Thursday, August 27, 2009

Turning Point - Demos & Live on WNYU 1988-1991

One of New Jersey's finest. Here's the entire 10 track 1988 demo , and a great sounding set recorded live on WNYU in 1991. Enjoy.

Turning Point: Demos and Live

The demo was recorded July-August of 1988 at Bill Cribbin Studios in NJ. This is by far my favorite Turning Point recordings. Many of these songs were later re-recorded for the band's first s/t 7" on Hi-Impact Records released December of '88. Great record, but i'll take the demos any day. Eight of these ten tracks were released on the Turning Point discography released on Jade Tree Records in 2000, which i highly recommend purchasing.

The live set was recorded on WNYU's Crucial Chaos show on February 7, 1991. Fourteen tracks, spanning the band's output from '88-'91, including a few unreleased tracks. I cleaned up this set as best as possible, fixing any sound problems, removing tape hiss, boosting the sound, and editing the tracks to make it sound as "professional" as i could. I think it came out excellent. The band played an incredible set which deserves to be heard this way. I prefer many of these versions to the official releases, especially the LP tracks, as the raw production and added energy put these recordings over the top. Classic stuff, check it out.

Skip Candelori - vocals
Jay Laughlin - guitar
Nick Greif - bass
Ken Flavell - drums

Steve Crudello played 2nd guitar on the band's s/t 7" and the track "Insecurity" from the Forever comp 7" (1990 Irate Records). He also played live with the band between 1988-1990.


Turning Point Demo Cassette
Recorded July-August 1988 at Bill Cribbin Studios, NJ

"Turning Point" 7" (Hi-Impact Records)
Recorded December 3, 1988 at Audio Plus, NJ

"Forever" Compilation 7" (Irate Records)
Recorded Spring 1989 at Why Me?, NJ

"Words to Live By, Words to Die For" Compilation 7" (New Age Records)
Recorded Fall 1989 at Bill Cribbin Studios, NJ

"Rebuilding" Compilation 7" (Temperance Records)
Recorded August 1990 at Why Me?, NJ

"It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn" LP (New Age Records)
Recorded January 12, 13, 15 1990 at Why Me?, NJ

Turning Point/No Escape Split 7" (Temperance Records)
Recorded February 1991 at Why Me?, NJ

Discography info taken from the Jade Tree website.


  1. great effort.sounds a million times better than the shithouse version i've been listening to for years!

  2. Seriously, Vin, these labels should have had you cleaning up all these demo and live versions for all the CD reissues. Would have made the last ten years of my life more enjoyable!

  3. Hey, I wanted to make a request. If at all possible could you post a Universal Order of Armageddon discography? Love the blog and not just saying that because I want something.

  4. That would indeed rock! There is a Discography CD on KRS though so that might be problematic, they really don't like having their releases on blogs. But maybe the demo and some odds and ends not on the CD?
    Oh, and Aesop, love the blog (and Ludicra, you guys have to come to Europe)!

  5. Ahhh, fair enough. Thanks. Ludicra is working on Europe for summer 2010.

  6. More straight edge stuff. well what can we do it was out there in those days and we can't do anything to change that. The band is quite good tho. and a 10 Track Demo is pretty decent as well.

  7. There is no TP 10 track demo. 8 tracks on the original. The two more tracks are from the 7" (same versions!!)...