn - Unearthed Discography

This is the entire RTS discography. I went back to the original source files for the EP and split with Van Pelt and did a complete makeover. Sounds better than ever. I even threw in an extra track from a comp put out in '94.

Anthology 1990-1992

Angry and angular hardcore that falls somewhere between Rye Coalition and Fugazi. The Ya'red Fair Scratch CD has their best stuff in my opinion. They went in a weird almost dance-like direction on the Bully My Pushy 2x7", my least fave material. All the rest is insanely good though.

Anthology Of 3

First-wave emo/hardcore from NJ that formed in 1989. This collects most of their material from 1993-1995.

Early Recordings and Rarities

Updated version of a collection i posted a while back. EPs, demos, comp and radio tracks.

Ash County Sluggers

Melodic punk from 1996. This is everything they recorded. Achiever 9 is the standout.

Breathing Walker

Basically Moss Icon with a violin. Mandatory listening.

False Object Sensor

Vermiform compilation released in 2001, but all '90s bands.

Studio and Live

Mix of studio and live tracks from this early '90s emo band. One of the best in the genre.

Lives Of Insects

Great female-fronted indie/punk band. Amazing live band and a personal fave. This is the CD version of the 1994 EP with 2 bonus tracks.

Old Guitar Parts

Some of my favorite tracks from one of the best '90s punk bands ever.

Paper Roses cassette 1990

Members of The Hated. Click the link.


Indie/punk/emo band from Cali that formed in '88 and never seemed to stop making music. The Soar LP is my fave. Jawbreaker vibes. This is a collection of demos from 1991.

Inkwell (New rip. Revised 05/23/18)

Hardcore/emo band that put out some great music in 1995 then split. This is everything.

Footprints Of The American Chicken

Underrated punk band from Chapel Hill, NC.

Hellbender 1993

The first album. If you're into stuff like early Jawbreaker, Garden Variety etc, you'll dig this.

Angry Heads

Originally released as a double LP in 1993. Emo. The good kind.

Demos and Live

Re-revised collection of demos and unreleased live tracks. Third time's a charm. I finally like the way this sounds.

The 1990 Radio Sessions

Live radio sets from when the band were at their best. I'm tired of hearing how their early stuff wasn't as good as their later stuff. Take that shit elsewhere.

The Essentials

This is just a comp of my favorite Jawbreaker songs. I doubt you could find two people who would have the same favorite 3 or 4 Jawbreaker songs, never mind a CD worth, still i figured i'd share this. I was never one for "hits", so there's no Fireman, Boxcar, Chesterfield King, Want etc. Whatever, this is 90 minutes of pure punk perfection.

Jets To Brazil - Radio and Demos

Japanese radio show and demos from '97.

Four Two Pudding

Very Small Records comp from 1992. Great mix of hardcore and punk/pop punk.

Last Intoxication Of The Senses

Massive German hardcore. A fucking steamroller from 1993.

Give Rise To Doubt

A bit less abrasive than the debut, but still a great album. This one's from '95.


Collection of EPs and comp tracks from Oakland sludge masters.

Swimmer's Ear

Alternative rock/punk with ex-Turning Point members. Originally released as a 12" and CD-EP in 1993 on Temperance Records.

Punk USA

Lookout Records comp from '94 compiled by Ben Weasel. Jawbreaker has the standout track. Garden Variety does an untitled track not listed on CD.

Anthology By Numbers

Revised collection of a post i did years ago. Incredible punk band from NJ.

Live on WFMU 1991

One of my favorite WFMU sets from the '90s. This has the version of Ever Nearing Joy that wound up on the Superpowers comp.

Native Nod Live on WFMU 1991

Another great 1991 WFMU set with two unreleased tracks.

Virus 100 Compilation

Dead Kennedys covers comp put out by Alternative Tentacles in 1992. Love the Disposable Heroes cover of California Uber Alles.

The Smiles - USS Felicia

Chris Leo from Native Nod/The Van Pelt's most obscure band. Funny and catchy acoustic tracks, with Felicia being my fave. Put out on Sudden Shame in the early '90s. Hand Painted covers not unlike the Fear Of Smell comp.

Punk Uprisings Vol. 2 Compilation

Go-Kart Records comp loaded up with 39 tracks. 97A, AxCa, Anti-Heroes, Buzzoven, In/Humanity, Lifetime, Snapcase and tons more.


This is all my fave stuff from Plutocracy-era Shits, their most hardcore sounding stuff. There's a huge MITB influence on a lot of these tracks. Good stuff, dopey lyrics, and absolutely ZERO porn samples. I could give a fuck about the PC Police anyways. Half a dozen bonus tracks at the end from the '94 lineup, kinda right before they went full on death metal / grind.


I snuck one of my own old bands (Bloated) into the NJ post, so i figured i'd do the same here. This was me and my two roommates, Steve and Tommy, making noise in the mid/late '90s. We were pretty influenced by Black Sabbath and Rorschach at the time. Nine studio tracks and five basement tracks of hardcore/doom. I played drums.

Six Silver Spiders - The Lost Demos

Amazing cassette-only release from 1993. I saw these guys play in FL in the mid '90s in the outdoor courtyard of some bar and was blown away. I bought their tape immediately and played it constantly. Still do. This is a remastered version of the tape that was available online a few years back. The music is hard to describe, but it has elements of The Cure for sure. Found is one of the greatest songs ever.

And now for something completely different...

Aunt Mary (A.M.) Discography

Insane cut and paste style noisecore from '92. Total madness that sounds like no other.

Black Mayo - Collection 1992-1995

Bizarre one-man sludge project that put out a load of releases for a good ten years. This is my fave Mayo, a compilation released on cassette in '97. Many of the tracks sound like pop songs played at the slowest possible speed.

Songs From The Wishing You Well

This is a collection of my favorite Lambchop tracks from 1995-2004, all released on Merge Records. Top-ten all-time band for me. All their records are great, my fave being the How I Quit Smoking LP from '95. Kinda morbid sounding County Western with weird, usually depressing lyrics. The cover of This Corrosion (Sisters Of Mercy) is perfection.

Yegor I Opizdenevshie

Psychedelic punk from Russia fronted by Yegor Letov of legends Grazhdanskaya Oborona. 23 tracks pulled from 3 different releases recorded between 1992 and 2001. Think 13th Floor Elevators meets Rudimentary Peni fronted by a Russian folk singer.

That's it for now. Of course this post is just scratching the surface. Other great bands from the '90s to check out would be Moss Icon, 1.6 Band, 411, Antischism, Anthem 88, Ten Yard Fight, His Hero Is Gone, Asshole Parade, Jawbox, Leatherface, Hoover, Radon, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Heroin, Fuel, Drive Like Jehu, Converge, Inside Out, Alone In A Crowd, Quicksand, Avail, Wide Awake, Struggle, Universal Order Of Armageddon, Fugazi, Burn, Noothgrush, J Church, Rain, Eyehategod, Unwound, Dillinger Four, Texas Is The Reason, Slint, Rodan, The New Bomb Turks, Screeching Weasel, Christ On A Crutch, Chain Of Strength, Filth, Assfactor 4, Combatwoundedveteran, Serpico, Loose (NJ), Sinker, Initial State, Burning Witch, Iabhorher, The Van Pelt, Parasites, Unruh, Niblick Henbane, plus a hundred or so powerviolence and sludge bands... it just goes on and on. Some older NY bands like Supertouch, Judge, Sick Of It All and Breakdown all put out great releases in the '90s as well. Japan was killing it. Oh yeah, and the fucking SWANS. Bye.

PS - The Blogged and Quartered Record Store is still open and there's still some great stuff left. It's going quick though so don't miss out. You won't find a better deal anywhere.


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  27. Liberty and Justice is my favorite AF release. One of my fave NYHC records ever. No magic i could possibly work on it though, i think it sounds perfect as is. I also try and avoid posting too much stuff you can buy online, although i made an exception with One Voice for this post.

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  35. Amazing, epic post. Took me the better part of a Sunday to sift through all this. A lot of stuff i already knew about but didn't have yet, and a bunch of new discoveries. Can't thank you enough for putting in all the work that this must've required. Thoroughly awesome.

  36. Stormy, you are God! Your knowledge of music is incredible buddy and your taste is impeccable. Some of the stuff you posted on this, I had written off way back when, for whatever narrow minded reason, but I'll be damned if you aren't spot on about each and every one of these. Just how many gigs of music do you have up your sleeve, Mr. Magician? Thank you so much for your time and effort on this blog over the years? So do you answer emails/requests of is that just for those folks who don't want their music posted? I would love to pick your brain and perhaps do an interview for my own blog??? ...anyway, thanx again!

  37. Oh yeah...can someone please define "emo" for me?

  38. Hey Mustard Relics, thanks man. I've been a fan of you blog from way back. Feel free to hit me up anytime.

    Emotional hardcore? Or at least up until the early '90s. Now i have no idea what it is.


  39. Hey nice post! You can upload Neglect's Four Years of Hate and the Complete don fury sessions? Also upload Unbroken's demo and their split with Groundwork, Without a Cause (whole discography), Bulldoze (just their first Demo-EP called 'Cleaning the shit up'), Canon (they just have one EP 'The Solution'), Crematorium (whole discography), Groundwork (just 'Lay Down' and 'Living in Fear'), Resolution, Struggle and Pittbull (whole discography).

    PS: I removed my comment because I forgot to put another band.

    1. Don't know about posting ALL that stuff, but I may be able to get a couple done. Cheers

  40. Some more stuff from Allied would be much appreciated. Things like Peaceful Meadows, Teeth, V.Card, Ned Kelly, Stink, Dogs on Ice etc. Wonder if you have it and like it. Greetings from Poland!

  41. Holy fuck I have totally forgot about DEVOID OF FAITH, thanks for reminding me!

    And thanks for that ASSUCK live in florida, i never listened to that one.

  42. Could You Please Re-Up,
    01 V.A. - Step On A Crack (Volume Two) [1995]
    02 Dahlia Seed - Anthology
    03 & 04 Jawbreaker -Radio Tracks & Essentials
    Thanks In Advance,

  43. If you need something from the blog, please drop requests in the comments section of my latest post. Thanks