Saturday, February 21, 2009

G.I.S.M. - Military Affairs Neurotic 1987

G.I.S.M.'s second album, released on Beast Arts in 1987 in Japan. A more metallic approach this time, but Sakevi's trademark vocals are still there. A mix of the classic G.I.S.M. sound and early Iron Maiden, truly a unique album. Excellent sound on this.

G.I.S.M. - M.A.N.


  1. Here is a poem dedicated to GISM fans (can be sung to any of the songs of the first LP, but only if you're playing bootleg version)

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  2. This sounds really cool.
    Thanks for upping this. Also grabbed the Violent Children stuff. Looking forward to giving it a listen.
    Cheers from sweden!

  3. Ya this shit sounds like a lot of the Black metal coming out(well the Gism is more cock rocky,which is great)...Anyways diggin' your site,got your link from Cosmic Hearse....thanks.

  4. it took me five years to find two of the four albums tahnk u so much!!!! Itas hard to find these GISM records agin thank you thank u thanku

  5. Holy shit. Thank you so much for posting this. Finally, a V0 rip!

  6. This is brilliant! Really enjoying these G.I.S.M. posts. Most appreciated.

  7. FLAC or WAV please..i don't mind wasting huge space on my pc...

  8. thanks, I got a bootleg cdr but scratched it somehow.

  9. Hello folks Im from Mexico and I write for a alternative punk magazine from Guadalajara call it ANORMAL over here G.I.S.M. got some hardcore fans and Im wondering if some of you got some lirycs of the band, whe are tremendously intrigated for the lirycs here and I will be eternally gratefull if you guys help me to discover that treasure,
    I can prove to you that Im a dedicated fan if you look my video on youtube of deathly fighter solo cover that i made or you just can search on youtube with the words deathly fighter solo cover and im the only one there