Friday, September 9, 2011

Radio To Saturn - Unreleased LP

Early Guns
Exiled in Pairs
Small Fry
Bleeding Kansas
American Cousin
Puddle Drinking Crow
Rumble Seat
Bee Stung Lips
Beat Down

Danny Leo - drums/vocals
Andrew Reuland - guitar/vocals
Nick Forte - guitar/vocals
Tom Marsh - guitar/keyboards

Recorded at The Cold Room in Boston during the winter of 1995/96.
I feel like the material all hangs together really well as an overall statement, but for archival reasons:
The first 7 tunes are all from the same recording session, at some point in 1996. "Beat Down" is an early track of ours, recorded at the same time as our first 7", and it appeared on a limited tape compilation, the name of which escapes me, but also on the comp were some of the earliest released recordings by Modest Mouse. Porridge was the last song we ever recorded at our very last rehearsal, it's just a live demo with overdubbed vocals, but came out really well, and further points towards the direction the band was moving in had we stuck it out.
-Nick Forte

Ripped at 320kbps.
Radio To Saturn - Unearthed

If you saw my previous Radio To Saturn post you know how much i love this band. Members of Native Nod, Rorschach, and The Holy Childhood (just to name a few) playing unique, spacey pop. The music on this unreleased LP has a much more laid back, mellow feel compared to the ep and split recorded a year earlier. I hear a definite Chisel vibe in some of the tracks. Always a welcomed sound. I haven't been this excited about an album in quite some time.

Endless thanks to Nick Forte for sharing this.

For more band info from Nick and others, check out the comments section of the previous RTS post.


  1. Always like these guys...thanks for posting.

  2. An additional liner note: Jeff Goddard from the band Karate played horns on the song "American Cousin".

  3. An additional additional comment- YES FINALLY! I've been waiting for this thing to get mixed since hearing the roughs 15 years ago. Slow band rising!!!

  4. Oh god fuck yeah!!!

    Thanks dude, downloading it right now.

  5. How does music like this just sit around for 15 years?

  6. Thanks for this and the Plague stuff...they kinda remind me of Ludichrist a little.

  7. Had fun recording this stuff at Cold Room. Great to see it re-surface!
    Cheers! -Darron Burke

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  9. Always like these guys...thanks for posting.