Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Neos - 1980-1983 Discography

One of my favorite '80s Canadian hardcore bands, alongside Negative Gain (which i already posted), Genetic Control and Nunfuckers (both of which i plan on posting in the future). Neos were just pure youthful energy. Absolute chaos put to vinyl. This is a collection of the band's 2 7"s, both released in 1982, an unreleased studio track from '83, and the "Fight With Donald" 7", recorded in '83 and released in '97. 43 essential tracks of frantic hardcore from one of the pioneers. The first 26 tracks were all ripped from the long out of print CD released on Break Even Records in 1997, so the sound is excellent. "Fight With Donald" is a vinyl rip i found online. I fixed it up as best as possible, but it's still pretty rough sounding compared to the rest of the collection.

Supreme Echo Records is planning on releasing a discography LP which will include remastered versions of all the material here, plus unreleased '82 demos, 7" outtakes, rehearsal tracks, live soundboard tracks and songs from an unreleased LP from 1983. For more info check out the band's Myspace page here
. Until that happens, you can enjoy this:

Neos: 1980-1983

Steve Bailey - vocals / guitar
Kev Smith - bass / vocals / drums
Mario Kasapi - drums

Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze 7" (Alandhiscar Records 1982)
Recorded at Hole In The Wall Studios, Victoria on Sept. 18, 1982. Engineered by Scott Henderson on 3 tracks. No overdubs, except vocals on tracks 4 & 9. Mastered as a combined effort of Hole In The Wall and Subteranean Studios by Scott Henderson and Bob Wright on Oct. 3, 1982. Pressed at IRC, Vancouver, in Dec. 1982.

The Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze 7" was repressed in 1983 on Ratcage Records in NYC. For some odd reason, many of the song titles were changed on the repress. For instance the first song "Destruct" is labeled as "Racetrack". The recordings are the same though.

End All Discrimination 7" (Alandhiscar Records 1982)
Recorded with Subterranean Studios Mobil Unit. Rhythm tracks done in 25 minutes in Steve's basement on Sept. 11, 1981. Vocals done at the Vancouver St. House, in the living room on Dec. 22, 1981. Mastered Jan. '82. Pressed at IRC, Vancouver, Jan.-Feb. of 1982.

All recording info taken from original first pressings of records.

The song "Sleeve" was supposedly the only song recorded during the sessions for an LP the band was working on in 1983. It was released on both the Fight With Donald 7" and the CD on Break Even Records. Of course i included the CD version.
Fight With Donald 7" (Schizophrenic/Break Even Records 1997)
All material recorded live in 1983, except for the song "Sleeve", which was recorded at Hole In The Wall Studios, and "Fight With Donald" recorded in 1980.

Neos were on a few comps, although none of the comp tracks were exclusive. They had a few songs on the Raw War tape, Grevious Musical Harm tape, and Beating The Meat LP, all released on Xcentric Records between 1983-1984.

After the Neos broke up in late '83, Steve and Kev continued as Harvest of Seaweed for roughly one year, releasing various cassettes. Members also went on to Sludge Confrontations, Mexican Power Authority
and Showbiz Giants.


  1. Thanx yet again Stormy! I really love Canuck punk sounds. Oh, and I made an error on my last comment-Jerryz Kidz weren't from Arizona, they were from New Mexico-Albequirky. Their "Well Fed Society 7" came out on Lost&Found as a cd. The "Counting Calories Demo cassette has been up on another blog; but you have to use your imagination to remember what it could sound like...Anyway, more power to you, with puttin up what you do-Here's a little gem I snatched up and offer to you and your readers. It's False Confessions unreleased demo from 1983 and if you usually feign the bands other outputs, try this one!!!--->JH

  2. Jughead, thanks for the upload. I've never heard False Confessions. I'll give this a spin.

    All music contributions are exremely appreciated.

  3. Thanks a hell of a lot for this!!

  4. Can't wait for the Nunfuckers post!

  5. Cliff, i have a shitload of Nunfuckers material, mostly demos. I just need to get started cleaning that stuff. Nunfuckers were excellent, they always reminded me of a cross between Antidote and early Beastie Boys.

  6. Great to see the Neos get a Blogged and Quartered treatment. I'm from Canada and even up here this band doesn't get the credit they deserve in the history of fast hardcore. Too few people I've met even know of them.

    Truly wild material... thanks for keeping it accessible.


  7. Thank You for another rare & great post...

  8. How come they recorded something in 83 and release it in 97 that's 14 years of silence, and you were listening in 97 "new tracks recorded in 83" that's weird.

  9. thank you for coming back and uploading these files again man!!