Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life's Blood - Live Recordings

In anticipation of the Life's Blood discography that's coming out on Prank Records i've decided to post some great sounding live sets. Enjoy!

Life's Blood - Live NJ

The first set was recorded live on Pat Duncan's radio show on WFMU in NJ on March 17, 1988. Four of these songs (It's Not In Your Heart, Resist Control, Maximum Security, and Left Out On The Ice To Die) wound up on the Life's Blood / Sticks & Stones split 7" released on Forefront Records in 1990. The set was engineered by Dan X. of the mighty NJ punk band A Priori. Three of these four songs were never released until this split, and the only studio versions that exist (that i know of) are the Don Fury studio outtakes from the demo. You can download those songs here. I was lucky enough to snag a copy of this split from Pat Duncan when one of my old bands played live on his show back in '90. I played the hell out of that record, and since then have always considered the WFMU set to be my favorite Life's Blood recordings. This is a really nice sounding set, super clean, perfectly re-cut, and ripped at 320.

The second set was recorded live at the Dirt Club in Bloomfield, NJ on January 21, 1988. Probably the best sounding Life's Blood live set i've yet heard. This was the band's first show.

The cover image i used was the original art for the Defiance 7" (released on Combined Effort Records in 1988), which was scrapped in favor of the Lamont W. Harvey illustration.

Jason O' Toole - vocals
Adam Nathanson - guitar
Neil Burke - bass
John Kriksciun - drums


  1. Thanks a lot Stormy. Really like this post.
    Do you have more information about the discography?


  2. Henry, i don't have any info on the discog but i'm pretty sure it's been delayed. Not sure what will be on there but from what i've heard there's a good chance the full 9/25/88 CBGB set will be on there. That's the infamous set that Sean Murphy from Collapse sang on. A couple tracks were on the New Breed comp.

  3. sorry i live here a comment that don't fit with this post... but can you re-up the negative trend collection?


    1. The Negative Trend link is fixed now. Must have missed that one. Thanks.

  4. Hey Vinny, so glad to see you back! I just happened upon this today again by accident. I haven't been blogging at all, but I'm glad the downloading apocalypse of a few months ago didn't kill you!

  5. first time to the blog, this looks to have more nyhc stuff. Hey it's a nice break from the crust doom black metal hip stuff.

  6. I do love this blog. thanx a lot
    cheers from italy

  7. The Lifesblood discography is in the works. Coming soon - DK / CXA